Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 46

second day early in the morning.

Mo Fan got up from the bed with two dark circles under his eyes.

“What a sin!”

He didn’t expect it.

Even though Lin Yiyi left.

That red clothed woman ghost is still dreaming!

What’s even more outrageous is that the power of the red clothed woman ghost has also become stronger!

Mo Fan could almost kill the red clothed woman ghost before.

But last night, he was ravaged by the red clothed woman again!

“No, my cultivation base breakthrough reached the seventh layer of Body Tempering, and my strength is not a little bit stronger. I should be able to easily fight back and kill her, right?”

Mo Fan I wanted to cry without tears, but finally accepted the reality.

The strength of the red clothed woman ghost will increase as his strength increases!

So, Mo Fan was tortured by a red clothed woman all night.

โ€œHow the hell did this thing come about?โ€

Mo Fan looked at the sky speechlessly.

“It’s too difficultโ€””

Of course, although he appeared to be unlovable.

But I’m actually a little happy inside.

red clothed woman The ghost has not disappeared, only good and no harm for him.

This thing can not only accompany her in actual combat (serious actual combat), but also improve his battle strength.

It can also sharpen his spirit and improve his spirit strength quickly.

Even if you are abused, it is only temporary.

Cultivation Golden Body Art facing the morning sun.

Rinse finished.

Mo Fan pushed out the door.

As soon as he saw it, Xu Jing waved to him not far away.

“Morning, good morning.”

“Let’s go and have breakfast.” Mo Fan walked over.


“Mo, Mo Fan…” Xu Jing hesitated.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Fan looked at her suspiciously.

“Be restrained, be restrained.” Xu Jing said with a blushing face.

Mo Fan: “?”

What kind of words is this?

Can Xu Jing say this?

“Your complexion is too bad, no, don’t stay up late for cultivation…” Xu Jing lowered her head.

Mo Fan: “…”

I was thinking wrong?


After ten minutes.

The two came to the Spirit Medicine Garden.

Xiao Huohuohan lay around and they were discussing what happened yesterday with a sigh.

“Too terrifying! Deacon Liu’s house was blown up!”

“Yeah! It was like an earthquake!”

“It is said that Deacon Liu’s wood house is blessed with an array! It is stronger than reinforced concrete! It was slapped with a palm and a wall collapsed!”

“Is this the strength of the big guy? It’s really scary Such!” Xiao Huohuo made the final conclusion.

Mo Fan: “…”

Mo Fan wants to complain very much, this sentence is so terrifying, it is a perfect match for your name Xiao Huohuo!

“Hey, Mo Fan and Xu Jing are here!”

Seeing Mo Fan and Xu Jing approaching, several people immediately lit up and pulled them to join the discussion.

They felt that Mo Fan was the closest person to the wood house at the time and must know more details!

“Brother Fan, did you see that red clothed woman assassin yesterday? What does she look like? Is she beautiful?”

Mo Fan: “?”

Mo Fan: “?”


Are you crazy?

It’s all about this time.

Doesn’t care if the female assassin is pretty or not?

Mo Fan answered a few questions perfunctorily, and the work bell rang.

Several people had no choice but to stop.

It’s time to go to the training room.

At this time, however, an old man with long hair and white beard walked into the Spirit Medicine Garden.

He waved to stop the few people walking towards the training room, and said slowly: “Deacon Liu was seriously injured, Pill Dao’s training is temporarily suspended, you all work hard.”

Said When it was over, the old man turned around and left.

“Huh?” Seeing this scene, everyone couldn’t help but startled,

a little worried.

The situation appears to be more serious than they expected.

Mo Fan also frowned.

If something happens to Liu Ji’an.

Pill Dao is going to have a lot of difficulty going all the way.

After all, Liu Ji’an is a Pill Hall Inner Sect deacon, and his status is evident.

Learning with him will definitely make money.

Without Liu Ji’an’s teaching, even if he successfully passed the promotion assessment, he could only be an Outer Sect Disciple.

At least for a short time, I cannot become an inner sect disciple.

As a result, if he wants to learn pill concocting, he can only find new opportunities in the outer sect.

“Hopefully Old Man Liu will recover completely in two days-” Mo Fan shook the head, no longer thinking about it.

