Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 140

Array and Domain study arrangements properly?

While thinking about it, Mo Fan stood up: “Master, look for me, I’ll come over.”

“Okay, you go, I’ll take a break with you. .” Mo Yingying waved his hand and sent Mo Fan away.

nodded, Mo Fan left Cave Mansion and moved towards great hall.


A moment later, Mo Fan met Xu Chaomu.

“disciple, your status token has been prepared, and the permissions have been fully activated. You only need to inject spirit strength to activate it.”

Speaking, Xu Chao Mu handed over a palm-size jade token of Danblue.

Mo Fan stretched out his hand to take it, took a serious look, and found that it was engraved with intricate lines, which looked very delicate, and the mysterious mysterious breath escaped.

array source pattern!

Mo Fan immediately noticed that the jade token was engraved with the array source pattern.

This array source pattern is known by Mo Fan.

Of course, knowing is knowing.

The current Mo Fan lacks the necessary knowledge and cannot make use of these array source patterns.

But whatever.

The array with the array source pattern is mixed, and the effect is extraordinary.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan was surprised.

It’s just an identity token, but it’s so complicated?

Just when he was wondering, Xu Chaomu’s voice rang.

“You put the jade token close to your body. It depicts your lifelong efforts as a teacher. It may save your life at a critical moment.” An Appraisal Technique in the past.

The blue virtual panel flashed, and the jade token identification information appeared.

The Chixia Peak status token, which depicts the super defensive array developed by Xu Chaomu, can mobilize a little Power of Heaven and Earth, and can withstand three attacks from Return to Origin Peak. ]

Seeing this identification result, Mo Fan couldn’t be startled.

He didn’t expect that Xu Chaomu’s array Domain attainments have reached such a level.

“No wonder her cultivation base only has Return to Origin seventh layer, but she is not weaker than Xie Siyuan of Return to Origin 9th layer…”

Mo Fan knows that Xie Siyuan’s slaughtering demons The record formidable power is extremely large, and the ordinary Return to Origin Peak is not his opponent.

“many thanks Master!” Mo Fan sincerely thanks.

For him, this thing is not intended to be a life-saving trump card.

Xu Chaomu shook his head and continued:

“The permissions have been fully opened, you can go to the Chixia Peak Bookstore to view all kinds of classics, including the array and books you want to learn. Domain knowledge is all in it.

“By the way, if you are determined to learn Domain and array, then my teacher recommends that you practice the Benfeng inheritance secret technique, purple jade produces smoke, but——”


paused, Xu Chaomu continued:

“It’s just that Ziyu Shengyan is a peerless mystery that goes beyond the super-class cultivation technique, and it takes a lot of time to comprehend it.

“You have an unparalleled Martial Arts innate talent. It stands to reason that there is no need to study array and Domain. It is the best choice to break through all the way, in a spurt of energy to Xeon.

“But Yuxu Academy will never force Disciple to learn what to do and what to do.

“You can learn whatever you are interested in, as long as you don’t limit yourself.”

hearing this, Mo Fan nods.

“Then, are you willing to learn Ziyu to make smoke?” Xu Chaomu looked at Mo Fan with a burning gaze.

Although she also hopes that Mo Fan, an innate talent evildoer, will join Chixia Peak and strengthen Chixia Peak.

But she has some reservations about Mo Fan’s motives for joining Chixia Peak.

Over the years, she has never accepted a male Disciple.

After all, she only likes to get along with women, and instinctively will stay away from men.

But the always strong Chixia Peak has started to lag behind other peaks in recent years.

Therefore, there is an exception of Mo Fan in Chixia Peak.

But even so, for Mo Fan, Xu Chaomu will not show the emotions that a master and disciple should have for the time being, but only teach him as a tool to strengthen Chixia Peak.

“Disciple is willing.” Mo Fan said without hesitation.

Although it is rumored that only a few Xeons have mastered the Peerless Secret.

But after chatting with Liu Xiyan a lot, Mo Fan knew it too.

An ancient influence like the three universities.

In fact, they all master several peerless secrets.

