Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 141

March 10.

Mo Fan just came out of Cave Mansion when he saw cheerful’s daughter standing in the Morrowind.

She is still wearing a white dress. She is tall and has a beautiful face. Looking at the slim girl, she looks like Fairy walking out of a painting.

“Good morning, Mo.” Mo Yingying smiled hehe.

“What’s your name Lao Mo? There are no outsiders here.” Mo Fan’s face darkened.

Lao Mo or something, it’s too ugly.

He’s not even nineteen yet…

“Be careful that the walls have ears!” Mo Yingying whispered mysteriously.

“Uh, you’re right–“

Mo Fan thought about it for a while, and finally said: “Old Mo, just be old Mo, as long as you are happy!”

“Ok Lao Mo, I know Lao Mo!” Mo Yingying smiled brightly and his eyes narrowed.

Mo Fan didn’t bother to worry about this issue, and thought for a while: “Are you here to bid me farewell?”

“Well, yes!” Mo Yingying nods.

“You still have some conscience, this is for you.” Mo Fan took out a box of durian cheesecake from the system space and handed it over.

“Wow! Durian cheese?!” Mo Yingying’s eyes lit up, he quickly grabbed the box, took out a durian cheesecake and took a bite.

“It’s delicious, ma’am!” Mo Yingying was incoherent with a look of enjoyment on his face.

“Go back and eat slowly, I’m going!” Mo Fan sent his foodie daughter back.

“Wait, wait a minute!” Seeing that Mo Fan was leaving, Mo Yingying quickly and efficiently ate the remaining half of the durian cheesecake.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Fan wondered.

“Master is afraid that you can’t find the location of Transmission Formation, so let me come and see you” Mo Yingying said with a smile.

“Damn, so you just came to lead the way, you lost a box of cakes!” Mo Fan said distressedly.

“Old Mo, you don’t eat durian, obviously this is specially prepared for me!” Mo Yingying snorted.

โ€œhehe, Eldest Senior Sister and Fourth Senior Sister all like to eat durian, maybe I prepared it for them?โ€ Mo Fan said.

“wu wu wu, father, you can’t do this…” Mo Yingying said pitifully.

โ€œWhy cannot this?โ€ Mo Fan wondered.

“You already have a family, how can you please Sister Senior with delicious food?”

“Family? What family? Where is the family?” Mo Fan’s face darkened.

“Mother, you prepare such top-notch food for someone unexpected by mother, you are immoral!” Mo Yingying said solemnly.

Hearing this, Mo Fan’s fists hardened and said ill-humoredly:

“You’re too embarrassed to say that? Didn’t you say that my future daughter-in-law is in Yuxu Academy? Mixed into Core Disciple, but still haven’t encountered it!”

“Uh, what I said is possible, not necessarily…” Mo Yingying said with some guilty conscience.

“Then have you looked for it seriously?” Mo Fan looked at his daughter.

Mo Yingying became more guilty, embarrassed, and dared not speak.

“Forget it, don’t worry about this, take your time!” Mo Fan no longer thought about it.

It’s definitely not urgent to find a daughter-in-law.

Fate hasn’t arrived yet, you can’t find it no matter how you look for it!

When fate arrives, the ends of the earth will meet at once!

“It’s almost time, let’s go!”

After a break, Mo Fan’s exclusive Flying Sword was revealed by summon, cold light overflowing, domineering side leak.

“father, get on my Flying Sword, hurry up!” Mo Yingying also took out Flying Sword and called Mo Fan to go up.

Mo Fan hesitated, put away the Flying Sword, and stepped on his daughter’s Flying Sword.

“Stand still, it’s about to take off!”

As a reminder, Mo Yingying controlled the Flying Sword, turned it into a stream of light and headed for a certain mountain in the north.


With cold wind whistling in his ears, Mo Fan recalled the scene when he first met Mo Yingying.

Until now, he still felt a little unreal.

Well, how come you have an extra daughter?

