Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 37

Such a bad person!

Pretend you didn’t do well on the test.

He said against his will that he would definitely not be qualified or something.

The result?

Pass with a high score!


Smelly shameless!

“Tangshan, with a score of 500, passed.

“Wang Lin, with a score of 498, passed.

“Han Lai, with a score of 497, passed.

“Xiao Huohuo, with a score of 488, passed. ”

The few people who heard their names hurriedly lowered their heads and pretended to be ostriches.

No way, I was afraid of being beaten!

They were the ones who called the most just now. Fierce!

But soon, they were startled and looked up at Liu Ji’an.

“The above Disciples have all achieved good results in this assessment. After reaching the threshold of Pill Refinement Master, you can continue the training of the second stage. “

As soon as these words came out, everyone fell silent.

As expected…

Mo Fan did not pass.

Presence He’s the only honest person, right?

If you don’t pass it, you don’t pass it.

Not like them.

Running the train with your mouth full.

I said that I didn’t do well in the test, and I was on the street. As a result, everyone got high scores. I was so angry!

“Brother Mo, condolences…”

“Ai, Hope your choice is correct. “

“Don’t be discouraged Mo Fan, you are smarter than us, whether it’s pill concocting or martial arts, you’ll have something to do.” “

“Mo Fan, obedience is ordinary, and inverse is immortal, you will definitely become a major event in the future!” “

Mo Fan: “…”

After comforting Mo Fan for a while, several people looked towards Xu Jing and the others.

β€œJunior Sister Xu , your Martial Arts innate talent is not bad, it’s okay to fail the assessment this time, concentrate on cultivation Martial Arts in the future, maybe you will be promoted to Outer Sect Disciple in about a year. ”

Xu Jing lowered her head and did not speak.

Everyone looked at Lin Yiyi again, hesitating to say anything, but finally did not speak.

After all, Lin Yiyi It’s been a few days since she turned around, and she doesn’t like to communicate with people. They didn’t know how to comfort her for a while.

So they turned around and looked at Wang Jia and Zhong Ting:

“Junior Sister Wang, Junior Sister Zhong, a momentary failure is nothing, life is like this, ups and downs-“

Before the words were finished, Liu Ji’an’s voice sounded again.

“Now announce the Disciple that has achieved excellent results in the current assessment. “

Xiao Huohuo: “? “

Han Li: “? ? “

Wang Lin: “? ? ? “

Tangshan: “! “

Chu crazy: “! ! “

Luo Shanfeng: “! ! ! “

Several people were completely stunned, embarrassed, they couldn’t find a hole in the ground and jumped off.

“Damn!” It turns out we are just green leaves! The main event is behind! “

Looking at everyone’s reaction, Liu Ji’an was satisfied and nodded, and continued:

“Xu Jing, 625 points, excellent performance, won the third place in this test. . “

Everyone: “? ? ? “

More than 600 points?!

Xu Jing, who has been not showing the mountains and not revealing the water, is so good?

Fuck! Meow is too outrageous!

It’s a percentage higher than them!

And this is only the third place!

What are the demons in the last two and ghosts?

Not only them, but even Liu Ji’an couldn’t believe it.

He didn’t expect Xu Jing to get such a high score.

Xu Jing’s presence is extremely low.

In one month, I was asked to answer the question no more than five times.

Everyone else was called every day. The kind that is called several times.

Liu Ji’an doesn’t even remember Xu Jing’s name.

If Xu Jing commutes with Mo Fan every day.

He will not even notice the existence of such a person.

“didn’t expect a small handyman courtyard to actually crouching tiger hidden dragon β€”β€””

Concentrated, Liu Ji’an continued Dao: “Lin Yiyi, with a score of 688, has excellent performance and won the second place in this test. “

As soon as these words came out, everyone was petrified on the spot.

“688 points?” ! What the hell! Is this still human? ! ”

β€œThe full score is only 710! She actually got 688 points in the test? ! My goodness! ! “

“Tete Meow is also terrifying!” I thought I could pass The Smiling, Proud Wanderer with a score of 512 without Mo Fan competing! But didn’t expect —

“It’s too hard, I’m too hard!”

Everyone was shocked by Lin Yiyi’s score.

“Why is the gap between humans and humans so big?”

“Who says it’s not? I feel that the gap between humans and humans is even greater than that between humans and dogs… …”

“One thing to say, one’s food…”

Besides, Lin Yiyi looked at all this with a smile, very pleased in one’s mind.

Very good, everything is going according to plan!

But this guy Mo Fan…

It’s a pity for such a good Pill Dao innate talent.

Lin Yiyi shook the head and sighed slightly.

