Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 27

Yuxu University.

Handyman House.

Because of the morning off.

Mo Fan was absent from today’s training session.

He didn’t care about that.

Because he read the training materials, it doesn’t matter if he listens or not.

In fact, he had already read through the entire set of materials that he had sent out a few days ago, and he was able to recite it back and forth, even Full Mastery.

Although the former Mo Fan had a good memory, he couldn’t remember it.

This symptom occurs after absorbing pendant.

Mo Fan suspects that all or some aspects of himself have been greatly strengthened by pendant.

After he finished the training materials, it was undoubtedly tormented to go to Liu Ji’an’s lecture.

It’s like, you already know the ninety-nine multiplication table.

And the teacher is still talking to you about the difficulty of one plus one equals two.

Don’t be too uncomfortable!

So when it was time for training, Mo Fan was so bored that he wanted to lie down.

“It’s great that I don’t have to take the training class todayβ€””

Walking into the Spirit Medicine Garden, Mo Fan elated thought.

But at this moment, Liu Ji’an came over coldly and said expressionlessly.

“Mo Fan, come with this old man.” After speaking, Liu Ji’an turned around and left.

Mo Fan: “?”

What happened?

Why do I have a bad feeling?

At the same time, Xu Jing arrived just in time, gasping for breath:

“Mo, Mo Fan, Deacon Liu said in the morning that they would give you a supplementary lesson, but I forgot to tell you. …”

Hearing this, Mo Fan was instantly struck by lightning, looking up at the sky, tears streaming down his face, and froze in place with a painful expression on his face.

What a sinβ€”

He stomped.

“What’s the matter? Why don’t you come over quickly? I have something to deal with later.” Seeing that Mo Fan was still, Liu Ji’an stopped, turned around, said with displeasure on his face.

“Come on!” Mo Fan hurriedly followed.

“What were you thinking just now?” Liu Ji’an asked suspiciously.

“I was just thinking about the knowledge points you gave us two days ago! It’s too difficult! I can’t figure it out!” Mo Fan said with a painful expression.

Seeing this, Liu Ji’an startled, couldn’t help being moved, and patted Mo Fan’s shoulder kindly and said:

“It’s okay, if you have any questions in the future, just ask the old man directly, don’t be blind yourself. Thinking is a waste of time.”

Mo Fan: “???”

What’s up with this old man?

Not only do you make up lessons for yourself for no reason.

Would you like to tutor yourself alone and open a small stove for yourself?

Mo Fan was stunned, inexplicably a little scared.

Seeing this, Liu Ji’an shook his head and explained:

“Among these people, you are the most perceptive, and there is hope to become a real Pill Refinement Master in the future. The old man will take care of you. , is also understandable.”

Hearing this, Mo Fan sighed in relief and quickly followed Liu Ji’an’s pace.

But you… seem to be appreciated by Liu Ji’an?

In this way, if we want to go through pill concocting in the future, does it mean that there is another way?

Thinking of this, Mo Fan felt refreshed and more energetic.

What if you were more talented?

Will this guy be accepted as Disciple?

If this is the case, wouldn’t it be possible to be promoted from handyman Disciple to inner sect disciple at once?

Thinking of this, Mo Fan was a little overjoyed.

He thought he could try it!

But this can’t be rushed.

You have to take your time.

The training period is half a year.

At present, I am teaching some basic courses such as identifying spiritual medicine and being familiar with the habits of spiritual medicine.

The purpose is to let these people weed, fertilize and water spiritual medicine better in the process of work.

From only taking care of the lowest-level spiritual medicine, it has gradually evolved to be able to take care of some high-level spiritual medicine.

High grade spirit medicine is basically grown alone.

Apart from this, in order to ensure the normal growth of spiritual medicine, it is also necessary to use technology and arrays to simulate the most suitable environment for the growth of spiritual medicine.

Generally speaking, spiritual medicine is actually a very complicated subject.

Of course, as far as Mo Fan’s current learning is concerned, there is no technical content, just a little better memory.

At this time, no matter how outstanding the performance is, it will not make a Transcendent Inner Sect deacon directly accept it as a Disciple.

Mo Fan estimates that if he wants to really get into Liu Ji’an’s eyes, he has to wait at least until the second stage or even the third stage of training.

At that time, some theoretical knowledge of Pill Dao will be involved, and it is the time to really test the innate talent.

While thinking about it, Mo Fan followed Liu Ji’an slowly away.


Other colleagues have a look of lemon and envy.

“It’s so sour, when will I be as good as Mo Fan?”

“Yeah, it’s only half a month, and he has already been seen by Deacon Liu in a different light. I’ve made up lessons alone…”

“You said, is Mo Fan the illegal child of Deacon Liu? This is too outrageous…”

“Fuck! Don’t talk nonsense! If Deacon Liu hears it! Be careful to be beaten to death!”

“That’s right, stop talking nonsense, can’t you see it? Every time Liu Zhi asks questions by name, we crooked The melons and jujubes are all hesitant and unable to answer.

“Only Mo Fan can give a complete and correct answer every time he is called, without any hesitation! “

“Yes, yes, I also noticed that Mo Fan is so good, if I were Deacon Liu, I would also give him a small stove!” “It was Xu Jing who said this, speaking very fast and loud.

When she was nervous, she would stop stammering.

Of course, her pretty face turned red. , bowed his head and pretended to be an ostrich.

Just when Xu Jing said this, everyone was stunned, involuntarily nodded.

“I have to say, Mo Fan is really good, He is the most promising Pill Refinement Master among us——”


Teaching + self-study.

Mo Fan seems to have spent time He had a long life.

When the time came, he rushed out of the training room, moved towards the cafeteria and ran away.

Dawnbreak Peak turned red as the sun set, and the glow of the sky turned red. The clouds stretch for thousands of miles, and the entire Yuxu Academy seems to be dyed red by the rays of the sun.

“Today’s Dawnbreak Peak is too beautiful, right? “Mo Fan can’t help but sigh when he came out of the cafeteria.

If only mobile phones in this era could take pictures.

There must be a bunch of people cracking crazy against the sky at the moment. I can’t stop taking pictures.

It’s so beautiful, just like Human World Immortal Realm.

“Well, it’s so beautiful…” Xu Jing stared blankly at the horizon, full of joy and bright eyes Reflecting the red glow of the sky.

After watching for a while, the red glow began to dissipate, and the number of people who stopped to watch gradually decreased.

“The sunset has begun to darken, and it will be dark in a while. Well, let’s go back. “Mo Fan smiled and said.

“Hmm, fine. “Xu Jing looked away and quickly followed Mo Fan’s footsteps.

As neighbors.

The two often commute to get off work together, eat together, and gradually became familiar with each other.

Xu Jing is Mo Fan’s first friend in Yuxu Academy.

While walking, Mo Fan seemed to think of something, said curiously:

“Why haven’t I seen you going to the Chuan Gong Building to practice swords recently? “

“Learn, learned…” Xu Jing whispered.

“Huh? Mo Fan was stunned for a moment, and said with some uncertainty:

“The Jueying Sword Art you chose seems to be a five-star martial skill, right?” “

Mo Fan remembers that Xu Jingxuan’s Sword Art is only slightly worse than the Vajra Fist he chose. It is a martial skill with a five-star difficulty factor and a four-and-a-half-star formidable power.

Five-star sword art.

It is normal to practice for a year or two before getting started.

How could this guy learn so quickly?

is it possible that is sword dao genius?

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