Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 25

With doubts, Mo Fan walked towards the gate of Yuxu Academy.

His dormitory is not too far from the gate.

And after cultivation progress, he’s also a lot faster.

Walking fast, it only took ten minutes before Mo Fan came to the gate and saw his daughter Mo Yingying.


Mo Yingying saw Mo Fan and moved towards him with full of smiles.

β€œWhy are you here?” Mo Fan wondered.

“I came to see you. I haven’t seen you for so long. I miss you.” Mo Yingying said with a smile.

“Yeah, unconsciously half a month has passed.” Mo Fan nodded without thinking much.

This half a month is too full, as if it’s just a moment.

β€œHave you eaten yet?” Mo Fan looked at her daughter.

“No.” The daughter rubbed her stomach, she was indeed a little hungry.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to eat something delicious.” Mo Fan said with a smile.

“Okay, okay~” Mo Yingying’s eyes lit up, his eyes narrowed into crescents.

As an authentic foodie, she has never been resistant to food.

“Go, keep up.”

“Come here~”

Yuxu Academy allows relatives and friends to come to visit relatives.

Of course, the number and number of family visits per month should not be too large.

Going to the entrance, after registering the information, the two went straight to the cafeteria belonging to Lian Pill Hall, which is the one that Mo Fan frequents.

On the way.

Mo Fan noticed that Mo Yingying was very familiar with the road, and even walked straight ahead, without him leading the way.

β€œHave you been here before?” Mo Fan wondered.

Mo Yingying shook his head.

“Then why are you so skilled?” Mo Fan frowned.

“Just checked the map at the door,” explained Mo Yingying.

“Uhβ€”” Mo Fan scratched his head, but didn’t think much about it.

“father, where are we going to eat?”

“The cafeteria.” Mo Fan said.

“The cafeteria is so good, economical and affordable~” Mo Yingying said with a smile.

Mo Fan: “…”

How do you feel that this girl has hidden meaning?

But there’s nothing good about the Handyman House.

The area nearby is the best place to eat in the Pill Hall cafeteria.

And Mo Fan believes that the food in the Pill Hall canteen is no worse than the one in the 5-Star level hotel outside.


Not long after, the two came to the cafeteria belonging to Lian Pill Hall.

There are still ten minutes before get off work, there are fewer people, and it seems a little deserted.

The two found a place at random.

“You wait here, I’ll go get food.” Mo Fan said.

“Okay, I can eat whatever you want, I have the same taste as you~” Mo Yingying said with a smile.

<> “Okay.” Mo Fan nodded.

After a while, two exquisite lunches were brought over by Mo Fan.

“Hey, is the food in the cafeteria so exquisite?” Mo Yingying’s eyes lit up looking at the plate in Mo Fan’s hand.

“My God, is the cafeteria still carved? Isn’t that amazing?

“My God, is this Phoenix carved out of a carrot?

β€œIt’s too good-looking, isn’t it?!”

Mo Yingying was amazed.

β€œDon’t look around, try it?” Mo Fan smiled.

“Mmmm!” Mo Yingying nodded hard, couldn’t wait to pick up his chopsticks, grabbed a piece of stir-fried Yellow Ox meat, and ate it with a look of enjoyment.

Mo Fan put a piece of fat and thin Red Braised Pork in a bowl, scooped two spoonfuls of gravy into the rice, and stirred it a little.

Suddenly, the aroma of the rice mixed with the rich meat aroma, which made people move.

Mo Fan took a bite of the gravy rice, then took a bite of the Red Braised Pork, chewed it quickly, and looked satisfied.

After eating three pieces of meat in a row, Mo Fan slowed down and asked casually, “Why didn’t you come over and tell me in advance?”

“I came here on a whim,

p>Next, next time, next time!” Mo Yingying picked up a piece of fat cow, hu hu blew a few times, and said vaguely.

“Eat slowly, no one will grab you.” Mo Fan shook his head.

“Father is so delicious, this beef is so fresh and tender, it’s amazing!” Mo Yingying exaggerated and cooked quickly.

Mo Fan: “…”

“By the way, father, I have an ID card!” After almost eating, Mo Yingying took out a boxy ID certificate, reach out to Mo Fan.

“Huh?” Mo Fan was taken aback, took the ID card and looked at it seriously.

“Your ID photo is good.”