This is also the foundation of their inheritance for so many years.

“You, really?” Xu Chaomu was very surprised by this answer.

She obviously didn’t think that Mo Fan really had the courage to waste time to cultivate Ziyu Shengyan.

“Yes!” Mo Fan responded again.

“Okay, I will teach you Ziyu Shengyan now as a teacher!” Xu Chaomu’s expression became positive, his spirit spread, and he began to pass on to Mo Fan.


Three hours later, Mo Fan came out of the great hall with a contented face, leaving only Xu Chaomu with a blank face.

“Three or three hours? He actually learned how to make Ziyu smoke in just three hours?”

Xu Chaomu stared blankly at the great hall ceiling.

At this moment, her eyes were full of confusion.

“Am I dreaming?

“How could someone learn how to make Ziyu smoke in three hours? “

Xu Chaomu feels that his knowledge has collapsed.

Ziyu Shengyan needs a strong array Domain innate talent to comprehend thoroughly.

Even if She is a rare genius in the industry, and it took a full year of time to understand Ziyushengyan and make its cultivation to the beginning.

But Mo Fan ——


Three hours!

Is this still a human?

Soon, Xu Chaomu’s eyes showed clear comprehension, his body trembled slightly, and he whispered:

“He may be a Destiny born for array and Domain, a peerless monster born close to the origin of array Domain!

“No wonder he has been running to the Trial Pagoda during this time. It turned out that he was concentrating on comprehend the array source pattern and the Domain source!

“The pattern is small, it is my pattern. , I actually doubted that he really came for the sake of beauty…

“How can such a peerless evildoer who has a devotion to the array Domain be such a superficial person?”

At this moment, Xu Chaomu was full of guilt.

She took a deep breath and looked up into the sky through the skylight.

“Mo Fan, my teacher will train you to become the most powerful array Grandmaster in this world!”

As if thinking of something, Xu Chaomu shook his head and said with a smile :

“This little fellow has deliberately hidden innate talent, obviously already comprehended Ziyu, and pretending to remember it, it’s interesting—”

She Xu Chaomu is in For array and Domain, Bluestar is unmatched, and some things are naturally felt.


This side.

Mo Fan went out the door and went directly to the Chixia Peak Bookstore.

On the way, he absorbed all the Spirit Stones he obtained today.

The blue virtual panel flashed.

Mo Fan’s attribute panel has quietly changed.

Name: Mo Fan]

cultivation base: Foundation Establishment 2nd layer +]

cultivation technique: Innate Merit, Breath Restraining Technique, introduction to sword art, Getting Started with Purple Jade Tobacco]

……]Click to expand and collapse

Available attribute points: 900]

“cultivation technique column has many more purple jade cigarettes——

“Attribute points have risen to 900, but unfortunately there is still some gap from the next 2400 points-“

Mo Fan shook his head, no longer thinking about it.

Come to the bookstore.

The bookstore is very big, and there are a lot of heavy ancient books on the bookshelf. p>Using the identity jade token to open the ban, Mo Fan got access to the knowledge of array and Domain as he wished.

According to Xu Chaomu’s instructions, Mo Fan learned the knowledge of array and Domain while running Ziyu Shengyan.


After a little comparison, Mo Fan was a little surprised.

“Hey, does it really work? Running Ziyu Shengyan to learn and not running Ziyu Shengyan to learn, the efficiency is nearly ten times worse, really mysterious! ”

Mo Fan, who felt that he had found a treasure, immediately threw himself into the study of array and Domain.

First of all, basic books.

His perception was amazing , reading a book very fast, one page per second or two, and he can understand and remember everything he has read.

Occasionally when he encounters a particularly difficult concept, he will stop and think about it.

shua~ shua~ shua~ , Mo Fan kept turning pages, eagerly absorbing knowledge, and some fights with quantum reading!

After four hours of learning in one go, Mo Fan Stopped, found the bookstore retrieval system and searched it.

The bookstore has a rich collection of books, in addition to the special books of each peak, the cultivation techniques of the Chuangonglou are also available in each peak bookstore.

