Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 3

Out the door, Mo Fan called a taxi.

Yuxu Academy is located in the mountains 60 kilometers away from Jiangcheng. The road is not easy to walk. It takes an hour and a half to get there.

In taxis.

Mo Fan closed his eyes and focused on the attribute panel.

[Name: Mo Fan ]

[cultivation base: Body Tempering 1st (+)]

[cultivation technique: Basic Body Tempering Technique]

[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

[Available attribute points: 2]

The cultivation base is still the first level of Body Tempering.

The available attribute points have changed from 0 to 2.

These two attribute points were obtained by Mo Fan before going to bed last night.

At that time, he cooperated with Appraisal Technique to identify all the valuable things in the family.

Perhaps it was because of the success of Body Tempering and the strength of the spirit. Last night, Mo Fan checked for twenty or thirty times before he felt dizzy.

In the end, he found that when identifying the Spirit Stone, in addition to the general introduction information, a selection prompt will pop up on the virtual panel.

[Found low grade Spirit Stone *2, which can be absorbed and converted into attribute points, is it absorbed? ]

Mo Fan decisively chose Yes, then his eyebrows became hot, the two Spirit Stones were instantly disappeared, and there were two more attribute points on the attribute panel.

One Spirit Stone corresponds to one attribute point.

Speaking of which, those two Spirit Stones that were absorbed were also given to him by the school when Mo Fan cultivated the basic Body Tempering tactic.

It’s a pity that he has not been able to successfully lead the spirit into the body, and the Spirit Stone has not been used, and it has been preserved until now.

Maybe because of physique, although his Cultivation innate talent is poor, his perception is decent.

According to the regulations, in the first year of high school, the school will teach the basic Body Tempering tactics and officially embark on the cultivation path.

Normally speaking, innate talent is very good if you can take the basic Body Tempering cultivation to the entry level within a month.

If you can start the basic Body Tempering cultivation within a week, you can be called a genius.

As for Mo Fan, he got started in just one day, which frightened Principal.

For this reason, the Principal made the decision, and the unprecedented reward gave him two Spirit Stones, expecting his triumphant progress, to shine in the Martial Arts college entrance examination, to be admitted to a super-class martial arts university, and to win glory for the school.

However, I had been looking forward to this expectation for two years. In the end, the college entrance examination passed, and Mo Fan was not able to succeed in Body Tempering. He was not even qualified to register for the Martial Arts college entrance examination.

At graduation, the Principal looked at him strangely.

Mo Fan thought that the old man might want to return the two Spirit Stones, so he sneaked away before the graduation ceremony was over.

After graduation, in order to continue pursuing Martial Arts, Mo Fan went through all kinds of difficulties and finally let him apply for the entry test of the Handyman Disciple of Yuxu University, and passed the first test.

While thinking, Mo Fan concentrated on the column of cultivation base and tried to “click” the plus sign in parentheses.

The attribute panel flashes and a prompt appears behind the cultivation base column.

[cultivation base: Body Tempering 1st (+) (2/3)]

It means that the next upgrade requires three attribute points, and Mo Fan is still one short of it.

Spirit Stone is hard to come by. It is a very important strategically scarce resource. It is strictly controlled by the government, and trading is prohibited. Even money can’t buy it.

However, as the Ancient Sect of inheritance so far, Yuxu Academy is still qualified to reserve Spirit Stone.

In addition, Yuxu Academy is very generous, even the handyman Disciple can receive a certain amount of Spirit Stone as a Cultivation subsidy in addition to the monthly salary.

More importantly, as long as he is good enough, handyman Disciple can also be promoted.

As long as you are good enough, you can be promoted all the way to Inner Sect.

When you are promoted to inner sect disciple, there will naturally be more ways to obtain Spirit Stone.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan laughed and felt that he was too wise to choose Yuxu University.

If you are like other people who failed the list,

choose to go to the martial arts hall to continue Cultivation, it is estimated that you will not be able to touch Spirit Stone in your life.

While thinking about it, Mo Fan stumbled to sleep.

When he woke up, the taxi just stopped.

“The pretty boy is here, it’s 220 yuan in total, cash or credit card?”

Mo Fan quickly took out two hundred and two ten yuan from his pocket and handed them over Waiting for the opportunity, he waved his big hand and said, “Don’t look for it!”

The driver looked at the handsome boy who rushed to the door, and then looked at the 220 yuan in cash in his hand, with a confused expression on his face.

“Did I say it wrong?

“Or did he hear it wrong? “


After getting off the car and walking east for five or six minutes, Mo Fan saw the gate of Yuxu Academy.