Fortunately, although my daughter is a little skinny, she is very sensible part of the time and is a caring little cotton jacket.

Thinking of the past six months, Mo Fan unconsciously drew a smile on the corner of his mouth.

But soon, he seemed to think of something, and

looked a little serious.

After hesitating for a while, Mo Fan made a decision and said with concentration:

“Yingying, please slow down, I have something to ask you.”

“Huh? Oh, well, then I’ll fly a little slower.” Mo Yingying hurriedly controlled the Flying Sword and slowed down the flight speed.

“father, ask, I’m listening.”

Mo Fan took a deep breath and said earnestly:

“You saw it too, I The growth rate is very fast, starting from scratch, but within half a year, it has become the Core Disciple of Yuxu Academy.

โ€œThe cultivation base has also broken through to the Foundation Establishment, and it is still rising rapidly, it will not take long Can be promoted to Transcendent. “

Mo Yingying wondered: “So father, what do you want to express?” “

Mo Fan took a breath and said, “What I want to say is that I’m not weak now, and I’m still growing rapidly. Is there something I can know?” “

Not waiting for Mo’s daughter to reply, Mo Fan went directly to the topic:

“What I want to say is, before you crossed over, did I die?

“What you said before about being handsome and handsome is actually die an untimely death, right?”

Hearing this, Mo Yingying body trembled, Flying Sword trembled, and almost lost control sword.

In the end, she forced herself to calm down a bit, and sighed said:

“father, you really guessed it…”

“Well, early. I guessed it, when I asked you half a year ago, your mood fluctuated greatly.

“Although you hid it well at the time, I still noticed something strange.

“You weren’t talking about being handsome, but about die an untimely death, right?”

Heavy breath, Mo Fan continued:

“What happened in the future?

“Reality can be cruel.

“But precisely because it is cruel, our father and daughter need to work with a common purpose.

“You can’t let you face everything alone.

“A person’s strength is limited. Let’s face it together, we won’t have to be afraid of anything, right?”

When he said this, Mo Fan moved towards Mo Yingying lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

Mo Yingying, Yuxu Academy Chixia Peak Core Disciple, Transcendent 8th layer cultivation base, transmigrator from the future, has an invincible physique, and has the appearance of a Great Emperor. ]

Yes, this girl has Transcendent 8th layer, and the cultivation base breakthrough speed is scary to death.

Mo Fan remembers that when she first came here, her cultivation base was Body Tempering Peak.

How long has it been?

A little attention is coming to Destiny!

Even if she has an invincible physique, it stands to reason that she is impossible so fast.

It took half a year to get to Transcendent.

The only explanation for her being so fast is-

She’s scrolling.

In desperate volume.

Desperately trying to find a way to increase the development of the invincible physique.

This is also the reason why Mo Fan often doesn’t see her.

Otherwise, according to the statement that she can level up faster while lying down, it’s no wonder she can’t stay home and eat snacks all day.

Yes, she wants to get stronger fast.

She has a sense of urgency.

And a sense of urgency often comes from a crisis.

Crisis from the future.

Think of these.

Mo Fan couldn’t help but ask these questions when he thought that he was going to join Secret Realm soon, and that it would take two months before he could see his daughter again.

He wants to know the truth.

Although the truth may be cruel.

But he still wanted to know.

He will be like this, thinking about how to break through the cultivation base and how to become stronger all the time, because he has long guessed that the future is cruel.

Just as Mo Fan was cranky, Mo Yingying spoke up.

She sighed and said slowly:

“father, I did lie to you last time.”

hearing this, Mo Fan couldn’t help but ask :

“So, in the future, I have not achieved success, nor have the martial arts, nor unrivaled beneath the heavens?”

After all, I really want to be unrivaled beneath the heavens, Not to die an untimely death.

Mo Yingying shook his head: “The future you, indeed name shakes the whole world, and indeed the martial arts unrivaled and invincible world.

