Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 35

“This face—”

Mo Fan was stunned when he saw Lin Yiyi’s face, and his heartbeat was half a beat slower!

This face is too similar to the ghost of the red clothed woman in the dream!

Although the red clothed woman’s face is bloody and blurred, the outline of her facial features is still there!

At least 180% similarity!

Is it her fault?

She has the ability to invade other people’s dreams?

What kind of evil cultivation technique is this?

Sure enough!

This chick is not a good person!

Mo Fan was shivering coldly and was a little suspicious.

“I have flowers on my face?” Seeing Mo Fan staring at him, Lin Yiyi frowned and wondered.

“cough cough, the weather is really nice today—” Mo Fan quickly retracted his gaze, coughed twice and pulled Xu Jing aside, turned around and left.

Lin Yiyi: “?”


Today is the last day of the first stage training.

This time, Liu Ji’an did not leave after the lecture, but took out a stack of test papers.

While handing out the test paper, Liu Ji’an explained:

“The test time is one hour, try to fill in the answers as much as possible, even if it is not so correct, write a lot, and the attitude is correct. , you can also get a test score.

“It should be noted that those who do not meet the requirements of the old man in the test will be disqualified from the training of the second stage. “

He glanced at everyone and continued: “If you don’t understand even the simplest learning, it will be a waste of time to continue to learn.” “

hearing this, everyone was startled, their bodies trembled slightly, and they couldn’t control their nervousness.

They didn’t expect that they would have to take the exam!

Mo Fan is also a little surprised.

He thought he would not need to take the exam after graduation.

But didn’t expect ——

But after getting it At the moment of the test paper, Mo Fan was sighed in relief.

These questions… are too easy!

It’s basically the kind of questions that you can know the answer at a glance!

It’s just that there are a lot of questions, so it’s probably a waste to write!

A4 size paper, a total of 24 pages!

At the same time, Liu Ji’an finished the handwriting The test paper, continue.

“The test paper has a full score of 710 points and a score of 425 or above is considered to have passed this assessment and obtained the qualification to enter the second stage training.

“Sorry for those with a score lower than 425, you can only be disqualified from training, you are not suitable for this path.

“Okay, start answering questions now! “

After speaking, Liu Ji’an sat back in front of the long desk, silently watching the eleven people in the audience.

Everyone took a few deep breaths, adjusted their emotions, and began to seriously Write it down.

Mo Fan also answered attentively.

Seeing everyone answering the questions earnestly, Liu Ji’an was satisfied and nodded and focused on Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi at the same time.


He has long understood Mo Fan’s innate talent, he learns faster than anyone else, and when other people’s brains are still a mess, he can draw inferences.

As for Lin Yiyi…

He even thinks that Lin Yiyi’s innate talent is no worse than Mo Fan.

She exchanged “First Volume of Dan dao foundation” and passed the assessment of Lian Pill Hall with full marks After taking the test, I got the qualification to enter the Pill Hall.

It has been a long time since a person with innate talent like this has appeared in the Handyman Academy.

Looking at the two who answered seriously A smile appeared on Liu Ji’an’s aged face.

“If the second stage training can be mastered well, then you can accept him as honorary disciple first, so as not to make a name for yourself in the future. Being caught by others the early bird the worm. ”


shua~ shua~ shua~ I wrote like crazy.

After twenty-five minutes, Mo Fan stopped answering.

He doesn’t want to be so fast.

But there is no way, the topic is too simple.

For him,

this level of The question was answered at a glance, and the answer was faster than copying.

In order not to waste precious time, he concentrated, quietly meditated on Golden Body Art, and silently improved himself.

After a while, Liu Ji’an noticed this and couldn’t help frowning slightly.

“Why is this kid asleep?

“en? Why are the dark circles so heavy?

“What did you do at night? “

Thinking of this, Liu Ji’an’s expression is ugly.

“How come youngsters don’t know how to control at all?”

“The state is so bad, if I screw up the test, wouldn’t my life be ruined?”

Thinking of this, Liu Ji’an’s face darkened.

He stood up, stepped in front of Mo Fan, and patted his shoulder.

“Wake up.”

“Uh, what’s wrong with Deacon Liu?” Mo Fan opened his eyes, looking towards Liu Ji’an in confusion.

“Why not continue to answer?” Liu Ji’an said with a blank expression.

“Liu Zhishi, I finished my answer.” Mo Fan said.

“Slim for a few minutes when you’re sleepy, don’t fall asleep, wait until you feel better–” : “What did you just say?”

“I’m done.” Mo Fan repeated.

Hearing this sentence again, Liu Ji’an’s face darkened.

What nonsense? !

How long has it been?

Half an hour!

You answered the twenty-four page questions in half an hour?

What a fool!

I’ll answer it in my dream!

It’s over, this kid is probably addicted to women’s pornography, he has no desire to improve, and he doesn’t want to learn Pill Dao!

Is that the girl he walks with every day?

Sure enough, women only affect the speed of pill concocting!

Alas, still too young after all!

Liu Ji’an shook his head and sighed: “Find a chance to have a good chat with him.”

In an instant, Liu Ji’an made up a lot of plots and staged a lot of love and hate in his mind. hatred.

At this moment, Mo Fan asked in a low voice. “Can I submit the papers in advance?”

Hearing this, Liu Ji’an was stunned for a moment, then furious, he reached out and grabbed Mo Fan’s papers, turned and walked towards the podium.

“many thanks Deacon Liu!”

Mo Fan looked overjoyed, stood up and left.

Cultivation in the training room is probably a little inconvenient!

“hmph!” Seeing Mo Fan’s back quickly leaving, Liu Ji’an turned green with anger.

“Dead wood cannot be carved!”

Everyone: “???”

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I going to do?

“Don’t look at it, hurry up and answer the question!” Liu Ji’an coldly said.

As soon as these words came out, everyone came back to his senses and quickly continued to answer the questions.

Although they were curious about what exactly Mo Fan did and why it was suddenly handed in.

But… at this time, how can I care about others!

Time is too hard!

Too many questions!

A little distraction and not enough time!

Lin Yiyi also looked blank.

“Is this guy… crazy?”

Only Xu Jing didn’t seem to be disturbed by the outside world and still answered the questions seriously.

Only she noticed that Mo Fan was really full of answers.

and not scribbled.

After all, it is so serious and focused.


“This kid is so pissed at the old man!”

On the podium, Liu Ji’an still didn’t calm down, and his beard cocked up in anger. .

“Such a youngster who doesn’t know the importance, even if the old man dies, even if he jumps off the Jade Void Peak, he will not accept him as a Disciple!”

But it didn’t take a while.

He frowned when he saw the test paper turned over and spread on the long case.

“Really full?”

After a while, he picked up the test paper and read it.

“The old man has to see, what kind of ghost characters you wrote!

“The first question…is correct.

“The second question…is correct.

“The third question…is correct.


“The tenth question…is also correct?

“hmph, it seems that this kid is starting to answer the question seriously at first! “

Concentrated, Liu Ji’an continued to look down.

However, soon, his expression began to go wrong.

(ps: the past few days heavy rain, the weather changes too much, I accidentally caught a cold, today will be updated, and will be added as soon as possible…)

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