Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 17

“I choose to refine Pill Hall!”

After hearing what Mo Fan said, Shi Biao nodded and agreed:

“Pill Pill Hall!”

Hall is really good, suitable for people with good perception, keen perception, and patience.”

Shi Biao laughed, and continued:

“handyman is only responsible for the Pill Hall branch, although it is only responsible for Some pill concocting work in advance, but also can learn a lot of things, laying a good foundation for becoming a Pill Refinement Master in the future.

β€œIf you can get a glimpse of the door, you will become a real Pill Refinement in the future. Master, can be regarded as a fish leaping over the dragon gate. ”

The threshold for Pill Refinement Master is very high, which requires strong perception, extraordinary perception, and spirit strength that is different from ordinary people.

Perception and perception, Shi Biao thinks that Mo Fan is not a problem. Great.

As for spirit strength?

That’s not what he, the trifling Foundation Establishment Realm handyman deacon can detect.

But Mo Fan cultivation talent Not too high, it would be a good idea if he could find a way on Pill Dao.

While thinking, Shi Biao took out a dark and simple token from his arms and handed it to Mo Fan.

“This is your token for going to the Pill Hall, and it is also a status token for walking in Yuxu Academy in the future. After registering the information here, go to report. “

“many thanks stone deacon!” “Mo Fan took the token to thank.

The front of the token is as smooth as a mirror, and the material is like wood but not wood like gold but not gold.

The back is engraved with a clear pattern. , a treasure bottle held by auspicious clouds.

The treasure bottle is lifelike and very agile, as if it were about to fly out of a token.

Seeing this, Mo Fan was speechless.

Yuxu Academy is indeed rich and imposing.

The trifling handyman Disciple status token is so exquisitely crafted as a work of art.

At the same time, Shi Biao turned his head and looked towards Lin Yiyi: “Now it’s your turn, you are the same as Mo Fan, your assessment rating is also A, but the specific rating is slightly worse than his. “

Hearing this, Lin Yiyi’s face twitched slightly, and secretly said that she had hidden too much and fell in the sewer!

The thing she most wanted to do was to practice Pill Hall!

In the end, she bit her lip and said weakly: “I also want to practice Pill Hall…”

Shi Biao shook his head: “There is only one place. “

There was no other way, Lin Yiyi had no choice but to say: “Okay, then I will choose Talisman Hall!” “

“Well, you hold this token. After I finish registering here, you can go to Talisman Hall.” “

Speaking, Shi Biao also handed Lin Yiyi an exquisite black token.

“many thanks Shi deacon!” “Lin Yiyi thanked him for the result.

He was unintentionally, his assessment rating was A, and he finally chose Artifact Refining Hall.

Then Zhang Qiang, his assessment rating was Under Armour, I chose the Formation Hall with a bitter face.

The array is the most complex and the most difficult to learn. It requires a lot of time to practice, and it is difficult to achieve achievements in a short period of time.

Excellent The array Master is basically old.

Zhang Qiang feels that he may not be able to see the array door in his lifetime.

It is a pity that there is no way.

To him At that time, only the Formation Hall can be chosen.

β€œmany thanks Shi deacon! Zhang Qiang thanked him against his will, frowning, feeling that he had boundless prospects.

Seeing this, Shi Biao couldn’t help frowning, said ill-humoredly: “pull yourself together, don’t back down before you start!” “

“Yes, but array is too complicated and difficult to learn…” Zhang Qiang said weakly.

Shi Biao glared at him and reprimanded: “array is indeed difficult to learn.” , but it’s also an opportunity, how do you know if you don’t try it?

“If you can become an array Master, or even an array Grandmaster.

“Then even a Transcendent Martial Artist, or even a Destiny Martial Artist, will treat you differently!

“Furthermore, whether you go to Pill Hall, Artifact Refining Hall, Talisman Hall or French Formation Hall, it’s just an opportunity, an opportunity to distinguish you from ordinary handyman Disciple.”

Shi Biao paused and continued: “Even if you can’t learn anything in the end,

you can get resources that are several times richer than other handyman Disciples, as well as some opportunities that you haven’t seen yet.