“But also, die an untimely death…”

Mo Fan: “? “

Mo Yingying was sighed again, with sadness in her eyes.

“It’s like this, when you were 27 years old, mother gave birth to me, at that time whole world at peace , similar to now, people are demons and there are few disputes.

“People live and work in peace and contentment, our family of three lives happily together.”

Bite her lips, Mo Yingying continued:

“But good times don’t Long, three years later, when you are 30 years old, the demons united and unrest broke out.

โ€œMonster and Demon Races attacked Jiangcheng base like crazy.

“The defense line has collapsed many times, and Human Race is at stake.

“Fortunately, with the efforts of all Martial Artists, although the losses were heavy, they were barely able to resist the demon.

“When you were you, the cultivation base has entered Transcendent and started to emerge.

“Entering Transcendent at the age of 30, although it is not very prominent, it can be regarded as a genius. “

Looking up at the somewhat gray sky, Mo Yingying continued:

“Since then, Human, Monster, Demon, Three Races have been fighting endlessly.

“And in those few years, father, you also began to rise against the sky.

“Your cultivation base has been advancing by leaps and bounds, refreshing people’s cognition again and again, and finally at the age of 35 Years of breakthrough Return to Origin.

“Under the pressure of the war, Human Race has repeatedly broken through its limits, and more and more Destiny and Return to Origin powerhouses have appeared.

“Human Race began to fight back, and the demon coalition army Beaten down steadily.

“But because of the Monster and Demon Races Xeon shot, the situation has been in a stalemate until-“

Speaking of this, Mo Yingying’s eyes shone brightly, she He smiled and said:

“Until that year, the father cultivation base broke through again, successfully promoted to Xeon, and completely broke the blue star pattern.

“You led a few people from Human Race to Strong, deep into the Monster God Mountain and Demon Abyss, carried out the so-called beheading operation.

“Although father is only a newly promoted Xeon, but his strength is outrageous and invincible.

“Under your leadership, it was almost impossible to be killed. The most powerful creatures of , actually fell one after another, and the Primordial Spirit collapsed and died completely.

“In just one month, Monster and Demon Races Xeons were slaughtered, and the situation was completely turned.

“Without the Xeons, Monster and Demon Races are like scattered sand, It was soon wiped out.

“At this point, the demon turmoil has completely subsided, and the father has also been included in the Human Race history.

“That year, you were only 40 years old…”

Speaking of this, Mo Yingying stopped and slowed down Flying Sword’s speed to the extreme.

At this moment, the light in her eyes dimmed quickly, and her whole person exuded a sad color.


“So, I died unexpectedly in the fight against the demon Xeon? “Mo Fan couldn’t help asking.

Although the strength is invincible.

But everyone is the strongest.

It’s easy for the other side to fight for their lives. Wounded.

And the two oldest Xeons of Monster and Demon Races must be ridiculously strong.

Knowing that there is no hope, they might Desperately, limit one exchange to one or something.

In this way, it makes sense that he is seriously injured and eventually died.

In this regard, Mo Yingying shook his head:

โ€œFather is powerful, unrivaled beneath the heavens, how can Monster and Demon Races Xeon hurt you? “

Hearing this, Mo Fan was a little stunned: “Then I-

“How did I die?”

Mo Yingying was silent.

Two minutes later, she slowly spit out two words: “The Gate of Light.”

“The Gate of Light? What is that?” Mo Fan startled.

“The Door of Light is a huge Spatial Teleportation door that connects to another world.

“Not long after the Monster and Demon Races were pacified, the Door of Light suddenly descended.

“A very powerful rare beast climbed out of the door of light.

“They are terrifying, even the Human Race Xeon can’t stop them.

“Human Race powerhouse one after another died.

“As a Xeon, father has always been in the front line of the war, and finally lost to rare beast and died in battle.

“At this point, Blue Star has entered Era of Darkness.”

“This…” Mo Fan dumbfounded.

He didn’t expect that his ending would be like this.

