Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 26

After dinner, Mo Fan plans to take his daughter around.

Although there are no entertainment facilities in Yuxu Academy.

But the scenery is always beautiful.

The blue sky is like a wash, and occasionally sparkles are scattered.

That was someone fighting at high altitude.

The Inner Sect buildings are obscured by clouds and mist all the year round, making Immortal Qi appear insignificant, like Immortal Palace.

The Jade Void Peak, with its five-color lightning, seems to be a place where the avenues are intertwined. As long as you reach the top of the peak, you can feather and soar.

There is also Dawnbreak Peak, which is shrouded in red clouds in the morning and evening.

When the sun rises, the Rising-Sun Peak of golden light will burst out all over the body.

And the Immortal Crane swarming through the air.

Of course, the most pleasing to the eyes are those beautiful Senior Sisters who are walking on the Flying Sword and have a graceful figure.

After taking her daughter to see the Immortal Realm from afar, Mo Fan is ready to send her back.

β€œI can only look at it from a distance now. When I’m famous in the university, I’ll take you over to watch it and catch some Immortal Crane for you to bake.” Mo Fan laughed.

“Father, if you catch Immortal Crane, you will be killed by Sect Master, right?” Although he was complaining, Mo Yingying’s eyes were full of joy.

Soon, Mo Fan seemed to have thought of something, his expression froze slightly, and he frowned and said, “Did I show you this in the future?”

Mo Ying said with a smile: “I saw it, but I was young at that time, so I can’t remember it~”

“That’s good.” Mo Fan relaxed.

Fortunately I don’t remember, otherwise it would be too embarrassing!

“It’s almost time, I’ll take you out now.

“It just happened that the identity matter has been resolved, and I’ll take you to Jiangcheng No.1 Middle School after the holiday.

“Let’s see if I can sign up for a repeat class or something, but unfortunately the distance is too far to pick you up from school or something.”

Mo Yingying: “…”


Why does it feel like sending children to kindergarten?

“Father, you don’t need to worry about going to school, I’m eighteen years old, and I have my own plans~”

hearing this, Mo Fan was stunned, and immediately nodded .

Yes, my daughter is an adult!

I’m a new adult…

So, what’s it like to have a daughter who is the same age as you?

“Well, when the time comes we will discuss the matter of going to school.

“As long as you show a little bit of innate talent, the major martial arts universities will be rushing to ask for it. It doesn’t matter what the age limit is, those are for the ordinary person.

“Of course, if you don’t like Wu Ke University, you can also apply for the recruitment assessment of the three universities.”

The three universities, in fact, including Yuxu University, The ancient sect has been inherited for thousands of years.

In addition to the three-yearly handyman Disciple recruiting new assessment.

In fact, the three universities will recruit new students every year, and the assessment time is the same as the college entrance examination time.

The difference is that the three colleges have to take the pre-examination first. After screening at various levels, a group of qualified candidates are left, and they are concentrated in the colleges for assessment on the day of the college entrance examination.

And the three universities are much more difficult to take exams than Wuke University.

Even those geniuses who can go to Peak Wuke University do not dare to say that they will definitely pass the examinations of the three universities.

Of course, geniuses like Mo Yingying, who are beyond common sense, are rushing for them wherever they go.

“You don’t need to send it, you can go back to work, I know the way, I can go back by myself, and by the way, I can go around again~” Mo Yingying waved his hand and refused.

Hearing this, Mo Fan thought for a moment and then nodded:

“You can go back by yourself, just don’t run around, don’t go to some places you can’t go, or the array will be triggered. Ah, the ban or something is dangerous.”

“I know, I won’t run around, you can go to work~” Mo Yingying replied with a smile.

“Well, then I’ll go.” Mo Fan.


after waving his hand, he turned and walked towards the Spirit Medicine Garden.

“Father bye!” Mo Yingying said.

“Goodbye.” Mo Fan waved.