“Even if you fail in the end, as long as Martial Arts stays on the way and breaks through to Innate Realm before the age of 30, there is still a chance to become the Outer Sect Disciple of Yuxu Academy!

“So, cherish the opportunity and work hard!”

hearing this, Zhang Qiang couldn’t help but be stunned.

After a while, he came back to his senses, nodded heavily, and thanked him sincerely: “many thanks to Elder Shi’s guidance, I understand, I will work hard!”

“student that can be taught.” Shi Biao was satisfied and laughed, then turned his head and looked towards the last Xu Jing.

He concentrated, thought for a moment, and said, “Your assessment rating is B. In addition to the salary, the monthly cultivation subsidy is a Spirit Stone, which is equivalent to the ordinary handyman Disciple.”

Shi Biao paused and continued: “This time there are only four vacancies, and now you have two choices.

“One, like other handyman Disciples, to Ordinary handyman jobs, but as compensation, you can increase the cultivation subsidy, from one Spirit Stone per month to 1.5 Spirit Stone per month.

“Secondly, there is just a lack of a spiritual medicine position in the Pill Hall. Although this position is not included in the Pill Hall system, it can also be used as an auditor to learn the knowledge of the Pill Concotion Foundations from them.

“Only, if you choose this position, there will be no additional Spirit Stone subsidy. “

After finishing speaking, Shi Biao seriously looked towards Xu Jing: “There are pros and cons to each, please weigh them and give me the answer in five minutes.” “

However, just after Shi Biao’s words fell, Xu Jing said: “I choose two. “

Seeing this, Shi Biao couldn’t help but frowned and said, “You have to think about it carefully, to practice Pill Hall, you can only do work such as watering spiritual medicine, weeding, weeding, and arable land.”

“If you choose an ordinary handyman position, you can earn more than half a Spirit Stone every month, which can speed up your cultivation progress a lot.

“Your cultivation talent is not bad. The best among the five, the extra half Spirit Stone every month can make your cultivation base break through to the Innate Realm as soon as possible, and participate in the Yuxu Academy outer sect assessment.

“Are you sure you want to give up this opportunity?”

Shi Biao knew all about the five people in front of him.

Xu Jing is this year’s martial arts candidate.

And she is in the Body Tempering 5th layer and has been admitted to a not-so-bad martial arts university.

She came to Yuxu Academy as a handyman Disciple, obviously with her own ambitions.

Her goal should be to be promoted to Outer Sect Disciple or even inner sect disciple in a short period of time.

This is also the reason why he proposed an additional half-a-spirit subsidy every month.

But now…

This girl is going to practice Pill Hall to weed?

In response, Xu Jing said firmly: “I like pill concocting.”

Shi Biao: “…”

Since Xu Jing has choice was made.

Shi Biao didn’t say much, so he could only take out the identity token belonging to Lian Pill Hall from his arms and give it to her.

But at this time, Lin Yiyi said with a pitiful expression: “Shi deacon, I also want to remove the grass, can I change my position?”

Hearing this , Shi Biao was stunned, his face darkened, and said ill-humoredly: “Nonsense! Learn your talisman well!”

β€œUh—” Lin Yiyi looked at the sky speechlessly.


“Okay, wait a moment, after I synchronize the information, you can go to report!”


After a few minutes.

Several people left the handyman hospital office and went in different directions.

Mo Fan and Xu Jing walked together, walking towards Lian Pill Hall according to the map given by Shi Biao.

Xu Jing’s character is a little cold.

And there are some social fears.

He didn’t say a word along the way.

Mo Fan chatted awkwardly for a while, and then shut up.

Ten minutes later, the two arrived at the Pill Hall.

After verifying their identities, the two were assigned to adjacent residences and received living materials.

The official work starts tomorrow.

Once everything is sorted.

Mo Fan concentrated, took out the three Spirit Stones in the jade bottle, and lost an Appraisal Technique.

Suddenly, the virtual panel lit up, and the characters quickly appeared.

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