Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 4

[Lin Yiyi, 24 years old, Foundation Establishment 3rd-layer, from Jincheng. ]

Mo Fan was dumbfounded when he saw Lin Yiyi’s identification information.

Dear man, except for the name, all other information is fake?

What about the most basic trust between people?

But a Foundation Establishment 3rd-layer Martial Artist actually came to apply for the handyman Disciple of Yuxu University…

There is a problem!

Definitely wrong!

This guy must be hiding the cultivation base, he has ulterior motives!

Thinking like this, Mo Fan took a few steps away from Lin Yiyi calmly.

Having the confidence to hide the cultivation base in Yuxu Academy without being discovered, this kind of person is too dangerous!

Don’t get too close to this kind of person, or you will definitely get into trouble!

“Ai, can you really perceive the difference in psionic strength?” Lin Yiyi didn’t seem to notice anything, and moved towards Mo Fan and took a few steps over.

“Damn, I actually knew about that rumor, and it was just bragging.” Mo Fan scratched his head in embarrassment, smiled naively, and took a few steps back calmly.

“Oh, is that so?” Lin Yiyi leaned forward, his bright eyes full of inexplicable smiles.

Seeing this, Mo Fan wanted to slap himself.


You can’t tell the truth in the future!

This world is too dangerous!

Well at this time, a loud voice came from the front of the square, which resolved the embarrassment.

“It’s time, everyone come and line up in an orderly manner.”

The voice fell, and a burly brawny man wearing azure clothes walked towards this side.

“Damn, it’s time for the test, hurry up!” Mo Fan was stunned for a moment, then he suddenly regained his energy, turned around and left, such as the amnesty.

Looking at Mo Fan’s back, Lin Yiyi smiled and looked the head.

โ€œThis guy is really interesting.โ€


โ€œThere are a total of 3,080 people who passed the preliminary review this time, and they are not out of date. Those who arrive will be counted as abstaining.”

The burly man’s voice was thunderous, and he explained slowly.

“This batch of Yuxu Academy still only recruits 100 handyman Disciples, and the quota is selected from among you.

“The selection is divided into three steps. Carry out the first step, the verification of the cultivation base. “

paused, the burly man pointed to the silver metal ring road with a diameter of about one meter under his feet.

“According to your current team, from left to right, run the basic Body Tempering The tactic passed through the metal ring in front of me in turn. โ€

The metal ring is engraved with complex patterns, and one end is connected to the computer host.

It is twenty-one world, although Yuxu Academy still follows the ancient system, but in Some aspects have also begun to keep pace with the times and accept new things.

โ€œStart with you, come up and test! “The burly man pointed to a young man on his left.

The young man was stunned for a moment, and suddenly became a little nervous. He quickly ran the basic Body Tempering tactic and walked quickly towards the metal ring.

“Follow the people behind, don’t waste your time! “The burly man was shouted.

The people behind were all startled, and they quickly followed, walking through the center of the ring in turn.

While watching the test, the burly man explained.

“A special Domain is engraved in the ring. If the cultivation base does not reach the Body Tempering environment, red rays of light will light up and an alarm will sound, indicating that the test has failed.

“Test failure, please go back the same way and leave Yuxu Academy.”

As soon as the voice of the great man fell, the silver ring beeped a little, and then dazzled. red rays of light lit up.

A tall and thin young man stopped in the center of the ring, bowing his head and saying nothing.

“Failure, please leave.” The burly man reminded.

The tall and thin young man sighed, with a face full of reluctance, he turned and walked towards the gate of Yuxu Academy.

“Don’t take chances, some of you didn’t succeed in Body Tempering in your first test, but you were very close, and then you passed.

It’s a chance for you.

“Three months have passed, and if you still haven’t succeeded in Body Tempering, it only means that you have no Cultivation innate talent and are not suitable for our Yuxu Academy.

“So, the cultivation base has not yet broken through to the Body Tempering realm, so please leave by yourself.”

As soon as these words came out, some people suddenly left the team with a gloomy look. Going out, walking towards the outside of the mountain gate, the back looks a little lonely.

Watching this scene, Mo Fan was touched.

If he didn’t have the jade stone pendant he brought back with the little cotton jacket, he would have to leave sadly like those people.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan couldn’t help but be taken aback.

I kept asking about the child’s mother last night, but I forgot to ask myself about the future.

In the future, will it be very difficult to deal with?

Maybe at first is a bit useless.

But when I meet the child’s mother, after getting the pendant, with my super perception, it will definitely soar to the sky soon, right?

After more than 20 years, I should have been successful in Martial Arts and become a big boss, right?

“No, go back and ask!”

While thinking, Mo Fan walked along the line.

Although the burly man has given advance notice, there are still people whose cultivation base does not meet the requirements, who are not reconciled and walk through the ring with a fluke.

And the final result of these people is to receive the alarm of the ring and leave the venue sadly.

The test speed is very fast, basically one can be tested in a little more than a second.

In less than an hour, the test was completed, and the burly man stepped forward to announce the results.

“The first round assessment is completed, and a total of 1,030 people will be eliminated.”

After he finished speaking, he walked to the square high platform on the side and continued.

“The rest, come here.”

hearing this, everyone hurriedly surrounded the high platform.

Mo Fan glanced at Lin Yiyi as he walked.

Very good, quite far away!

After the crowd approached, the burly man concentrated, slowly opened the mouth and said.

“Now we will conduct the second round assessment.

“The content of the assessment is very simple. I am now practicing a set of relatively basic boxing techniques. You can watch it carefully and retell it later. โ€

โ€œAnyone who can retell it completely within one hour is considered a pass. “

After finishing speaking, the burly man began to practice.

While practicing, he explained the operation route of psionic energy in the body, and explained how to match the breathing rhythm.

This set of boxing is not difficult, it is relatively basic, and it is much simpler than the basic Body Tempering.

But it is not easy to repeat it in an hour or two.


This level examines perception.

The burly man explained and practiced.

So After repeating it three times, he stopped, slowly opened the mouth and said.

“You start your own comprehend, now start the timer! โ€

When the voice fell, everyone immediately dispersed, and began to practice nervously.

Most people started to practice at the first time, and their breathing rhythm and psionics worked. The route is also correct.

Seeing this, the burly man flashed a smile in his eyes, nodded with satisfaction.

In the first test, their standard of assessment was perception.

Those who can pass the initial test will not have a bad perception.

But it is still very difficult to fully comprehend this Basic Fist Technique within one hour.

The burly man estimates that within one hour, with two thousand people in front of him, two or three people can finally fully comprehend this Basic Fist Technique, which is not bad.

Of course , in fact, the requirements of Yuxu Academy are not so high.

After one hour, if the progress of comprehension exceeds one third, it will be counted as a pass.

โ€œComprehension of one third is not enough. It’s too difficult, how can it be more than 100 people? “

While thinking, the burly man took off the bottle gourd around his waist, poured a sip of wine into his mouth, yawned, and became disillusioned.

He turned and walked towards Before the first round test, I sat on the chair and played with the computer, while processing the data, while playing the game for a while.

I donโ€™t need to watch it for the first half hour, these people are impossible to understand this set so quickly.


However, at this time.

Mo Fan somewhere in the square looked strange.

He found that he had only practiced it once. Just thoroughly comprehended this set of boxing techniques, the psychic energy in the body operates according to the established route and closed into a cycle, and it mirrors each other with the Breathing Technique.

“What’s going on? โ€

Mo Fan is stunned.

He knows that his perception is very strong.

But is he impossible to this extent?

When I started the basic Body Tempering technique of cultivation, I didn’t just practice it once to get started, right?

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