The only difference is.

The Cultivation Art and Martial Skill of each peak bookstore are paper cheats.

The reason is very simple.

No matter how high the quality of teaching images is, others will eventually understand.

Following the way of the predecessors to learn, the efficiency will be very high, but it is difficult to get out of your own special, it is difficult to have your own opinions and ideas. Comprehension.

Of course, for Disciple whose innate talent is not particularly outstanding, this is not intended to be the most convenient and fast learning method, which can help everyone quickly comprehend Cultivation Art and Martial Skill, and mass-produce powerhouse.

However, for true geniuses, it is best to watch the original recipes and comprehend it by yourself. If you run into trouble, ask the Master for advice.

And the True Disciple of each peak is undoubtedly the best. Both are true geniuses.

For Cultivation Art and Martial Skill, Mo Fan still chooses Innate Merit and Vajra Fist’s Foundation Establishment volume.

Mainly because of Cultivation Art and Martial Skill, even now The bookstore has a better cultivation technique and martial skill, and he doesn’t want to change it.

His goal has always been the secret.

For common cultivation techniques, Vajra Fist and Innate Merit Just make do with it.

Of course, there is another reason that the fist he understands is of Metal Attribute, rigid and sharp, press forward , which works best with Vajra Fist.

Mo Fan still has Vajra Fist formidable power when he didn’t find other boxing techniques that fit his fist intent.

“Speaking of which, it would be great if I could get a few peerless secrets at Secret Realm this time-“

cultivation Innate Merit and Vajra Fist of the Foundation Establishment Manual, Mo Fan left the bookstore directly, rode the Flying Sword, and went to Trial Pagoda.


In the following days, Mo Fan will be at three points and one line: Cave Mansion, Trial Pagoda, and Bookstore.

Simple and fulfilling.

With the continuous learning, his array and Domain attainments are also rapidly improving.

Because of comprehended many array source patterns, Mo Fan quickly mastered the skills of arranging ice arrays in storage space.

Of course, the formation mark of other attributes can also be added.

With the technology, Mo Fan took the time to help several senior sisters add ice formation runes in the storage space, and won the unanimous favor of several senior sisters.

A few days passed in a blink of an eye.

The last night of Secret Realm opening.

Mo Fan still struggles at Trial Pagoda.

Defeat your own shadow.

Understand the array source pattern.

Understand the origin of Domain.

Seckill the real Heart Demon.

Mo Fan once again via Trial Pagoda.


After being teleported, Mo Fan put out a breath.

“The last time I entered the Secret Realm before entering the tower——

“The effect is not bad, the array source pattern just realized the number of 700, and the Domain source is almost comprehended percent Thirty-five.

“Combining the domain and array knowledge that I have learned crazy these days, I can barely reach the so-called Grandmaster level.

“Fortunately, I chose Chixia Peak and accepted the cultivation technique of Ziyu Shengyan. inheritance , otherwise I’m afraid it will take at least two months to get to where I am now!

“Chixia Peak yyds! This wave is right!

“If you go to Secret Realm at this level, you should be able to do something! “

Mo Fan smiled and glanced at his attribute panel.

Name: Mo Fan]

cultivation base: Foundation Establishment 2nd layer +]

cultivation technique: Innate Merit ・Foundation Establishment Manual, Breath Restraining Technique, introduction to sword art, second layer of Ziyu Shengyan]

martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Foundation Establishment Manual, Golden Body Art second layer 】

Special ability: Pill Refinement Technique, Fist Perfection]

storage space: 100 cubic meters+]

Available attribute points: 900]

In just seven days, Mo Fan has cultivated Ziyu Shengyan to the second layer.

This is using Ziyu Shengyan to learn array and Domain The result of mutual achievement of knowledge.

At the same time, after defeating the shadow again and again, Mo Fan’s fist will naturally reach the Perfection Realm.

“Go back and rest, tomorrow will be Entering Secret Realm——”

Mo Fan laughed and rode Flying Sword towards Chixia Peak.

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