Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 142

Send Mo Fan to the mountain where Transmission Formation is located, and Mo Yingying drives Flying Sword away.

She is about to break through to the Transcendent 9th layer and needs to be prepared.

Mo Fan was in a complicated mood when he saw the daughter who was driving the Flying Sword and turned into a streamer.

“It turns out that the future is so difficult, I’m really short-lived…”

He sighed.

Although there has been speculation.

But now it has been confirmed that there are still some waves in my heart.

“It seems that my previous decision was correct–“

Mo Fan sighed.

Because I already guessed some.

So, although he said he was going to be stubborn.

But at critical moments, I will still be impulsive and take risks.

Whether it was saving Lin Yiyi that time.

It was the time when I returned to Longshan to pick Fire Spirit Fruit.

If he chooses to go, the situation will be completely different.

As a result, his cultivation base also impossible to improve so fast.

According to his character, if there is no invisible sense of crisis, he will not even go to Trial Pagoda.

The most he can do is take the path of pill concocting, slowly accumulate Spirit Stone, and slowly boil it down.

Anyway, they can be invincible in the end.

It just takes a little more time.

If you can become stronger, why take risks?

What Mo Fan really yearns for is actually Gou becoming stronger in the academy, not leaving the sect after being beaten to death.

When are you invincible.

When will we go out again.

Although it is a bit busy, at least it is much safer, and there is a high probability that it will not die prematurely.

The reality, however, is that he has no such conditions.

Time is not on his side.

If you are a little lazy.

Future tragedies may happen again.

Although according to the normal trajectory, there will be 21 years before there will be a crisis of collapse.

However, since Mo Yingying crossed over, the butterfly effect has begun.

It was originally 21 years before the Light Gate would appear, but now it may not.

The last time Demon Race went crazy and attacked Yuxu Xuexue, Mo Fan was on his toes.

Now combine what my daughter said.

He feels that the timeline of the demon turmoil is likely to advance!

Since the timeline of the demon unrest may advance!

Then the timeline for the arrival of the Gate of Light is also likely to advance!

If 21 years are also considered as a deadline, then when disaster strikes early, tragedy will happen again!

“You must become stronger as soon as possibleโ€””

He spat out one mouthful of impure air, Mo Fan turned and moved towards array.

This is a barren hill with sparse vegetation and gray-white rocks between blocks.

The location of Transmission Formation is a flat, chisel-like place on the top of the mountain.

At this moment, a lot of people have gathered in front of the Transmission Formation.

There are men and women, all of them have outstanding temperament, and their cultivation base is not weak.

Every time Secret Realm opens, some inner sect disciples with innate talent and potential will be selected to enter, which will be counted as sect benefits.

The new Core Disciple can get this opportunity 100%.

Other ordinary inner sect disciples need to go through strict screening and review before they can get a place.

And the content of the review involves multiple dimensions, not only limited to the cultivation base and combat power.


As soon as he approached the Transmission Formation, Mo Fan noticed a strange look.

Concentratingly, he saw Tu Mofeng Peak Master Xie Siyuan, whose face was full of resentment.

“Hehe, you brat is finally here!” Xie Siyuan said with a cold face, somewhat said with displeasure.

Mo Fan was taken aback for a moment, looked at the time calmly, and found that it was just in time.

But looking at Xie Siyuan’s eyes that seemed to eat people, Mo Fan had no choice but to say with a smile: “Sorry, sorry, something happened, it’s late!”

“hmph, A boy who is addicted to women’s sex!” Xie Siyuan whispered, and stopped talking nonsense, directly running the cultivation technique and slowly opening the Transmission Formation.

This time he opened the Transmission Formation.

With a swish, the Transmission Formation, which is square and about two hundred square meters, is built like an altar and slowly lights up.

At the same time, everyone looked at Mo Fan curiously, and chatted in small groups in a low voice.

“Is he also a Core Disciple?”

“Looking at Elder Xie’s reaction, it should be…”

“Adding the previous two, this There are actually three Core Disciples this time?”

“terrifying, is Yuxu Academy going to rise? Three Core Disciples have been accepted in just a few months…”

“No Is it? It is said that when Secret Realm was opened before, there was basically only one Core Disciple involved, and it is normal to not see the Core Disciple several times in a row!”

“Yes, yes, I want to be promoted to Core Disciple too. It’s difficult, with so many inner sect disciples, the Core Disciple has been stable at fifty or sixty…”

But soon, some people became suspicious.

“Uh, his cultivation base seems to be… a little weak? He must not have been promoted to Transcendent yet, how did he get promoted to Core Disciple?”

“Maybe there are other aspects Extraordinary innate talent? Such as pill concocting, talisman, array, forge, etc. Anyway, the Core Disciple is impossible and simple, so there must be something extraordinary!”

“Well, it’s very possible, I’m envious. , why am I just struggling in any field?”

A group of people sighed and chatted in a low voice.

Mo Fans are strong and sensitive, and can naturally hear their voices discussing themselves.

