Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 45

The virtual panel flashes and a prompt box appears.

[Found low grade Spirit Stone *90, which can be absorbed and converted into attribute points, is it absorbed? ]

“90!” Looking at the prompt box, Mo Fan burst into tears with excitement, and chose to absorb with trembling hands.

In an instant, the bulging brocade bag shrank quickly, the rays of light were transpiring inside, and the 90 Spirit Stones instantly turned into nothingness.

Then, the virtual panel flashed, and Mo Fan’s personal attribute panel appeared.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Body Tempering 5th layer (+)]

[cultivation technique: Basic Body Tempering Technique]


[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Body Tempering Volume, Golden Body Art (Beginner)]

[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

[Available attribute points: 109]

The available attribute points have changed from the original 19 points to the current 109 points!

“This is a real fortune!” Mo Fan was overjoyed.

He had never seen so many Spirit Stones before!

“With so many Spirit Stones, is it enough for me to upgrade to Body Tempering Peak?

“Sure enough, there are no horses, no grass, no fat, no windfalls, no riches! ”

Mo Fan sighed a little.

Although this operation is very dangerous, whether it is Lin Yiyi attacking or being discovered by the Law Enforcement Team, he will not have a good end.


But the benefits are also considerable!

But soon, Mo Fan calmed down.

“No, you can’t have such an idea. “

“Anyway, life is the most important thing, life is the foundation, and death is worthless.”

“You still have to take it easy when it comes to windfalls. You only have one life, so stay away from danger!

“This time I was forced to be helpless. Good luck didn’t happen, so there is absolutely no chance of luck!

“Growing up is king!”

took a deep breath, Mo Fan gathered his spirits again, communicated with the virtual panel with his mind, and checked his attribute panel.

Without any hesitation, he clicked on the plus sign behind the Body Tempering 5th layer.

In an instant, a mysterious energy rushed towards Mo Fan from the unknown space, rushing through his body quickly.

His body trembled slightly, his body was hot, and a large amount of white mist permeated from his pores, instantly filling the entire room.

After a few minutes, the changes stopped.

Mo Fan’s muscles are a little tighter and the lines are more pronounced.

He felt like he was full of explosive power, as if he could kill six cows with one punch!

“That’s right, it’s a little stronger again!”

Mo Fan was delighted and glanced at the attribute panel again.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Body Tempering sixth layer (+)]

[cultivation technique: Basic Body Tempering Technique]


[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Body Tempering Volume, Golden Body Art (Beginner)]

[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

[Available attribute points: 88]

The cultivation base breakthrough reached the sixth layer of Body Tempering.

The attribute points have dropped from 109 to 88 now.

Concentrated, Mo Fan focused his attention on the cultivation base column and tried to click the plus sign behind it.

The attribute panel flashes and a message appears.

[cultivation base: Body Tempering sixth layer (+) (88/34)]

“It only takes 34 attribute points to add points again——

” Do you want to continue adding? ”

Mo Fan frowned and thought about it seriously.

According to the original plan, when the cultivation progress reaches the Body Tempering sixth layer, it is almost time to apply for promotion assessment.

After all, if you pass the promotion assessment with the Body Tempering sixth layer cultivation base, you will be judged as a genius by Yuxu Academy.

Entering the outer sect with this grade may get more cultivation resources.

But now, Mo Fan is a little hesitant.

The reason is simple.

If you want to pass the promotion assessment with the cultivation base of the sixth layer of Body Tempering, you must use the Golden Body Art.

And using Golden Body Art,

there is a certain probability that people will see clues.

In this way, it will inevitably lead to some unnecessary troubles.

Thinking about what happened today, Mo Fan thinks it’s better to be safe.

If you pass the promotion assessment on the Body Tempering sixth layer cultivation base, you will be judged as a Martial Arts genius.

However, if he passed the promotion assessment on the Body Tempering seventh layer cultivation base, he would also be considered a genius, and his treatment would not be poor.

Thinking of this, his expression froze, and he immediately made a decision. Concentrate your mind and click the plus sign behind the cultivation base column again.

