Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 18

The virtual panel lights up.

Characters appear quickly.

[Found low grade Spirit Stone *3, which can be absorbed and converted into attribute points, is it absorbed? ]

Mo Fan without the slightest hesitation selected, and said in the heart: “Yes.”

Then the virtual panel flashed again, and the blue rays of light dimmed.

At the same time, Mo Fan’s attribute panel has quietly changed.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Body Tempering 2nd layer (+)]

[cultivation technique: Basic Body Tempering Technique]


[martial skill: Nameless Fist]

[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

[Available attribute points: 6]

Sweep Looking at the attribute panel, Mo Fan focused his attention on the cultivation base column.

He took a deep breath and clicked on the plus sign behind the Body Tempering 2nd layer with his mind.


in a flash, a strange energy rushed towards Mo Fan from the unknown space, and quickly washed his body.

At this moment, Mo Fan felt like he was swimming in a warm ocean.

Immediately afterwards, his body trembled slightly, his whole body was hot, and the pores even seeped out wisps of white mist.

Then his muscles tightened a little, the lines were more pronounced, and he was full of explosive power.

After 3 minutes.

Mo Fan let out a heavy sigh and clenched his fists, feeling that his whole body was full of inexhaustible strength, as if he could kill three cows with one punch!

At the same time, the virtual panel flashed, and Mo Fan’s attribute panel quietly changed.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Body Tempering 3rd-layer (+)]

[cultivation technique: Basic Body Tempering Technique]

【martial skill: Nameless Boxing Technique】

【storage space: 1 cubic meter】

【Available attribute points: 1】

cultivation progress to the Body Tempering 3rd-layer.

There is only one available attribute point left.

“Body Tempering 3rd-layer ――”

Mo Fan slowly opened his eyes.

“It seems to have become a lot stronger! The two selves before the breakout shouldn’t be a problem!”

He carefully understood the changes in power within the body and grinned. .

Then, he looked condensed again, concentrated one’s mind looked towards the cultivation base column on the attribute panel.

Tried clicking the plus sign after Body Tempering 3rd-layer, and the prompt popped up immediately.

[cultivation base: Body Tempering 3rd-layer (+) (1/8)]

Seeing this, Mo Fan frowned.

“Eight Spirit Stones for the next upgrade…

“First one, then three, then five, now eight?

“What kind of rule does it follow?”

After a little thought, Mo Fan shook the head.

The data sample is too small, he can’t see the pattern.

Of course, it is also possible that there is simply no quantitative law, but the transformation is carried out according to the conservation of energy or something.

Familiar with the power in his body a little, Mo Fan stood up, ready to go out to find something to eat.

Although it is only a handyman Disciple, the assigned residence is not bad.

A row of bungalows, one room and one living room with toilet, add up to almost fifty square meters.

The room is spacious and bright, with excellent view. Through the windows, you can even see the green hills covered by clouds and mist, the fairy birds that occasionally fly by, the Inner Sect Senior Brother and Immortal Qi fluttering on the road on the fairy sword. The beautiful Senior Sister.

The only downside is that there is no separate cultivation room. To practice martial skills or something, you need to go to the public performance room of the handyman academy.

Mo Fan learned from the Senior Sister who brought them here that the Outer Sect Disciple can only have a separate cultivation room.

If you become an inner sect disciple one day, you can even be assigned to a courtyard engraved with Spirit Gathering Array, surrounded by mountains and rivers, green pines and cypresses, babbling Lingxi, and even have your own medicine field!

In this regard, Mo Fan still yearns for it.

Going out, the door closed with a creak, and Mo Fan happened to meet Xu Jing, who was also going out.

Xu Jing is tall and tall, still wearing a red dress, looking a little glam.

But Mo Fan, who has been in contact with her, knows.

This girl is not really cool.

It’s just a little socially apprehensive.

Not used to interacting with people.

Doesn’t speak easily when not necessary.

Basically, you will only answer if someone asks.

Even when someone asks, sometimes they don’t know how to answer, so they can only be silent, appearing aloof and unusual.

“Going to eat?” Mo Fan looked towards her.

“en.” Xu Jing nodded.

“Together?” Mo Fan invited.

“Okay.” Xu Jing nodded again.

