Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 20

Mo Fan Press Enter.

The search results popped up quickly.

However, Mo Fan was stunned for a while.

The page displays a 404.

A line of prompt text is displayed in the square redemption box: Sorry, the content you want was not found!

Mo Fan: “…”

Finally, he deleted the word “cool” and pressed the Enter key again.

A few seconds later, rows of information were displayed, and there were thirteen cultivation techniques and martial skills combined.

Seeing this, Mo Fan thought about it and limited the search category to the martial skill category.

After a few seconds, only three martial skills remain on the page.

[Body Tempering Volume, five stars for cultivation difficulty, click to view the detailed introduction, click to view the follow-up cultivation technique . ]

Mo Fan thought about it and clicked to view the follow-up cultivation technique.

Next, the page jumps, and the two associated martial skills pop up the page.

[The Demon Demon refers to the Innate volume, no access rights. ]

[Volume of the Foundation Establishment, no access rights. ]

Mo Fan: “…”

Move the mouse over the words “You don’t have access rights” in “Finger of Demons – Innate Volume”, and soon a line of small characters appears below the mouse arrow.

(Please go to the outer sect Chuan Gong Building to check.)

Then there is the “Finger of Demons – Foundation Establishment Volume”, Mo Fan moved the mouse over, and the prompt appeared again.

(Please go to Inner Sect Chuan Gong Building to check.)

After seeing the prompt, Mo Fan understood.

The Handyman Academy only includes portions of the Cultivation Art and Martial Skill Body Tempering volumes.

How realm the subsequent cultivation technique can finally support, also represents its potential to a certain extent.

In other words, what kind of realm can cultivation, Cultivation Art and Martial Skill, be cultivated in Yuxu Academy.

Concentrated, Mo Fan continued to consult the following two sect martial skills.

[Broken Wave Palm・Body Tempering volume, five stars for cultivation difficulty, click to view the detailed introduction, click to view the follow-up cultivation technique. ]

[Vajra Fist ・Body Tempering volume, five stars for cultivation difficulty, click to view the detailed introduction, click to view the follow-up cultivation technique. ]

view one after another.

The Broken Wave Palm is the same as the Devil’s Finger, and only the Foundation Establishment volume will follow, and the cultivation difficulty is also five stars.

Vajra Fist subsequently reached the Transcendent level, and the cultivation difficulty was also five stars.

Mo Fan concentrates and sees the detailed introduction of the three martial skills.

A few minutes later, Mo Fan stopped, having made up his mind.

He manipulated the mouse to click on the Vajra Fist, found its location, and silently wrote it down.

“I’m fine, you can choose.” Mo Fan backed away and gave the machine to Xu Jing.

“Thank you, thank you…” Xu Jing thanked and stepped forward to operate.

After a while, Xu Jing also chose the martial skill she wanted – Jueying Sword Art.

Then, the two went upstairs and searched for their chosen martial skill.

What Mo Fan didn’t expect was.

The so-called cheats are actually one USB after another.

Mo Fan: “???”

Why don’t you play cards according to the routine?

He also thought about using the Appraisal Technique while choosing the martial skill cheats, to see if he could pick up a omission or something.

After all, there are similar plots in movies and TV dramas.

The great character has nothing to do, so he likes to mix some peerless secrets into the lowest secrets, waiting for the destined person to select and get his own inheritance.

But now this situation is obviously unrealistic.

All cultivation technique cheats or martial skill cheats are recorded by seniors who are proficient in them.

and re-recorded every few years.

And these so-called seniors are basically outer sect or inner sect disciple.

The peerless powerhouse hides the secrets of the world…

It can only be imagined in a dream.

While complaining in his heart, Mo Fan followed the sign and found the USB flash drive where Vajra Fist was recorded.

The thumb drive is housed in a delicate transparent box with a nameplate engraved on the front of the box with the name of the martial skill.

Mo Fan opened the transparent box, took out the USB flash drive, and walked towards the management desk downstairs.

“This is the martial skill I chose, please register it for me.” Mo Fan handed the USB flash drive politely.

The old man nodded, took the USB and checked the code above.

But soon, the old man is frowned.

He looked at Mo Fan intently, hesitated for a moment and couldn’t help reminding:

“The martial skill cultivation you have chosen is the most difficult, and few people in the Handyman Institute can do it. Bring their cultivation to the entry level.

“Even for those few who have their cultivation to the entry level, it takes a lot of time, which eventually leads to the progress of the cultivation base falling down and no chance to be promoted to the outer sect. “

After finishing speaking, the old man seriously looked towards Mo Fan and said, “You put the USB drive back, and the difficulty factor of changing the door is three-star.” “

In this regard, Mo Fan is the shock of the head, with a firm expression: “I want to give it a try.” “

He really wants to try it out to see where his perception limit is.

Vajra Fist will be able to learn the same way as the test boxing during the assessment, just practice it once.

Seeing Mo Fan’s insistence, the old man can’t say more, and said to the head.

“In this case, I will help you register, just wait for the registration to take effect, you this time Even if the free exchange opportunity is used up, the next time you come back, you will need to consume merit points. ”

Merit points are the hard currency of the university. In the future, many university benefits will require the consumption of merit points.

You can get a certain amount of merit points by completing the tasks arranged by the university.

Handyman Disciple completes the daily tasks and can also get merit points, but the points are a little less.

“Well, I have already decided, I will choose this martial skill. “Mo Fan is still firm.

The old man stopped talking, checked the code again, and after confirming that there was no problem, he started the operation on the computer in front of him.

After a while, The old man handed the USB flash drive back to Mo Fan and reminded him:

“The cultivation room on the left on the first floor, room 37, has a USB flash drive reading device and an audio and video playback device. You can start learning the martial skill.

“The time is four hours. After four hours, the room will sound an alarm. At this time, you need to take out the USB and exit the room, and wait until the second day.”

“Thanks a lot. Senior.” Mo Fan cup one fist in the other hand thanked, turned and walked towards the cultivation room.

Watching Mo Fan’s back disappear from sight, the old man couldn’t help shouting the head.

“I’m still too young, I wasted an exchange opportunity in vain, and after a few social beatings, I will know how to cherish it.”

Just when the old man sighed.

A tall, slender silhouette in a red dress walked over with a USB flash drive.

“Have you also chosen?” said the old man.

“I have chosen.” Xu Jing nodded.

“Give it to me.” The old man held out his hand.

“en.” Xu Jing nodded and handed over the USB.

The old man bowed his head, entered the code, and checked the information.

A moment later, his face darkened again, and he looked up at Xu Jing, saying ill-humoredly: “Why did you choose a martial skill with a five-star difficulty?”

The formidable power rating for this martial skill is 4 stars.

But the difficulty factor has reached five stars.

It is obvious that there is a very poor price-performance ratio.

“No, can’t you…” Xu Jing was stunned for a moment, then took a step back unconsciously, and suddenly became a little nervous.

Seeing this, the old man shook his head helplessly and explained patiently:

“It’s not impossible, but this martial skill is one of the most difficult cultivation skills in the Chuan Gong Building. One, the difficulty factor has reached five stars.

“And because of its flaws, its formidable power rating is not as good as other five-star martial skills, which are of low cost performance. . ”

The so-called defect is actually not durable.

It is really practiced, and the explosive power in a single round is no worse than any five-star martial skill.

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