Even if it is an ID photo, even if it’s just plain makeup, Mo Yingying’s face value can still be played, fresh and refined, just like a fairy.

“Bihai District, Jiangcheng City, Jiang Prefecture–

“It’s a bit amazing, how did you do this? “

Mo Fan became a little curious.

Although the supervision of Blue Star is not as strict as that of the Celestial Dynasty, it is not easy for people who have no trace of the past to register.

And how long has it been?

Mo Yingying smiled proudly, and said mysteriously: “The mountain man has his own plan~”

Mo Fan lost his daughter One glance.

My daughter laughed and explained it briefly.

It turned out to be related to the last time I rescued the child from the traffickers.

The grandfather energy of the child It’s not weak, it can be said in Jiangcheng, and helping Mo Yingying to get an ID card is no effort at all.

In addition, the past few years have been relatively peaceful, Monster and Demon Races began to keep a low profile and no longer messing with things.

So the supervision in all aspects is not so strict.

“By the way, father, this is for you~” Mo Yingying took back his ID card, and then took out a The delicate pouch was handed to Mo Fan.

β€œWhat is this? “Mo Fan took over in confusion, untied the rope and looked inside.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look.

When I saw Mo Fan, I was startled.

Spirit Stone!

A whole bag of Spirit Stone!

Are you blind?

Soon, Mo Fan calmed down and quickly tied the bag Good.

“Where do so many Spirit Stones come from? “

“Pick it up~” Mo Yingying said.

“Don’t talk nonsense, be serious.” “Mo Fan’s face was dark, and his eyes flashed with worry and concern that he couldn’t hide.

Seeing this, Mo Yingying hurriedly lowered his head and confessed his mistake:

“It’s really a pick. Yes, a B-Rank wanted man fainted near the garbage dump in our neighborhood.

“I was afraid that he would catch cold on the ground, so I tied him to a telephone pole to bask in the moon.

“I found that he had a Spirit Stone on him, and I was afraid that he would never use it again after he went in. I picked it up and planned to spend it for him, otherwise it would be a pity…”

Mo Fan: “? ? ? “

You call this picking?!

“father, are you worried about me?” Mo Yingying’s eyes filled with a smile, and he continued.

“Haha, it’s alright, that gangster is very weak. When I raised my hand, he fainted from fright. He probably ran away.” I was beaten badly and turned into a frightened birdβ€””

While speaking, Mo Yingying patted his chest and said seriously:

“Father, you know me, I am so Witty, I will definitely not take risks~

“If there is danger, I will be the first to run away without turning back!

“Even if I pick it up, I will only pick it up. The kind that fell from the sky…”

Mo Fan: “…”

Hearing these words, Mo Fan’s expression softened a bit.

He also heard the radio in the taxi that day, and because of the sensitivity of the transmigrator, he checked the specific information after returning home.

It is indeed a B-Rank criminal.

He was indeed injured.

It looks like the cultivation base Foundation Establishment 2nd layer 3rd-layer.

Mo Fan once thought he would meet the fugitive.

But didn’t expect to be met by her daughter.

This plot is somewhat wrong?

But her daughter has an invincible physique to deal with enemies whose cultivation base is similar to her own realm Still no pressure.

Actually Mo Fan is not really angry, just a little worried about his daughter.

Before fighting traffickers alone.

Now starting the wire It’s a crime to tie it to the pole.

Would you like to go to the Eastern Sea to slay dragons in the future?

Thinking about this, Mo Fan glared at his daughter and handed over the Spirit Stone Go back.

“Spirit Stone, keep it for yourself, and cultivate well. “

“Aiya father, it’s not like you don’t know, I’m a special physique, so I don’t need to absorb Spirit Stone cultivation at all!”

“Don’t talk about absorbing the Spirit Stone! I can get stronger quickly when I lie at home motionless every day! It won’t take a few years to be invincible~”

Mo Yingying shoved the Spirit Stone back into Mo Fan’s hand.


Mo Fan was a little stunned.


It seems…

It seems…

Is that the case?

It can only be said…Invincible physique is too perverted!

As if afraid of Mo Fan’s disbelief, Mo Yingying released his breath a little and said with a smile:

“Look, I have Foundation Establishment 2nd layer, isn’t it soon? ~”

Mo Fan: “??!”

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