Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 39

Time flies.

Another half a month has passed in the blink of an eye.

This day, Mo Fan stretched and got up from the bed refreshed.

Although I still have nightmares every day, I will be chased by a red clothed woman.

But through the adjustment of half a month.

Through Mo Fan’s psychological suggestion again and again, he was finally able to control his dreams a little bit.

Although it is still some distance away from countering the red clothed woman ghost.

But at least not anymore.

And even occasionally tease the red clothed woman ghost.

“Hehe, wait a while, I want you to look good!”

While brushing his teeth, Mo Fan hummed twice.

“I just don’t know if this red clothed woman ghost has anything to do with Lin Yiyi-“

Mo Fan frowned, a little puzzled.

“It looks like it, but it doesn’t feel the same.

“The most important thing is, what is she doing this for? “

Mo Fan was puzzled, and in the end he could only shake his head without thinking about it.

“Forget it, try to stay away from her as much as possible.” ”

After brushing his teeth, Mo Fan habitually checked his attribute panel.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Body Tempering 5th layer (+)]

[cultivation technique: Basic Body Tempering Technique]

[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Body Tempering Roll, Golden Body Art (Beginner)]


[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

[Available attribute points: 19]

“The last assessment was rewarded with 6 Spirit Stones, and I have saved enough after absorbing them. Got 19 attribute points.

“Only 21 attribute points are needed for the next point addition.

“It’s a little bit more-

“November will be half a month later. At that time, as soon as I receive the subsidy for the Spirit Stone, my cultivation base will be able to break through to the sixth layer of Body Tempering!”

Thinking of this, Mo Fan felt a little happy.

“Golden Body Art Cultivation is also progressing smoothly, much faster than expected, and maybe it will break through after half a month.

“At that time, cooperate with The cultivation base of the sixth layer of Body Tempering can not only easily pass the promotion assessment, but also get less attention. ”

Compared to Body Tempering 5th layer, you can pass the promotion assessment.

Body Tempering sixth layer is more or less normal.

Although it still seems very Genius.

But it is still within the scope of understanding.

In this way, not only will it not cause unnecessary trouble, but it may also be valued by the above and get more Cultivation resources.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan made up his mind.

“Apply as soon as the cultivation base reaches the sixth layer of Body Tempering and the golden body art reaches the first layer. Promotion test!

β€œAfter becoming an Outer Sect Disciple, there will be more channels to earn Spirit Stones, so that you can improve yourself faster!”

While thinking, Mo Fan has finished washing up, After tidying up his clothes a little, he went out the door.

Same as last month.

There is still a half-day holiday in the middle of the month.

Mo Fan’s half day leave is scheduled in the morning.

After going out to have a simple breakfast, Mo Fan hurried to the house, he planned to go back to the cultivation Golden Body Art.

No way.

Self-discipline is used to it.

It’s hard not to roll for a day.

However, halfway through, he suddenly changed his mind and turned towards the market halfway up the mountain.

“I used to go at night.

“This time I will try it during the day.

“Maybe I’ll find something good?”

Thinking of this, Mo Fan quickened his pace.

Actually, since finding Golden Body Art at the fair.

Mo Fan will take time to go to the market from time to time to try one’s luck.

Unfortunately, except for the Golden Body Art accident, he never had such good luck.

The old man who sold the cheats also disappeared, and Mo Fan never saw him again.

No way, Mo Fan can only cultivate Golden Body Art step by step.

As he walked, Mo Fan thought.

“The training of Pill Hall has also entered the second stage, and the knowledge of Pill Dao is not difficult to learnβ€”β€”

“Liu Ji’an should have a good impression on me, maybe Pill Dao in the future. This road can also go through.

“After being promoted to Outer Sect Disciple, maybe he will accept me directly as Disciple.

“After all, Outer Sect Disciple can be regarded as the real Disciple of Yuxu Academy.

“As long as I become the Outer Sect Disciple, he won’t have any concerns, just-“

Thinking of this, Mo Fan frowned.

He thought of Lin Yiyi.

Lin Yiyi’s innate talent on Pill Dao is terrifying.

has also been followed by Liu Ji’an.

Mo Fan guessed that Lin Yiyi might also be playing Liu Ji’an’s idea, and he might eventually become his Disciple.

Mo Fan has always kept a distance from Lin Yiyi, who hides his cultivation base and lurks in Yuxu Academy.

Although the other party has not expressed hostility.

Only nowβ€”β€”

“Forget it, let’s go with the flow.

“It doesn’t matter if you are in the same sect with Lin Yiyi in the future.

“As long as she doesn’t get involved, it shouldn’t be a problem… right?”

Mo Fan shook the head.

Decided not to shy away from medical treatment.

After all, Pill Dao’s journey is also important.

