Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 34

“With the help of Golden Body Art, passing the promotion assessment is just like playing!” Mo Fan was delighted.

Although not earning Spirit Stone.

But with the help of Golden Body Art, combined with Vajra Fist’s domineering attack power.

Even if he only has the Body Tempering 5th layer cultivation base, he can still pass the outer sect promotion assessment.

“When you become proficient in Golden Body Art, apply for a promotion assessment!

“When you reach the outer sect, there are more ways to make money in Spirit Stone, and you don’t have to go to work, there is time!

“Even using the Appraisal Technique has a much greater chance of picking up leaks!

“By then, sea is broad enough for fish to leap about, sky is high enough for a bird to fly through ! โ€

While thinking, Mo Fan gathered his energy, connected the virtual panel, and checked his attribute panel.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base] : Body Tempering 5th layer (+)]

[cultivation technique: Basic Body Tempering Technique]

[martial skill: Vajra Fist ใƒปBody Tempering Volume, Golden Body Art (Beginner)]

[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

[Available attribute points: 13]

Nothing else has changed much.

There is a Golden Body Art in the martial skill column, followed by a bracket, marking the word “Beginning”.

“Is it just Beginning? “

Looking at his attribute panel, Mo Fan looked thoughtful.

Before, whether it was learning the basic Body Tempering technique, learning the nameless boxing, or learning Vajra Fist.

Mo Fan can fully comprehend all at once, and directly reach a very high level, which is more proficient than the ten or twenty years of ordinary person cultivation.

But the current Golden Body Art…

He is just getting started.

The difficulty of comprehending Golden Body Art is evident.

Of course, even if Mo Fan fully comprehended Golden Body Art, he will I can’t use it.

No way, my own cultivation base is too weak.

I can’t support such a high level of martial skill.

Wait for the cultivation base to improve slowly , Mo Fan can really burst out the power belonging to Golden Body Art.

Golden Body Art has a total of Twelfth Layer.

Cultivation to the highest realm can derive Colored Glaze Golden Body. Indestructible.

According to the description, the Colored Glaze Golden Body is terrifying and boundless, and in its extreme state, it can even be as huge as a star, possessing the strongest power.

At that time, a slap is taken and the blue The star is probably about to collapse.

The description of the Colored Glaze Golden Body came to mind, Mo Fan could not help slightly frowned.

โ€œBlue Star really has such a terrifying combat power. What? “

The answer is no.

As far as Mo Fan knows.

Bluestar’s ceiling is Return to Origin Realm.

However, even in Return to Origin Peak, the power of a single blow is at most equivalent to the destructive power caused by the simultaneous explosion of ten or so nuclear bombs.

You must know that the area of Blue Star is larger than that of Earth. It is hundreds of times bigger, and because of its spiritual energy, various substances are stronger.

So, even if all the Return to Origin Realm powerhouses on the Blue Star are united, they will not be able to destroy the Blue Star.

Don’t talk about Blue Star, this level of attack, even a much smaller Earth can’t be destroyed.

And Golden Body Art, cultivation to high realm, is It can smash the blue star into pieces with one palm.

It’s so scary that it’s unreal, like reading a fantasy novel.

“It seems that this Golden Body Art is better than the so-called peerless mystery. The chapters are much strongerโ€””

Mo Fan understood.

The reason why Blue Star’s Peerless Secret Chapter is a Peerless Chapter.

It is because of this The realm is called the Peerless Secret.

The reason why the Golden Body Art is also the Peerless Secret is because the ceiling of the Blue Star martial skill has only this rank.

Obviously, the Golden Body Art Obviously, it is not comparable to the normal peerless mystery.

“So, how did this thing come about?

“Foreign Domain Civilization?

“Or from the unknown Far Ancient Era? โ€

Mo Fan has no way of knowing what was going on.

After performing the Golden Body Art, Mo Fan felt exhausted physically and mentally, and

simply washed and went to bed Going to bed.

“This martial skill is too strong, so don’t use it casually, forcibly overload it, I’m afraid there is a danger of body collapse…”

Thinking about it, Mo Fan entered Sleeping.

However, soon, he found himself in a jungle.

The wind was blowing, the night owl hissed, and the whole body seemed to be cold.

Above the sky, there is a bloody full moon that looks like an ominous beast eye.

Looking at the blood moon high in the sky and feeling the familiar surroundings, Mo Fan’s scalp is numb.

“Isn’t this the Spirit Medicine Garden mountainside?

“When did I come here?

“Fuck! I’m passing through? !

โ€œis it possible that is sleepy?

โ€œNo, I amโ€”โ€


However, before Mo Fan could finish thinking, there was a gust of wind blowing.

Then, a piece of red silk covered with blood floated over and slapped Mo Fan’s face.


Feeling the wet and bloody smell on his face, Mo Fan widened his eyes. In the case of extreme fear, he quickly calmed down. He tore off the red silk in a panic and turned around and ran.

He just walked away.

A silhouette wearing a red dress and red embroidered shoes slowly emerged, stretched out her arms, and floated silently towards Mo Fan. Come here.

“Give me my life–“

The female ghost made a painful whimper, face looks sinister, and pursued Mo Fan.

“Fuck you, you’re wronged, you’re a debtor, and I didn’t hurt you, so don’t look for me! “

However, the female ghost didn’t listen to Mo Fan’s defense at all, and only whispered: “Fate to comeโ€””

Mo Fan: “…”

It is better to run on both feet than to float in the air.

Mo Fan was quickly caught up by the female ghost and fell to the ground with a puff.

The female ghost is very strong, even if Mo Fan has already reached the Body Tempering 5th layer, and still has no resistance.

“I’m going to dieโ€”” Mo Fan’s heart is ashes.

I haven’t found a wife yet.

Are you going to be eaten by a female ghost?

What should my daughter do after I die?

Many thoughts came to my mind, Mo Fan felt sad, Filled with despair.

But soon, he was stunned.

“Give me my life-“

The blood-stained face It was so close that he was about to nibble on Mo Fan’s neck.

Then, Mo Fan kicked his feet and woke up.

“What the hell? ! Nightmare again? ! “

Mo Fan clutched his chest, gasping for breath.

“This nightmare is too real, isn’t it?” Even the weeds under the body feel the same! “

After a long time, Mo Fan calmed down and stared at the ceiling.

“Well, why do you suddenly have nightmares?” “

Looking like he thought of something, Mo Fan frowned and recalled the scene in his dream.

Soon, he found the clue: “That female ghost… feels A little familiar? โ€

Looking at the time, it was already 4:30 in the morning.

Mo Fan shook his swollen head and put on a quilt to force him to sleep.


Second day, early in the morning.

Mo Fan went out again with two dark circles under his eyes.

Buying breakfast with Xu Jing, Then go to work in the Spirit Medicine Garden together.

“You, you don’t look very good. “Xu Jing said a little worriedly.

“It’s okay, the quality of sleep in the past two days is not very good, I will find time to make up for sleep later. “Mo Fan shook his head.

“Oh, then I’ll help you watch the wind…” Xu Jing whispered.

“Okay. “Mo Fan laughed.

But at this moment, a sudden voice sounded.

“Young lad, learn to be disciplined-“

Mo Fan’s face darkened, he turned around and saw Lin Yiyi smiling.

But the next second, looking at Lin Yiyi’s beautiful face, Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

“This faceโ€””

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4 months ago

He seems to be really stupid. He has read so many novels but never thought that his dreams might mean something?