Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 30

“It’s a holiday!”

Mo Fan dropped his hoe and ran.

He didn’t even bother to eat, so he went back to the dormitory, simply packed his things and went out.

But at this moment, the phone in his pocket vibrated.

The call was from my daughter Mo Yingying.

“Girl, are you home now?

Without waiting for her daughter’s answer, Mo Fan said:

“I’m on vacation, I’ll be home in at most two hours. , remember to cook the rice first. “

However, there was no response for a while after saying this.

A moment later, Mo Yingying’s somewhat guilty voice came.

“Dad, Discuss something with you-“

“What? Mo Fan had a bad premonition, and his expression became serious.

There was a long silence on the phone: “I can’t go back for the time being…”

What’s the matter? “Mo Fan’s face sank, and his eyes were full of worry.

“Dad, nothing happened, it’s just that I ran too far and won’t be able to go back for a while…”

Hearing this, Mo Fan was a little relaxed.

“When will I be back, it’s okay to be a day or two later. “Mo Fan said.

“Uh, it will probably take a while…”

“en? What do you mean by a period of time?” “Mo Fan’s face is black.

“Don’t be angry, Dad, it’s been a long time since I came out to play. I accidentally ran away. There’s a monster beast going on at the moment. It’s not safe to go back, so I plan to do it again. A few days…”

“You went outside the defense line? “Mo Fan’s face turned darker, and he almost pinched the luggage handle.

“I’m in the defense line now, but not at the Jiangnan base…”

“You Did you go to other bases? “Mo Fan’s face turned green.

The little girl’s family, how could she run so far?!

This is too dangerous!

If you encounter Fierce demon, I don’t know how to die!

“Aiya, it’s okay dad, I’m already a Foundation Establishment 3rd-layer Martial Artist now, can protect myself…”


“Foundation Establishment 3rd-layer? What happened to the Foundation Establishment 3rd-layer? Not to mention the Foundation Establishment 3rd-layer, even the Transcendent 3rd-layer dare not run around! “Mo Fan is a little angry.

This girl is not worried at all.

This is not a Martial Arts expert yet.

Dare to run around

But this innate talent is really scary enough.

It was the Foundation Establishment 2nd layer ten days ago.

Breakthrough again?

At this rate.

Are you invincible in a few years?

“Don’t worry, Dad, I’m not running around, most of the time Inside the base, even if you go out occasionally, you will only be near the base, you won’t run around…”

“It’s not safe near the base, there are demons outside, hurry up and come back to me, Come back as soon as the beast swarm is over! “Mo Fan said in a commanding tone.

“Okay, I will go back as soon as possible, father, don’t worry, I will protect myself. “

Mo Fan: “…”

We chatted casually for a while.

After confirming that his daughter was not in danger outside, Mo Fan hung up the phone .

“This child has a wild temperament and doesn’t follow me at all. “Mo Fan shook the head.

My daughter has grown up and it’s hard to handle it.

“It’s better to send him to school to save his mind. “

Mo Fan is determined to pay attention.

Wait for her daughter to come back.

He will go back when he asks for leave.

This girl must be Go to school!

Mo Fan vomited one mouthful of impure air, put down the suitcase, and walked towards the cafeteria.

Since her daughter hasn’t come home yet.

It doesn’t make any sense for him to go back.

It’s better to stay in the university and have a good cultivation.

Or think of a way to see if you can earn Spirit Stone.


In the following days, Mo Fan devoted himself to cultivation.

Although his cultivation base is progressing slowly,

he has developed cultivation skills over the years. Habit.

Even if the effect is poor.

As long as there is nothing else.

He will still focus on cultivation.


Four days passed in a blink of an eye.

This evening, Mo Fan finished his cultivation, he simply washed himself and went to bed.

The mobile phone in this world is no fun Yes.

Mo Fan slept almost at noon.

Special regularity, the quality of sleep is also quite good, rarely dreaming, all sleep on one foot until big It was dawn.

However, tonight, he was woken up by a fright.

It was him, he had a nightmare.

He dreamed that he was being surrounded by a blood-red A long skirt and a bloody-faced female ghost chased.

Running, he accidentally tripped and fell to the ground.

Just as the female ghost pounced on him, While preparing for that, Mo Fan woke up.

“Damn it—

“It’s scary!

“It’s almost a no-brainer! “

Mo Fan’s heart throbbed, and his heart was beating wildly.

“Is this dream too real?” You can really feel the chill on the female ghost! The details are so simple! Gan! “

Mo Fan’s face turned green.

“Could it be that after becoming a Martial Artist, the spirit strength was too strong, making the dream extraordinarily real?

“But, why dream for no reason?”

Mo Fan was puzzled.

The Martial Artist is in good physical condition.

The quality of sleep was also good.

Even if you have a dream, you won’t have a nightmare, the kind you just forget when you wake up in the morning.

But now…

Perhaps this dream consumed too much energy, Mo Fan just thought about it for a while, then felt sleepy, yawned repeatedly, and his eyelids were sticking. It’s like glue, and it can’t be opened.

“No, I’m too tired, go to sleep!”

took a deep breath, Mo Fan pulled the quilt over his head, and abandoned his distracting thoughts.


second day Early in the morning, Mo Fan got up with two pandas on his back.

“Damn it, what the hell—”

Looking at himself in the mirror, Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

“Why is it the same as smoking opium?”

After washing her face with cold water, she forced herself up, Mo Fan changed clothes and went to work.

As soon as he went out, he saw Xu Jing again.

After saying hello, the two walked towards the cafeteria together.

“You, you today…” Xu Jing hesitated.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Fan wondered.

“No, no spirit—” Xu Jing said.

“Uh, didn’t sleep well.” Mo Fan shook his head.

“Oh…” Xu Jing nodded and didn’t ask much.

“By the way, why haven’t I seen you during the past few days during the holidays?” Mo Fan looked at Xu Jing in confusion.

During the four days of vacation, he didn’t even see Xu Jing once.

“No, I didn’t go out…” Xu Jing whispered.

Mo Fan: “…”

“Stayed at home cultivated for four days?” Mo Fan covered his forehead.

“Well…” Xu Jing nodded.

“Don’t eat rice?”

“Bought, bought bread.”

Mo Fan: “…”

Is this girl too curly?


Not long after, the two came to the Spirit Medicine Garden.

Liu Ji’an has come back and went to the Spirit Medicine Garden specially to inform him that he will be training as usual today.

apart from this, he also brought over a newcomer.

“This is your new Junior Sister. Get along well in the future.

“Also, class starts in five minutes. “

Leave a sentence, Liu Ji’an left.

Everyone stared blankly at “Little Junior Sister” who was left in place.

Suddenly someone joined the training of Pill Hall in the middle of the road. It was the first time they heard about this kind of thing, and it was the first time they saw it.

Mo Fan also looked at the so-called Little Junior Sister with a confused expression.

He felt dazzled and even lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

【Lin Yiyi, 24 years old, Handyman Disciple of Yuxu University, Foundation Establishment 3rd-layer, from Jincheng .]

Mo Fan: “? ? ? “

How did she get transferred to Pill Hall?!

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