“Remember to go home early after the monthly holiday, when the time comes I will give you another surprise~” Mo Yingying said again.

At this time, Mo Fan had gone far and did not hear this sentence.

After watching Mo Fan’s back disappear gradually, Mo Yingying turned around, checked the direction, and moved towards the Kao Gong Hall.


The other side.

Mo Fan, who was walking on the road, seemed to have thought of something. He quickly took out the brocade bag and put it in the system space without any hesitation.

Then he used consciousness to connect the system space and absorbed the Spirit Stone in the brocade bag.

Then he took a look at his attribute panel.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Body Tempering 3rd-layer (+)]

[cultivation technique: Basic Body Tempering Technique]

[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Body Tempering Volume]

[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

[Available attribute points: 31]

With the remaining point, the available attribute points have reached as many as 31 points.

Mo Fan groaned at the huge amount of available attribute points.

“With so many attribute points, can you add at least two, or even three times?

“But don’t rush to add more points, and I’ll talk about it when I get back from get off work. ”

After regaining his composure, Mo Fan cut off the connection with the attribute panel and went on his way seriously.

After a few steps, Mo Fan met Xu Jing.

“Good afternoon, are you going to work? “Mo Fan greeted politely.

“Um…” Xu Jing pursed her lips in response, looking a little unnatural.

Mo Fan didn’t think much about it, Walk side by side with her and walk towards the Spirit Medicine Garden together.

No words all the way.

Mo Fan noticed Xu Jing bowing her head and following behind her, pursing her lips, saying No, it seems to have something on her mind.

“What’s wrong with this girl? “

Mo Fan was curious and stopped suddenly.

Then with a clatter, Xu Jing directly hit his broad back.

” Yes, I’m sorry…” Xu Jing covered her forehead and quickly apologized.

“Did something happen to you, why are you absent-minded? “Mo Fan asked, turning his head.

“No, it’s all right.” “Xu Jing shook the head and remained silent.

Seeing this, Mo Fan was helpless and didn’t ask any more questions.

“It’s almost time, hurry up. “

“Okay…” Xu Jing quickly followed.

However, before taking a few steps, Xu Jing suddenly said: “Mo, Mo Fan…”

“What’s the matter? “Mo Fan turned his head to look at her again.

Xu Jing startled, looked nervous, and said in a voice like a mosquito: “Then, that girl…”

She hasn’t said it yet After that, Mo Fan was stunned for a moment, and understood in an instant.

This girl probably saw him walking with Mo Yingying.

“That’s my daughter, how about that? Do you follow me? “Mo Fan said proudly.

Hearing this, Xu Jing was stunned for a few seconds, and after a while, he said, “Follow, follow what? “

“Follow me.” “Mo Fan repeats.

“What, what? “Xu Jing was stunned.

“Uh, just like me, good-looking. “Mo Fan explained.

Xu Jing was stunned again, then raised her head slightly, looked at Mo Fan’s handsome face, and finally seriously nodded: “Well, follow. “

Seeing this, Mo Fan was in a good mood and grinned: “I have vision, I will invite you to dinner after work. “

After finishing speaking, Mo Fan turned around and walked away, picking up his pace: “There are 3 minutes left, run!” “

Xu Jing: “? “

Xu Jing froze in place.

Isn’t the meal free?

Also, the girl in the white skirt…

Is it Mo Fan…’s daughter?

Uh, no…I’m going to be late!

Xu Jing took a deep breath and quickened her pace.

 … …

The other side.

The exam hall.

β€œI have explained to you the dangers of each, and you are sure to accept the trial. task? “

Liu Deacon of Kao Gong Tang looked at the unbelievably beautiful girl in front of him in disbelief.

“As long as I complete the trial task, I can get Qualifying for the Trial Pagoda? “Mo Yingying asked.

“It’s true. “Liu deacon nods.

“Then I’m sure. ” said Mo Yingying.

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