When Gou is 40 years old, he is finally invincible in the whole world, ending the era of demons and becoming an existence admired by thousands of people.

I haven’t had time to enjoy life yet!

In the blink of an eye, the Spatial Teleportation door fell from the sky!

This is too embarrassing to die!

On the other side, Mo Yingying controlled his emotions a little and continued to talk.


In a few minutes.

Mo Fan finally has a rough idea of the future.

Blue Star after the appearance of the Gate of Light is simply doomsday.

As far as I can see —

It’s all ruins.

The land has collapsed and the ground has cracked.

lava can be seen everywhere.

The base was breached, people went to the building empty, there were ruins and corpses everywhere.

The sky is shrouded in haze, and the entire world is plunged into darkness.

All of this is caused by the rare beast crawling out of the door of light.

Rare beast is too strong, Human Race can’t resist, it can only fall step by step, and the base is broken one after another.

Mo Fan in the Xeon period was an existence that could easily wipe out a mountain.

Even so, it still loses to rare beast, body dies and Dao disappears.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan shook the head, trying to calm himself down.

If it runs according to the normal trajectory.

He would die an untimely death when he lived to be at most 40 years old.

“Too short-lived, only 40 years old, Xeon Martial Artist, can live for thousands of years, good years…”

Mo Fan sighed, Mo Fan looked up at , the haze gradually dissipated the sky.

“Fortunately, my daughter crossed over and accidentally awakened the invincible physique. I also got the bonus panel in advance and began to rise strongly.

“In this way, the cruel future is not impossible. Change. “

Thinking of this, Mo Fan slowly calmed down, slowly opened the mouth and said:

“Yingying, since you have crossed over, you can definitely change the cruelty In the future, this may be your mission.

“So don’t be depressed, and don’t be overly worried and anxious.

“You are not alone, you still have a father, we work together and face it together, we will definitely be able to change the cruelty future. “

At this moment, Mo Yingying’s mood has calmed down, she said with a smile: “I think so too!”

“father started to rise nearly ten years in advance!

“I’m already not far from Destiny, give me a few more years, Xeon is not a problem!

“After 21 years, the strength of the father and I will definitely reach the point of unimaginable!

“At that time, as soon as the door of light comes out, we will directly smash it and put the danger strangled in the cradle! “

Speaking, Mo Yingying is full of fighting spirit.

She is not a pessimistic person.

No matter what difficulties she encounters, she will not give up hope.

“By the way, Yingying, you were already 18 years old when you crossed.

“Calculate the time, because I had been dead for five years at that time, what was the five years…?”

Mo Yingying shook his head and said slowly: “The world Purgatory, the land is devastated, and may be destroyed at any timeโ€””

“Then you…” Mo Fan hesitated.

Seems to have guessed what Mo Fan wanted to ask, Mo Yingying said:

“Father, you are a big hero, you have helped many people, and the entire Human Race admires you.


“When the Gate of Light first appeared, if you hadn’t stepped forward, deterred those rare beasts, and bought a lot of time for Human Race, the situation would have been even worse.

“So everyone takes good care of me. Even if it’s doomsday outside, I still live like a normal person.

“Eat normally, go to school normally, and even take the normal college entrance examination. , untilโ€”โ€””

Mo Yingying paused, thinking about it seriously, and continued:

“Until that day, the huge door of light cracked.

“One covering the heavens, shielding the sun, the furry cheat stretched out a big hand, and smashed a third blue star with one palm…

“Then I saw a flash , I don’t know how long it took, when I regained consciousness again, I traveled to this eraโ€”โ€””

“so that’s how it is . “Mo Fan looked thoughtful.

Soon, he took a deep breath and said intently: “The last question, have you really not seen your mother?” “

“No…” Mo Yingying shook his head.

As soon as he finished speaking, a bare mountain came into view.

“At the father, Secret Realm Transmission Formation is here! “

ps: This chapter is 4600, there are only so many, the excessive chapters are written slowly, the liver does not move, good night-

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