Soon, he thought of what Lin Yiyi said.

โ€œBeware of Old Man Liu?โ€

Mo Fan frowned, thinking about what happened last night, and decided to have more thoughts.

It’s okay to upgrade slowly.

Safety comes first.

While thinking about it, Mo Fan picked up the kettle, found several special nutrient solutions, and started to prepare irrigation solutions for different spirit plants.

This is a technical job.

At present, only Mo Fan can prepare a usable nutrient solution.

So, this job has gradually become his exclusive, and his job has become a nutrient solution dispenser.



The sun sets.

Red clouds filled the sky.

After a day’s work, Mo Fan stretched and got ready to leave work.

At this moment, Xu Jing came over.

โ€œSecond time, next meal?โ€

Mo Fan laughed: โ€œGo and eat, Iโ€™m going to be a little late, and I have something to deal with.โ€

“Well, you, you are busy.” Xu Jing nodded, turned and left.

Mo Fan put away the tools, identified the direction, moved towards Kao Gong Hall.

The Examination Hall is the department that determines the promotion of Disciple.

If you want to apply for promotion assessment, you must go to the examination hall.

The Exam Hall of Handyman Academy is not far from Spirit Medicine Garden.

Mo Fan walked for only ten minutes when he saw a quaint attic.

A prominent stone tablet stands in front of the attic.

The stone tablet is engraved with three vigorous and powerful characters-Kaogonglou.

Walking into the Examination Building, Mo Fan found the green deacon who was responsible for applying for the promotion assessment. It was simple and straightforward.

When registering the information, the green-clothed deacon glanced at Mo Fan in surprise.

He hesitated, but finally couldn’t help but say: “You are currently only the seventh layer of Body Tempering, are you sure you want to sign up for the promotion assessment now?”

“Yes.” Mo Fan said .

hearing this, green clothes deacon frowned, after thinking about it, he reminded:

“It is very rare for you to cultivate to the seventh layer of Body Tempering at your age. There is some innate talent on the way.

โ€œIt will take about a year to break through to Innate Realm.

โ€œIt wonโ€™t be too late to apply for promotion after you become an Innate Realm Martial Artist.โ€

โ€œI want to apply now.โ€ Mo Fan said.

Hearing this, deacon’s face turned black.

Why is this youngster so stubborn?

He glared at Mo Fan, said ill-humoredly:

“To tell you the truth, promotion assessment is no child’s play, it involves actual combat with Innate Martial Artist, with your current The cultivation base has a 90% chance of not passing.

“Not only will you fail, but if you are accidentally bumped by the Innate Martial Artist, you will be seriously injured, possibly breaking your arms or legs.

“Are you sure you want to apply now?”

The green deacon looked at Mo Fan.

“Well, I know all this, but I have confidence in my own strength and want to try it out.” Mo Fan said seriously.

Seeing this, the green-clothed deacon was startled, and finally submitted the registration information for Mo Fan.

Since this youngster persists.

Then he would naturally not be able to say anything more.

The reminder just now was just seeing this youngster, some innate talent, and I couldn’t bear to see him hurt in vain.

As for Mo Fan, is he a genius who can challenge higher rank?

The green deacon didn’t think about it at all.

Body Tempering Peak came over to the higher rank challenge Innate Martial Artist was justified.

As for the Body Tempering seventh layer higher rank challenge Innate Martial Artist?

Not saying impossible.

Just such a genius, the Handyman Academy may not be able to produce one in ten years.

At least, he has not encountered this level of talent in his years as deacon.

“The information has been submitted to you, you can go back first, and you can come back for the assessment on the 10th of next month.”

“It will be on the 10th of next month. Is that possible?” Mo Fan was surprised.

“Well, the promotion test is only once a month, and the time is fixed on the 10th, but now it’s the end of October, and it’s only a few days away, go back and wait patiently, by the way, practice the martial skill that majors in defense. , improve your combat power.” The green-clothed deacon said.

Well, improve the ability to resist beatings.

“Understood, many thanks.” Mo Fan thanked and turned away.

Watching Mo Fan’s back disappear in the exam hall, the green deacon slightly shook the head.

“Youngster now, it’s really a newborn calf that’s not afraid of tigersโ€””

(Ps. See you in the morning.)

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