Wait for yourself to grow into an excellent Pill Refinement Master.

There is no shortage of Spirit Stone.

There is no shortage of Spirit Stone, and the attribute point is oh la la oh la la.

With more than one attribute point, isn’t his cultivation base rising?

When the cultivation base goes up, naturally you don’t have to worry so much.

After a while, Mo Fan came to the market.

Compared to the evening, the market flow during the day is much less.

Of course, even so.

The vendors were still shouting tirelessly.

“Steamed buns, freshly baked bunsβ€”” Baozi Shop.

“Talisman! Selling Talismans! Passing secluded Talismans! Destructive Talismans! Demolition Talismans! Vajra Talisman! Everything! One Talisman in hand! the world is mine!” Talisman Store.

“Good quality and low price, first-class service, complete package, top-level enjoyment, multiplayer can also play, handsome guy come in and play~” Street corner.

Listening to the familiar hawking sound, Mo Fan raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and began to identify with concentration.

Perhaps because he has been fighting against the dreamland recently, Mo Fan’s cultivation base has not improved, but his spirit strength has improved a lot.

Before, he would get dizzy and eyes blurred after 50 or 60 consecutive appraisals.

But now, he will have to authenticate a hundred times before this happens!

The appraisal efficiency has been greatly improved, and Mo Fan has appraised all the noteworthy products soon.

Unfortunately, this time there is still no gain.

Don’t say you missed it!

This ghost place is 90% fake!

It’s nice to see normal things!

“Forget it, let’s go back to obediently and honestly cultivate Golden Body Art!”

Mo Fan looked at the sky silently, intending to cultivate down-to-earth.

At this moment, however, his phone rang.

【Dear Little Sister, please don’t cryβ€”β€”]

The calling number is my daughter’s.

Mo Fan frowned and connected.

Soon, Mo Yingying’s excited voice came from the other end of the phone.

“father, I’ll be back soon!”

“What time is it?” Mo Fan’s face darkened.

This girl has been out for a month.

Do you still have your father in your eyes?

Anyone who is lonely and widowed most needs company!

“One month, at most one month, I will go back!

“Wu wu wu, father, don’t be angry, I really want to go home, but here The beast swarm is not over yet, and I can’t leave the base now…”

“Please don’t run around, now you know what’s wrong? “Mo Fan wants to punch someone.

“I know I’m wrong…” Mo Yingying whispered.

“Don’t run around when you come back this time, give me obediently and honestly go to school. Mo Fan said seriously.

On the other side of the phone, Mo Yingying forcefully nodded: “Okay, I listen to my father, go to school! “

She did plan to go back the past few days.

The trial task arranged by Yuxu Academy has been completed.

After returning, just pass the trial Pagoda.

She is the inner sect disciple of Yuxu Academy!

When the time comes, she will be able to be in the same Cultivation as her father!

And, as a child of Inner Sect, as it should be by rights, she becomes the senior sister of the father!

So, what kind of experience does the father have to become her own Junior Brother?


Thinking about it, Mo Yingying finds it funny.

“Father, you must be so depressed that you vomit blood? hahaha ――

“Ai, I really want to go back now, but it’s a pity that this time I really encountered a beast swarm…”

Mo Yingying wanted to cry without tears.

“Okay, you pay attention to safety over there, stay at the base and don’t run around, and come back as soon as the beast swarm is over.

“By the way, remember to find a strong A strong mercenary group, don’t worry about money, safety first, it’s time to spend, if you don’t have enough money, tell your father.

“Okay, roaming charges, hang up.”

After exhorting, Mo Fan hung up the phone and stepped up to Yuxu University.


The days ahead.

Mo Fan is still working hard to cultivate Golden Body Art and earnestly study the knowledge of Pill Dao.

Another ten days have passed in the blink of an eye.

Tuesday, October 25.

Don’t touch fish, you should be self-disciplined.

Under the dim lights, Mo Fan was slowly restraining aura and looked happy.

He felt that his distance to breakthrough was already not far.

“In another 5-6 days at most, the Golden Body Art will be able to break through to the First Layer.

“When the time comes, my combat power will increase dramatically. A normal Innate Martial Artist is no problem.

“Wait for the November Spirit Stone subsidy to be handed out, and apply for the promotion assessment immediately!”

Mo Fan grinned, revealing his big white teeth: “The future is bright!”



Spirit Medicine Garden mountainside.

Insects and birds chirping.

Under an ancient banyan tree.

A slender shadow appeared silently and disappeared silently.

A moment later, Lin Yiyi’s silhouette appeared in the mountainside.

She went straight under the ancient banyan tree and glanced at the dense leaves. Finally, she stretched out her slender fingers, picked one of the leaves, and turned away.

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