Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 48

“Here, give you…”

Xu Jing’s heartbeat speeded up, and with her eyes closed she reached out and handed the pendant to Mo Fan.

However, at this time, seeing that the pendant’s Mo Fan was startled, I was disappointed.

It is indeed a sword-shaped jade pendant.

It’s also really quaint.

But it’s obviously different from what my daughter brought back.

This sword should be more delicate and slender.

The sword he absorbed was domineering, wide and long.

“Your jade sword is very precious, isn’t it? Put it back on and keep it safe.”

Mo Fan shook the head, turned and continued to walk towards the cafeteria, a little disappointed.

Seeing Mo Fan’s back, Xu Jing was stunned, her eyes filled with daze.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I going to do?

Finally, she lowered her head and put the pendant around her neck and followed Mo Fan with strides.


After breakfast.

The two came to the Spirit Medicine Garden.

The work bell rings.

Mo Fan found tools and began to prepare the nutrient solution.

But at this moment, an old silhouette came over.

“Mo Fan, come with me.”

Mo Fan was stunned, then looked up and saw Liu Ji’an.

Now Liu Ji’an doesn’t look very good.

His original pair of eyes seemed to have lost their color at this moment, and they looked dead.

Obviously, Liu Ji’an was seriously injured when he played against Lin Yiyi that day.

But Liu Ji’an is really amazing.

The cultivation base has dropped to the first level of the Foundation Establishment.

However, Lin Yiyi of the Foundation Establishment 3rd-layer was seriously injured and nearly hung up in the woods.

If not for Mo Fan that day.

Lin Yiyi couldn’t even climb up the mountainside, so he could only lie in the woods and wait to die.

“Come with me.” Liu Ji’an repeated, turning around and walking towards the training room.

“Oh, good good.” Mo Fan came back to his senses and quickly followed Liu Ji’an.

“Damn it! Deacon Liu is back!”

Others also saw Liu Ji’an’s silhouette, and they were immediately startled and excited.

“Okay, there is another Pill Dao training class!” Xiao Huohuo was very happy.

“That’s right! I really miss Pill Dao’s class! It’s very good that Deacon Liu is back!” Han Lie was also excited.

“I’m touched, Deacon Liu is still thinking about coming back to teach us after such a serious injury. Alas, if I don’t study hard in the future, I’ll be really sorry for Deacon Liu.” Luo Shanfeng grinned and looked sincere.

“Very good very good, it’s really good to be able to take classes, I like classes the most!” Chu Mang smiled brightly and swung his hoe even harder.

“Hehe, do you like classes? You just don’t want to work, so I’m sorry to point you out.” Xiao Huohuo said with a faint smile.

Chu Crazy: “Nonsense, am I that kind of person?”

Training room.

Liu Ji’an looked at Mo Fan without saying a word, frowning in thought.

Mo Fan stood still, feeling somewhat uneasy.

After a while, Liu Ji’an finally said: “Mo Fan, you are very innate talent on the way to Pill Dao, the old man wants to accept you as a Disciple, are you willing?”

“Ah ?” Mo Fan was stunned, obviously not expecting things to be so sudden.

It’s not long before the second stage starts.

Is this going to accept myself as a Disciple?

But as a handyman Disciple, being accepted as a Disciple by an Inner Sect deacon, it can almost be said to have achieved rapid progress.

As long as the identity information is synchronized, Mo Fan will automatically become an inner sect disciple.

It can be described as ascending to the skies with a single leap.

If it was before, Mo Fan would probably have agreed without the slightest hesitation.

But Lin Yiyi’s words that day kept him in mind.

Therefore, Mo Fan did not agree immediately, but pondered.

“Why, you don’t want to?” Liu Ji’an felt a little displeased when she saw Mo Fan didn’t immediately agree.

Seeing this, Mo Fan hurriedly shook his head and explained, “It’s not that Disciple doesn’t want to, but Junior knows that he’s not good enough, so he’s a little scared, and even feels unreal…”

Listen At this point, Liu Ji’an’s expression softened a bit.

Seeing this, Mo Fan continued: “Disciple has just come into contact with Pill Dao and has learned a lot from senior cultivation.

“But this is only temporary. The more difficult it is in the depths, although Junior can barely keep up now, but in the future I’m afraid it will beβ€””

“There is no need to undervalue oneself, the old man’s vision is still accurate, you just need to follow the old man to learn, become Pill Refinement Master is only a matter of time. “

paused, Liu Ji’an continued.

“If you have any concerns, put them aside for now. As long as you become the old man’s Disciple, the old man will naturally give him all his money and cultivate him with all his strength.” “

“Ah this-” Mo Fan was a little confused, is Old Man Liu really so optimistic about me?

He smiled and said: “Disciple is still a little scared, or else Do you make further investigations, at least after the second stage of training is over before you plan? ”

Apprenticeship is a major event.

Mo Fan feels that he doesn’t know enough about Liu Ji’an.

In addition to the previous reminder from Lin Yiyi.

Of course I don’t dare to agree easily.

“Give you five minutes to think about it. “Liu Ji’an looks certain and makes a decision.

“Tell me your answer in five minutes. “

After speaking, Liu Ji’an turned around, sat on the bamboo chair beside him, and began to close his eyes and rest.

Seeing this, Mo Fan couldn’t help but be stunned.

Is Old Man Liu in a hurry too?

Is it weird?

He frowned and thought.

Although Liu Ji’an has It seems to be good to him.

But in fact Mo Fan rarely communicates with him.

This leads to the fact that Mo Fan knows very little about Liu Ji’an.

Some basic information can only be known through the identification information.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan suddenly started, and some reacted.

Yes, identification information!

The identification information is not static!

As the encounters of the characters change, the identification information will also be changed accordingly.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan quickly threw an Appraisal Technique to Liu Ji’an. .

The virtual panel flashed.

The identification information belonging to Liu Ji’an surfaced.

Sure enough.

[Liu Ji’an, 88 years old , Transcendent 3rd-layer, Inner Sect deacon of Yuxu Academy. This is the Inner Sect of Yuxu Academy and Pill Hall deacon. He was seriously injured when he went out to perform a mission, and the cultivation base fell to the first level of Foundation Establishment.

【Get Knowing that the dragon scale tree that he accidentally planted in the Handyman Yard survived, and seeing the hope of recovery from the injury, he applied to return to the Handyman Yard to take care of it personally.

[Unexpectedly, he was seriously injured by the red clothed woman assassin in the Handyman Yard. Damaged, the dragon scale tree is also powerless.

【Considering that the foundation needs to be repaired and some things that damage the interests of the sect are at risk of being exposed, prepare to run away in advance.】

Looking at this identification information.

Mo Fan’s face became strange.

In the past, Liu Ji’an’s identification information was very long.

Now, Liu Ji’an’s identification information is even more It’s long.

Of course, it’s not the length.

It’s the last piece of new identification information!

The old man is ready to run!

No wonder in such a hurry!

From the identification information, Mo Fan Some things can be judged.

Obviously, Liu Ji’an is not a good person, but a very dangerous person.

If you really worship him as a teacher and run with him, you may die.

Apart from this, Mo Fan also thought of the story of Han Heavenly Venerable and Mo Renju.

I feel a chill behind my back.

This old man must have no good intentions if he wants to take me away!

Just as Mo Fan was thinking, Liu Ji’an opened his eyes, opened the mouth and said: “Have you thought about it?”

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