But soon, she was startled and reacted.

“No! The second place is only announced now! The first place has not been announced!”

“is it possible that…”

Her mind A bold idea emerged.

But soon, she was hooking the head again.

“Impossible impossible, the test questions are not easy, and the amount of questions is so large that even it took me an hour and a half to answer, and I still got a few questions wrong-“

Not only Lin Yiyi, but others too.

“Is there another first place that hasn’t been announced yet?”

“Damn! Did you make a mistake?! The second place has already scored 688 points! Anyone else can beat this? So high?!”

“Impossible? Isn’t that 700 points?!”

“Hi! Impossible! Absolutely impossible! It should be just that much more than Lin Yiyi. One or two points!”

“That’s right! Such a difficult question! Such a terrifying amount of questions! I don’t believe anyone can score seven percent!”

“So, the assessment test The first place, is it Wang Jia or Zhong Ting?”

“I can’t tell, they are usually too low-key, usually answering questions and even deliberately hesitantly answering the wrong answer…”

“Damn! These little girls are too stubborn!”

Everyone complained.

Wang Jia and Zhong Ting were at a loss.

Is it really possible to be the first?

Is it good luck that more than half of the questions are answered blindly?

This is too evil, isn’t it?

At this moment, Wang Jia seemed to think of something, and said weakly: “No, there is no such possibility, will the first place be Mo Fan?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone immediately glared at her with contempt, ill-humoredly said:

“Oh! You are still hiding your strength even at this time?! Brother Fan disappeared in less than half an hour. You answered the question and got a full score on the first test?!”

“Damn it! Since you said that! You must be the first! Wang Jia, you damn peerless genius!”

Wang Jia: “?”

Where am I?

Who am I?

What am I going to do?

After guessing for a while, everyone looked towards Liu Ji’an eagerly.

Seeing this, Liu Ji’an is satisfied nodded.

This is what I want.

A simple announcement of rankings.

Without the slightest suspense, what’s the point of formulating names?

It’s fun to catch their curiosity, watch their rich expressions, and listen to their boundless guesses!

β€œcough cough ――”

After coughing twice, Liu Ji’an announced the final ranking:

β€œMo Fan, 710 points, excellent performance, in the 1st place in this test.”

Everyone: “???”

“Is something wrong with my ears?”

“Mo Fan? How can it be Mo Fan?”

“Is this impossible?!”

“This is not scientific! Mo Fan only answered the question for half an hour!”

“I heard it wrong! I must have heard it wrong!”

“The craftwork was too late last night, it affected the spirit, and I had hallucinations!”

“Brother Fan! I still think it’s such a pity for you this time! You see even the last name is yours!”

Mo Fan: “???”

Are these people poisonous?

At the same time, Liu Ji’an continued: “Congratulations to Mo Fan for winning the first place in this assessment. He is also the only one who has scored full marks in the assessment over the years.”

Everyone : “???!”

“Really Mo Fan?!”

“Fuck! How is this possible?!”

“It only takes half an hour After answering the 24 pages of questions, you can still get full marks!”

“Damn it! It turns out that he said yesterday that he finished answering the questions is true!”

“Damn it, damn it! This guy is really not human! He also pretended that he didn’t pass the test and didn’t want to take the road of Pill Dao or something! It turned out to be to paralyze us! It’s so hateful!”

“Mo Fan, you are really not human! Say yes! What about immortals? I am so moved by you! As a result, you lied to me!”

Mo Fan: “?”

“Gan! When the hell did I say this?! You all made up your own minds?!”

Mo Fan wanted to cry without tears.

These people are… poisonous!

“hmph, we don’t care, you have to treat yourself this time!”

“Yes yes yes! I want a big meal!”

“Ah yes That’s right! I want two!”

Everyone: “?”

Mo Fan: “…”

Liu Ji’an looked at everyone with a look of enjoyment With an extremely exaggerated expression, he continued:

“In order to motivate the latecomers, those who are excellent in the assessment at this time will receive additional rewards.

“The first place will receive six bottles of Spirit Pill. Or six Spirit Stones.

“The second place will get three bottles of Spirit Pill or three Spirit Stones.

“The third place will be given two bottles of Spirit Pill or two Spirit Stones.

“Okay, Xu Jing, Lin Yiyi, Mo Fan, come up to collect the reward!”

Everyone: “???”

“This reward is also Too rich?!”

“Damn! I’m so sour…”

“So sour +1”

“+2! “


Hearing this, Mo Fan also looked overjoyed.

“And the Spirit Stone reward? Isn’t that equal to picking it up for nothing?!

“The needle doesn’t poke! Another six attribute points can be added! Not far from the next addition! “

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