A heat flow rises in the mind, and mysterious energy gathers from the unknown space-

Five or six minutes , Mo Fan clenched his fist and felt that he had become much stronger.

Apart from this , his body surface was also covered with a layer of unpleasant black dirt.

He succeeded in washing the sutras again, his physical potential was developed, and his physical quality was greatly improved.

This is the second and last time for the Body Tempering to wash the pulp. At this point, Mo Fan officially stepped into Body Tempering Later.

At the same time, the virtual panel flashes, and the attribute panel changes again.

[Name: M o Fan 】

【cultivation base : Body Tempering seventh layer (+)】

【cultivation technique : Basic Body Tempering tactic】

【martial skill : Vajra Fist ・Body Tempering Volume, Golden Body Art (Beginner)]

[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

[Available attribute points: 54]

cultivation The base is the sixth layer of Body Tempering, and the breakthrough reaches the seventh layer of Body Tempering, and there are only 54 available attribute points left.

Mo Fan concentrates, once again focusing on the cultivation base column, try clicking the plus sign behind it.

The attribute panel flashes and a message appears.

【cultivation base:Body Tempering seventh layer (+)(54/55)】

“It’s a little bit closer to the next addition—” Mo Fan spat out one mouthful of impure air, feel comfortable all over.

But soon, he frowned.

“The span of attribute points required for adding points is getting more and more outrageous. Will it become a string of astronomical numbers later?”

The first few additions only require single digits attribute point.

How many times has this been added?

It has soared to 54 points!

Mo Fan thought that these 90 Spirit Stones could support him to add points to Body Tempering Peak.

It seems like I’m thinking too much now.

And according to this rule, the further back you go, the more outrageous the value will be!

Sooner or later, it will take an astronomical number of attribute points to continue to become stronger.

By then, do I have to use up the entire Spirit Stone of the Blue Star?

Thinking of this, Mo Fan shook the head.

“Not really, let’s take a step by step-“

He thought of what his daughter had told him.

“The future you, name shakes the whole world, Martial Arts is invincible…”

It can be seen that as long as he develops according to the normal trajectory, he can add points to the invincible in the whole world.

After all, earning Spirit Stone will become easier after you become stronger.

While thinking, Mo Fan quickly took off his clothes and walked towards the bathroom.

It smells so bad!


After a while, the sound of running water came from the bathroom.

Mo Fan takes a shower while reviewing.

Finally, he frowned.

“I was so nervous at the time that I forgot to ask Lin Yiyi how to hide her breath and change her cultivation base!

“She should have mastered a high-level cultivation. technique! “

Mo Fan is a little annoyed, this thing is a home travel, a must-have for killing people!

Disguised as a Body Tempering Martial Artist from Lin Yiyi, and spent two months in Yuxu Academy. Without being discovered, you can see how powerful that cultivation technique is.

Mo Fan feels that this cultivation art is very practical, and it will definitely be used in many occasions in the future!

It can even save lives at critical times!

Of course, it is also very good to use it to yin people!

“Such a good cultivation technique, I forgot to ask!

“At that time, I should have used up Lin Yiyi’s favor and exchanged it for the cultivation technique that hides the breath!”

Thinking of this, Mo Fan shook the head.

Unfortunately, I was a little nervous at the time.

I didn’t think too much about it.

After all, it was the first time I encountered such a thing.

Nearly murdered.

It would be a lie to say I’m not nervous.

On the way back, he at least remained calm and erased some traces.

Relatively speaking, it’s not bad.

“With this experience, I will be much calmer and more thoughtful when I encounter this kind of thing in the future…”

Mo Fan summed up his experience and Take a quick shower.

Soon, he seemed to think of something again, and he couldn’t help but startled, his face became strange.

“Lin Yiyi, is it possible that she is my future wife?

“Although the probability is very small, what if it is?

“I should ask her if she has a pendant then!”

Mo Fan covered his forehead.

Undoubtedly, it was a failed experience.

After taking a shower, Mo Fan lay on the bed ready to go to sleep, while thinking about a very serious question.

“Now that Lin Yiyi is gone, will the ghost of red clothed woman still appear in the dream?”

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