Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 22

It happened to be lunch time when I left the Chuan Gong Building.

Mo Fan went to the cafeteria for a meal, and when he got home, it was already dark.

Sitting in a chair, Mo Fan took out his mobile phone and was about to make a call to tell his daughter that he was safe.

But before he could press the dial button, the phone rang.

The calling number is exactly that of my daughter, Mo Yingying.

“What a coincidence, is this the bond of bloodline?”

The mobile phone was bought from the shopping mall that day, and the card was also issued with the Mo Fan ID card on the same day.

Mo Fan smiled and pressed the button to connect the phone.

A beep.

Mo Yingying’s concerned voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Dad, how are you doing there? Have you settled down? When will you start working?”

Mo Fan laughed and replied: “It’s settled, colleague The leaders are all very good, the working environment is also good, the food in the cafeteria is delicious, and you start work tomorrow, so you don’t have to worry.”

“It’s all set, I’m fine at home, watch TV and go shopping. Go shopping, cultivate for a while when you are tired, and you don’t have to worry about me!” Mo Yingying said.

Mo Fan: “?”

Cultivation for a while when you are tired?

What does this say?


I don’t want to listen!

Mo Fan wants to hit people!

He worked so hard for cultivation, it was difficult even to bring spirits into the body!

Daughter casually cultivated, and her cultivation base has risen!

Helpless to hook the head, Mo Fan thought for a while, opened the mouth and said:

“It’s not a solution for you to stay at home all the time, or I’ll find a way to help you solve it. Is it a matter of identity, let you enter a repeating class or something?

“I will be able to take the college entrance examination next year, or the recruitment assessment of the three universities. “

Hearing this, Mo Yingying was taken aback and hurriedly said:

“Aiya, don’t worry about this!” I finally finished the exam and graduated, so I don’t want to go back and take the exam again! “

“Then you stay at home like this? “Mo Fan asked rhetorically.

“Isn’t it good to stay at home? Anyway, it will not delay me from becoming stronger. When I become invincible, I will go out to save the world, tear Spiritual God with my hands, and be admired by all people! “Mo Yingying said.

“You have read too many novels! “Mo Fan’s face twitched and he wanted to beat someone.

“Aiya, father, don’t be angry, I have my own life plan, don’t worry too much about me! “Mo Yingying loudly said.

“Then what is your life plan? After 30 years of watching dramas at home, I went out to tear Spiritual God? “Mo Fan rolled the eyes.

“father you underestimate me! Where would it take thirty years! In three years at most I will be invincible! “Mo Yingying said seriously.

Mo Fan: “…”

Toxic you!

took a deep breath, Mo Fan calmly said: “Ask About you, did your mother and I meet at Yuxu Academy? “

“It’s possible…” Mo Yingying said.

“What does it mean?” “Mo Fan frowned.

“Uh, I don’t know, wow, you never told me about mother, but you stayed at Yuxu Academy until you were 30 years old, where you met mother The probability is great! “

Hearing this, Mo Fan couldn’t help but be taken aback.

Have you been staying at Yuxu Academy?

It is really possible that it’s at Yuxu Academy I know…

But if you can give birth to a child with an invincible physique, the child’s mother is obviously not easy, at least impossible is just a handyman Disciple, right?

When will I become an inner sect disciple , after getting in touch with some Heaven’s Chosen, maybe you can meet…

Thinking of this, Mo Fan is inexplicably looking forward to it.

While Mo Fan was thinking, Mo Yingying The voice rang out.

“Stop talking! The news broadcast is over! The show I’m chasing is about to start! goodbye father! I’ll see you when I’m free in a few days! ”


There was a beep, and the call was hung up.

Watching the call was terminated on the screen, Mo Fan’s face was stunned. It’s dark.

My daughter, is she a little rebellious?



Blue Moon Community.

Mo Yingying hung up the phone and stared at the TV screen with anticipation, waiting for the TV series to start.

Soon, she seemed to think of something , reached out and grabbed from the sofa a finely crafted brocade bag with complex rust patterns.

As soon as the rope on the brocade bag was undone, a strong spiritual energy fluctuation came out.


Mo Yingying squinted and glanced inside the brocade bag, clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

“Amazing, worthy of being a B-Rank serial criminal, trifling Foundation Establishment 3rd- layer, you can have so much Spirit Stone savings——”

Mo Yingying smiled.

This bag of Spirit Stones was obtained from a B-Rank pass ten minutes ago. It was borrowed from the editor.

It’s a coincidence.

This kind of thing can happen to her.

I came back from the mall with Mo Fan yesterday. , she heard the radio that a B-Rank criminal had escaped to Jiangcheng Yunyun.

She didn’t care at that time.

Jiangcheng is so big.

I can’t be so lucky to be met by myself, right?

Then, after going downstairs and throwing garbage, she met her, and was almost kidnapped!

Fortunately, she awakened Divine Physique yesterday, and her cultivation base also broke through to the Foundation Establishment Realm. She has unparalleled combat power and raised her hand to suppress the bad guys.

To be on the safe side, she even used the physical amnesia method, She lifted a stone and hit the bad guy’s head a few times, making his head blossom!

She has carefully studied and practiced about this!

As long as the strength is controlled Well, if you use psychic energy to stimulate the related acupoints in the head, people will not die and will suffer from memory loss!

After doing this, she also quietly tied the bad guy under the street lamp to ensure that he could be caught enthusiastic citizens and When you find out, call the police or something.

While thinking about it, Mo Yingying flipped the brocade bag he got from “touching the corpse” in his hand.

“There are almost thirty Spirit Stones.

“It’s a pity that this thing is not easy to trade, or you will make a fortune.

“My own physique is very special, and I don’t need it-

“Forget it, I’ll send it to my father when I have time in a few days. He is still very weak now. With the assistance of Spirit Stone, cultivation should be able to improve a lot of efficiency. “

Speaking of this, Mo Yingying concentrates.

“Father also makes sense. Staying at home all the time is not a solution. When you get tired of watching the drama, it will be over… “

Holding her snow-white chin, Mo Yingying pondered seriously.

“The matter of identity is simple, the old grandfather should be able to help him that day.”

“But, do you really want to repeat a year and take another martial arts exam?

“Uh, I was almost led into a ditch by the father! “

Mo Yingying rolled the eyes, and said with a puffed face: “Wu Ke University has a strict age limit, it’s useless to repeat it, he wants me to go to the liberal arts university!”

“The liberal arts university or something…you can’t kill me!”

Mo Yingying shook his head like a rattle.

But soon, she got into trouble again.

“If you can’t go to Wuke University, then you can only apply for the Handyman Disciple of the three universities like your father?

“That’s boring, and you may not be able to apply for it.δΈŠεβ€”β€”

“It’s too difficult, isn’t it? Do you really have to stay at home to watch dramas? You have to stay home for 30 years to save the world?”

Mo Yingying looked at the sky speechlessly.

But soon, she seemed to think of something, and her eyes lit up.

“It seems to be possible!

“With my current strength, the chance of passing is very high!

“Very good, in a few days, wait until the culture base breakthrough to the Foundation Establishment 2nd layer, and then go and have a look, and send the Spirit Stone to the father by the way!”

Decided to Doing things, Mo Yingying is full of fighting spirit.

“It’s just time to try out my innate talent limit!”

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