“Let’s go then.” Mo Fan took out the map and glanced at it, pointing to the north direction: “The cafeteria is in this direction.”

“en.” Xu Jing lowered Head up and follow in the footsteps of Mo Fan.

“Why don’t you go to Wuke University, but instead come to Yuxu Academy to be a handyman Disciple?” Mo Fan chatted casually.

“No, I didn’t get into a good school.” Xu Jing lowered her head and said.

“The standards for recruiting handyman Disciples in Yuxu University are different from those in Wuke University. You may not be able to get better training here than ordinary Wuke universities.” Mo Fan said.

“I, I will work hard.” Xu Jing said.

“Well, come on!” Mo Fan said no more.

Everyone has their choice.

“Okay.” Xu Jing nodded.

“By the way, why do you suddenly stutter when you speak?” Mo Fan turned his head and looked at her curiously.

He remembered that the girl didn’t stutter when talking to Shi Deacon.

Why are you stuttering now?

“No, no…” Xu Jing hurriedly lowered her head, her pretty face slightly red, and her eyes were fixed on her toes.

Mo Fan: “…”

The two of them were very fast, and after seven or eight minutes, they came to the cafeteria of the exclusive Pill Hall.

Eating in the cafeteria is free.

And the ingredients are fresh, the variety is rich, the taste is excellent, and the taste is not worse than the 5-Star level restaurant outside.

Apart from this, a Spirit Fruit will be distributed every dinner.

Although it is only the lowest level of Spirit Fruit, long-term consumption can still improve the body and play a good auxiliary role in cultivation.

This can be considered one of the benefits of refining the Pill Hall Handyman Disciple.

Of course, other churches may have similar benefits.

It’s just that Mo Fan doesn’t know exactly what happened.

Although Xu Jing is not affiliated with the Pill Hall system, but has been assigned to this place, she can also use the status token to eat in the cafeteria and enjoy some simple benefits.

This point is the time for lunch break and dinner. There are not many people in the cafeteria, and it is a bit lively.

Xu Jing seemed a little uncomfortable, hid behind Mo Fan and walked with her head down.

After a while, the two received a pre-packaged, nutritionally balanced lunch.

There are vegetables.

There is meat.

There are eggs.

There is also rice.

There is also a soup.

It was so rich that it filled the entire plate.

Mo Fan glanced around, with a certain expression, walked towards a less-populated area in the corner, and turned his head to speak at the same time.


“Okay.” Xu Jing replied in a low voice, and followed Mo Fan in a low voice.


On the square dining table.

Mo Fan munched on the beef and efficiently got rid of the rice on the plate, and then shua~ shua~ shua~ a few times and ate all the remaining vegetables and fried eggs.


After taking a sip of the soup, Mo Fan exclaimed with a satisfied voice.

“The taste is really good without poking the needles~”

I have to say that Yuxu Academy has good welfare.

Not only the wraps, but even the cafeteria is so delicious.

The key is that there is a salary of 20,000 yuan per month!

Although there are only four days off a month.

But working only eight hours a day and having 15 days of annual leave a year is not bad!

Of course, the most important thing is the monthly Spirit Stone subsidy!

That is a precious material that can speed up the cultivation speed!

This is also one of the reasons why countless people sign up for the Handyman Disciple of Yuxu University every year.

It’s a pity that Yuxu College has too high requirements for selecting handyman Disciple. It recruits every three years, with only 100 places each time.

gu lu gu lu After drinking the soup a few times, Mo Fan touched his stomach with satisfaction and looked towards Xu Jing.

Perhaps under the influence of Mo Fan, Xu Jing’s cooking speed is also amazing, she’s almost eaten up by now, only a golden fried egg and a bowl of pork rib soup are left on the plate .

Seeing that Mo Fan looked towards herself, Xu Jing’s pretty face turned red uncontrollably, and she hurriedly lowered her head to drink the soup.

After a while, a cup of soup was finished, Xu Jing whispered: “Eat, eat.”

Mo Fan was taken aback, looked towards the food on her plate. Fried eggs, frowned: “Don’t you eat eggs?”

“I haven’t eaten since, since I was a child.” Xu Jing said.

Hearing this, Mo Fan startled, with round eyes: “???”

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