There is an ancient plaque on the huge stone arch, which is engraved with four vigorous and powerful characters: Yuxu Academy.

Behind the mountain gate, there is a complex of buildings hidden in the clouds, which looks like Immortal Qi lingered around and was very mysterious.

Concentrated, Mo Fan stepped inside.

After a few steps, he was stopped by a middle age person wearing azure clothes .

Explain the purpose of the visit, and after showing the proof, Mo Fan got a map.

“Follow the map, don’t run around. “The middle age person reminded.

“Okay! “Mo Fan laughed and stepped into Yuxu Academy.

As the martial arts sect of inheritance, Yuxu Academy still follows the ancient system, whether it is the construction of pavilions and pavilions, or the overall layout of the sect, it is a few The style of a hundred years ago.

Even even the sect disciple wears ancient costumes.

This makes Mo Fan feel a little out of place.

After walking through the gate, Mo Fan felt a psychic power of assaults the senses, and he couldn’t help but take a deep breath, and immediately felt that the air was sweet.

“As expected of inheritance so far The martial arts sect, this psionic concentration is simply unbelievable. “

However, as soon as his voice fell, a surprised voice sounded from behind.

“Can you perceive the intensity of psionic energy?” “

Mo Fan turned around, and immediately saw a girl with a high ponytail, wearing a white training suit, with a beautiful face, youthful beauty, and straight curves.

” Can’t you feel it? “Mo Fan is puzzled.

“I can’t perceive it, it seems to be similar to the outside…” The girl scratched her head awkwardly.

“Maybe I am special?” “Mo Fan is also puzzled.

“It’s possible! “The girl was nodded with seriousness, looked towards Mo Fan earnestly, thinking that Yuxu Academy is really unusual, such excellent people are willing to come to be a handyman Disciple!

I can perceive the intensity of psionic energy. The difference, this kind of person must be a genius!

Not to mention a super-first-class martial arts university, a first-class martial arts university is definitely no problem!

“You also came to take the entry test? “Mo Fan diverted the topic.

He thinks that the reason for this may be that the jade stone pendant was absorbed last night, and the physique was quietly changed.

” Uh-huh! “The girl’s eyes glowed, and she hurriedly nodded.

“Then let’s go, the time will come. “Mo Fan laughed, glanced at the map, turned around and left.

“Ai, you wait for meβ€”” The girl quickly followed.

Ten minutes later, the two came When we arrived at the destination, there was a wide square paved with marble, about 2,000 square meters.

At this time, a lot of people had gathered in the square, talking in small groups.

β€œ What do you think of the psionic concentration here? “The girl with the high ponytail approached Mo Fan and lowered her head in a low voice.

“It’s more intense than the gate. “Mo Fan said truthfully.

Hearing this, the girl looked overjoyed and said with a longing look.

“It seems that the rumor is true, Yuxu Academy has a Spirit Gathering Array. It is close to the center of the school, the higher the concentration of psionic energy, it is rumored that the concentration of psionic energy at the core of the school is even more than ten times that of the outside world! ”

Hearing this, Mo Fan subconsciously looked up into the depths of the mountain gate, and suddenly a cloud came into view.

I don’t know if it was an illusion, Mo Fan was in the cloud and mist. He seemed to see wisps of rays of different colors, which were as bright as fireworks.

But when he looked at it carefully, the rays of sunshine disappeared again, as if they had never appeared.

Jade Xuxu Academy is really good, and its strength is no less than those of the top Martial Arts universities.

Mo Fan feels that it would be a good thing if he can be promoted to the inner sect disciple of Yuxu Academy in the future.

“What’s your name, how much does Body Tempering weigh now? Mawei looked at Mo Fan with a smile, wanting to inquire about his truth.

Mo Fan glanced at her and said, “What’s your name, what is your cultivation base?” “

“My name is Lin Yiyi, I’m 18 years old, Body Tempering 3rd-layer, and I come from Los Angeles, thousands of kilometers away.” “The ponytail girl said generously.

“My name is Mo Fan, also eighteen, Body Tempering Yizhong, a native of Jiangcheng. “Mo Fan said.

Hearing this, Lin Yiyi widened his eyes and his head was full of question marks.

This guy…a liar, right?!

This age is still the first level of Body Tempering, can’t even pass the first test three months ago?

While Lin Yiyi was surprised, Mo Fan also glanced at her curiously concentrated one’s mind.

【Lin Yiyi, 24 years old, Foundation Establishment 3rd-layer, from Jincheng.】

Mo Fan: “? ? ? “

(Ps.cultivation base level: Body Tempering, Innate, Foundation Establishment, Transcendent, Destiny, Return to Origin.)

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