He doesn’t mind either.

Discuss it.

As long as there are no brain problems, people who come out to provoke him because of his weak cultivation base will do.

With Xie Siyuan’s efforts, the mysterious energy between Heaven and Earth continues to gather, and the array becomes brighter and brighter, but it will take a few minutes to fully open.

At this moment, two figures approached Mo Fan.

One man and one woman, all with extraordinary temperament and outstanding appearance.

“Hello Junior Brother, are you the new Disciple Junior Brother Mo from Chixia Peak?” A tall man with a gun bag on his back spoke first.

Mo Fan habitually lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

Suddenly, the blue virtual panel flashed, and the identification information immediately appeared.

Wang Yang, a new Core Disciple from Cangyanfeng of Yuxu Academy, Transcendent 5th layer cultivation base, good at pill concocting, and passionate. ]

From Cangyan Peak?

Not bad.

After coming out of Secret Realm, it’s almost time to continue learning about Pill Dao!

After all, earning Spirit Stone through pill concocting is the most reliable way!

Have a good relationship with the person in front of you, and it may be more convenient to go to Cangyan Peak to steal the lessons in the future.

While Mo Fan was thinking about it, Wang Yang seemed to have thought of something, and quickly said:

“Haha, I forgot to introduce myself when I was nervous, my name is Wang Yang, I’m three. I was promoted to Core Disciple a month ago, and I am currently in Cangyan Peak.โ€

Mo Fan laughed and responded: โ€œSenior Brother Wang, okay, I am Mo Fan who was promoted to Core Disciple this month. At Chixia Peak.”

Hearing Mo Fan’s answer, Wang Yang’s eyes flashed with a strong look of envy.

In his opinion, being able to worship Chixia Peak is simply a blessing for eight lifetimes!

They are all beauties!

Peak Master is Top Grade!

It’s heaven on earth!

If you can go to Chixia Peak!

I am willing to let him lose fifty years of his life!

Of course, although he thought so in his heart, he didn’t dare to show it. He just said solemnly:

“Chixia Peak is good, Chixia Peak is very talented, Junior Brother will definitely be great in the future. Make a difference!”

Mo Fan: “…”

You’re saying this too!

“By the way, let me introduce, this is Junior Sister Gu, currently at Liuguangfeng.” Wang Yang looked towards the woman beside him, introduced.

“Senior Sister Gu is good.” Mo Fan greeted with a smile, while throwing an Appraisal Technique in the past.

Gu Shuiyue, a new Core Disciple of Liuguangfeng from Yuxu Academy, Transcendent 3rd-layer cultivation base, keen perception, extraordinary accomplishments in movement method. ]

Flower Peak?

Mo Fan was slightly attentive.

After all, it is an inheritance dug out from Secret Realm.

Even the movement method is unique, right?

You can go to Liuguangfeng to see it later!

“Junior Brother Mo is good” Gu Shuiyue smiled sweetly, narrowed his eyes and looked towards Mo Fan seriously, but couldn’t take his eyes away for a while.

She is a girl, but she doesn’t envy Mo Fan for going to Chixia Peak.

She just felt that the Junior Brother in front of her was very handsome.

Such a handsome Junior Brother must be very dangerous on Chixia Peak, which is full of women? Can you protect yourself?

“Okay, the three of us are all Core Disciples, and now we know each other.

“Then when Secret Realm has to support each other and strive for more opportunities! “

Wang Yang clenched his fist and said.

hearing this, Gu Shuiyue immediately nodded, still looking at Mo Fan and said:

“Hmmmm, Junior Brother Mo Your cultivation base is a little behind, so try to keep your distance from us.

“Secret Realm is really not dangerous for Transcendent Martial Artist.

” But it is still dangerous for Foundation Establishment Martial Artist, you have to be careful Someโ€

โ€œmany thanks Senior Sister reminders. “Mo Fan quickly thanked.

“You’re welcome, both are the same sect, support each other!

“By the way, there is a high probability that it will be scattered just after it is sent in. We can leave a sign to facilitate the meeting!”

“It should be true.” Wang Yang nodded, said immediately A few simple symbols are used to represent different meanings.

Three people write down the symbol one after another.

“Okay, that’s it for now. After the transmission is in, we will meet as soon as possible!”


After a while, the Transmission Formation burst into dazzling light the rays of light, the space in that area began to have a sense of mold and distortion.

At this moment, Xie Siyuan wiped the sweat from his forehead and said in a loud voice:

“Transmission Formation has been opened, everyone, come up!”

When the voice fell, the Disciples immediately focused and moved towards Transmission Formation.

โ€œSecret Realm is very big, and there are many opportunities. You have only about 30 people in total. You can compete with each other when you meet a good opportunity. foul is not advisable, cannibalism is even more taboo in academies!

“You are all Martial Artists, you have to work hard, use tricks, and go to the battlefield to slay demons and slaughter demons!

“Human Race has been able to reproduce to this day, relying on unity!

