Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 16

“I don’t think the innate talent of the two of them is better than that of He Yun!”

Zhang Qiang stared at Shi Biao and asked for an explanation.

Actually, he felt that no matter Lin Yiyi or Mo Fan, the innate talent was inferior to him!

“You’re not convinced?” Shi Biao was so angry that he wanted to laugh when he heard Zhang Qiang’s words.

“Are you still embarrassed to be convinced?

“Indeed, during the second round test, you understood the test boxing technique before Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi.

“But think about your performance in the third round assessment?”

Without waiting for Zhang Qiang to reply, Shi Biao continued.

“In the third round assessment, your boxing skills are sloppy, and you have no rules at all!

“As a Body Tempering sixth layer Martial Artist, I was beaten by several Body Tempering 3rd-layer 4th layer Fighting powerless!

“I even think that Xu Jing alone can draw a tie with you!

“And she, it took an hour longer than you to comprehend the test boxing technique, cultivation base It is one small realm lower than you!

“If I were you, why don’t you just find a piece of tofu to kill you, and still have the face to question others?”

“This…” Zhang Qiang was stunned and blushed face, ashamed.

He didn’t expect that in Shi Deacon’s eyes, he was so unbearable.

But he also knew that Shi Deacon was telling the truth.

In the third round assessment, that is, the actual combat assessment, his performance was really not good enough, and he was tied down and beaten.

Thinking of this, he turned his head and looked towards Xu Jing, who had been silent for a while.

At that time, Xu Jing was the main force besieging him.

And he did feel a lot of pressure on Xu Jing.

The key is that one small realm is taller than her!

Perception is also much better than hers!

But even so, he seems to be just as powerful as Xu Jing!


Is it so bad?

Zhang Qiang wanted to cry but had no tears, and some doubts about life.

Seeing this scene, Shi Biao laughed.

Zhang Qiang does have some deficiencies.

But not as bad as he said.

It’s just that this kid is a little puffed up.

It has to be a good banging.

But soon, Shi Biao’s face turned black again.

I saw Zhang Qiang, who had been closed off for a while, and soon came back to his senses, still a little unwilling to say.

“I admit that I’m really not good enough, but Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi aren’t better than Ho-“

Before Zhang Qiang could finish speaking, Shi Biao interrupted. he.

“You’re wrong, whether it’s Mo Fan or Lin Yiyi, they’re much stronger than He Yiyi.”

As soon as these words came out, not only Zhang Qiang, but also He Yiyi Senseless.

True or false?

How good are these two?

Not only them, but even Mo Fan himself was a little surprised.

Am I really that good?

I’ve clearly been low-key enough!

Shi Biao glanced at a few people and continued.

“Although it took Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi a little longer to comprehend the test boxing technique.

“However, the application of boxing technique and the grasp of actual combat are better than yours. Too much brilliant. “

A light flashed in Shi Biao’s eyes, and he looked at Mo Fan with a smile on his face.

“Mo Fan is the Body Tempering 2nd layer cultivation base, and is using the test boxing method.” Under the circumstance, he can kill the Body Tempering 3rd-layer in one move, and easily defeat the Body Tempering 4th layer, such a battle innate talent is really rare…”

Speaking of the end, Shi Biao couldn’t help but sigh. .

If only Mo Fan’s Cultivation innate talent could be better.

His future accomplishments are simply immeasurable!

That’s why he was Without the slightest hesitation, they gave Mo Fan a top rating.

However, when they heard Shi Biao’s words, several people were shocked and stared at Mo Fan in disbelief.

This guy…is it really so scary?

Even Xu Jing, who has been silent for a while,

has never shown the slightest expression on her face, now she also looks at Mo Fan , surprise flashed in his eyes.

“Body Tempering 2nd layer kills Body Tempering 3rd-layer in one move? Beat the Body Tempering 4th layer easily? How is this possible? “

Zhang Qiang stared blankly at Mo Fan, his brain was buzzing, everyone was stupid.

This time he was completely autistic.

Compared to Mo Fan.

He’s just a clown!

It’s a shame!

Just now he asked Mo Fan to return the Spirit Stone!


He wants to dig a hole and bury himself in there!

It’s a shame!

“This, This is too perverted, isn’t it? “He is also a little confused, suspecting that he heard it wrong.

Body Tempering 2nd layer is better than Body Tempering 3rd-layer, after all, the difference between the two is not big.

But when the Body Tempering 3rd-layer breakthrough reaches the Body Tempering 4th layer, the body will undergo some changes, and the potential of the human body will be stimulated.

This leads to the normal body of the Body Tempering 4th layer. The quality will be much stronger than the Body Tempering 3rd-layer, and the power levels are completely differentiated.

But this guy Mo Fan can actually beat the Body Tempering 4th layer at the Body Tempering 2nd layer!


This kind of thing is unbelievable!

This guy is too perverted!

The Yuxu Academy is really deep, and applicants for handyman can also meet such a perverted guy!

Just when everyone was surprised, Mo Fan wiped away a cold sweat and sighed in relief.

He still underestimated himself!

Fortunately second I kept a hand during the round test!

Otherwise, it would be more scary, outrageous, and even more incomprehensible!

Shi Biao glanced at the people with exaggerated expressions, nodded with satisfaction, Continue.

“Lin Yiyi is the same, she is only the Body Tempering 3rd-layer, she can easily beat the Body Tempering 4th layer, and the Body Tempering 5th layer is evenly divided.

“At that time, she cooperated with Mo Fan to fight against the enemy, and killed many examiners with one small realm higher than her cultivation base, and even two small realm.

“Based on the above Considering it, I only rated the two of them as the first grade, and the monthly Cultivation resource subsidy is three times that of the ordinary handyman Disciple. “

Speaking of this, Shi Biao couldn’t even hold back his inner joy.

His luck is very good to be able to recruit talents like Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi!

How many merit points does this reward?

Will it be worth the resources that I have obtained by obediently and honestly struggling half a month?

For Yuxu Academy

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a cultivation talent.

As long as the perception is good enough and the innate talent is outstanding enough.

After all, it’s inheritance for thousands of years The Ancient Sect has some background.

As long as Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi can show enough training value.

Then Yuxu Academy will spend a certain price for them It is not difficult to increase cultivation base aptitude.

After many years, if the two of them are successful in Martial Arts, Shi Biao can also follow him.

I imagined a good time for a while. In the future, Shi Biao coughed twice, immediately came back to his senses, his expression returned to a high and cold expression, and continued.

“Okay, no nonsense, I will assign you the position of handyman now. Pill Hall, Artifact Refining Hall, Talisman Hall, and Formation Hall all have exactly one vacancy!

“The five of you, according to the assessment rating, choose the position you like in turn!

“Mo Fan, you have the highest assessment rating, you choose first! “

Hearing this, Mo Fan couldn’t help but stunned, and asked uncertainly, “Is there only one vacancy in each hall? “

“Yes, there is only one vacancy in each church, so you have to consider it, once you make a choice, you can’t change it!” “Shi Biao reminded.

Hearing this, Mo Fan’s eyes lit up, and then he turned to Lin Yiyi and spread his hands apologetically.

Then, he turned around, With a firm face, he said, “I choose to practice Pill Hall! ”

Since there is only one place, so choose by yourself, and Lin Yiyi will naturally have no choice.

In this way, Mo Fan does not have to avoid and Lin Yiyi because of I am in the same position, but I feel wronged to choose Artifact Refining Hall!

After all, Pill Refinement Master is the real money maker!

Lin Yiyi: “…”

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