“I won’t say it if I have more Xie, you guys can do it for yourself!

“Line up, come over one by one!

“Secret Realm will be open for a total of two months.

“After two months, you will be automatically sent out, and you will be back here in an instant, please seize the time! “

After finishing speaking, Xie Siyuan turned his body to the side and made way for the center of the Transmission Formation.

With tension and anxiety, everyone walked towards the Transmission Formation center one after another.

With a break, the azure light flashed, and the first Disciple standing in the center of the Transmission Formation immediately dissipated and was teleported out.

“The next one. “Xie Siyuan said indifferently.

“Here! โ€ A Disciple responded and hurriedly walked into the center of the array.

With a swoosh, he also disappeared.

Afterwards, the Disciple was teleported away.

“Let’s go, let’s go too. “Wang Yang said hello and walked over to the Transmission Formation.

“en.” Gu Shuiyue was nodded, and quickly followed.

Mo Fan focused and followed along. .

The three of them are at the back.

When it was Mo Fan’s turn, he and Xie Siyuan were the only ones present.

“Having seen Elder ! “

Going to the Transmission Formation, Mo Fan found that Xie Siyuan was staring at him all the time and had to salute him.

“When you wake up, remember to come to Tu Mofeng to find me!” “Xie Siyuan said seriously.

Mo Fan “…”

So this guy is still thinking about this?

However, if you have time, go to Tu Mofeng is also good at learning Tu Molu!

“Okay, Disciple remembered it! “Mo Fan solemnly nodded.

“Yes, if you are still a little conscious, the Transmission Formation is about to close, so hurry up. Xie Siyuan reminded.

“Okay. “Mo Fan was attentive and stepped into the center of the Transmission Formation.

With a swish, the space was distorted.

Mo Fan only saw a flash, and when he regained his sight, he found that he had already Being in a new space.

The dilapidated village, at a glance, are all broken walls and ruins.

Dry creek, deserted fields for unknown years, bare The mountains and forests…

As far as I can see, they are all desolate and devoid of any vitality.

Mo Fan is concentrated, full of energy, and moved towards the scene in front of him, shrouded in the past.

The ruins that fell into the dust of history, have gone through countless epochs of change, hidden and empty, between false and real existence.]

Mo Fan: “? ? ? “

What the hell is this?

He is the first to see such identification information.

Why is it like a fan?

Between false and true…what does it mean?

Mo Fan was confused, and in the end he could only narrow the scope of spirit strength, and threw an Appraisal Technique towards the stone under his feet.

The unremarkable cobblestones have existed for many epochs. ]

Seeing this identification information, Mo Fan felt a little relieved.

“It’s still the same smellโ€””

Spit out a turbid breath, and Mo Fan felt it seriously.

He ran the cultivation technique a little.

I found that there is no psionic power in Secret Realm, and it seems that it cannot be cultivated.

But soon, he caught the mysterious mysterious energy factor.

These mysterious energy factors are not psionics, but they seem to be the same root with different branches as psionics. It is no problem to use them to activate Cultivation Art and Martial Skill. Introducing them into Qi Sea can also introduce Innate Astral Qi converts it out.

What’s even more outrageous is that Mo Fan found that after absorbing these mysterious energy factors, his cultivation base seemed to have improved a little bit.

Although the improvement is not obvious.

But he still felt it.

There is no way, when he is outside, he absorbs psychic cultivation, as simply as clay ox entering the sea, and he cannot make any waves.

Don’t say it’s only cultivated for a while, I feel the cultivation progress.

Even if he is cultivating for a whole day, the cultivation base will not change in the slightest!

But now…

“What’s going on?

“What are these mysterious factors, why even a physique like me, Can it improve so fast? โ€

Mo Fan was stunned.

He did a rough calculation.

At this rate, the mysterious factor was absorbed.

He even There is no need to look for opportunities, just quietly cultivate, and after two months, the cultivation base can break through two three small realms, directly reaching the level of the 4th layer or even the 5th layer of the Foundation Establishment.

โ€œEven me All can improve so fast, those geniuses with excellent physique come in, don’t they want to take off directly. โ€

Under normal circumstances, compared with those geniuses who can break through the cultivation base with no difficulty.

Mo Fan has been cultivating outside for ten years, and the progress of cultivation may not be comparable to others. One month.

“The geniuses like them come in and stay for two months, don’t they-“

Thinking of this, Mo Fan shook the head.

“This is unreasonable-

“Secret Realm’s effect is impossible to such an incredible level.

“As far as I know, Secret Realm is magical, but usually two months After that, if the cultivation base can increase by two three small realms, it is considered good luckโ€”โ€””

Thinking of this, Mo Fan startled, my brain is buzzing.

“So… The problem is me?

“The external psionic energy is not suitable for my cultivation?

“The mysterious energy factor in Secret Realm is very suitable for me?

“Why is this happening?

“is it possible that, I am not a so-called waste physique, but a genius physique born in the wrong era? “

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