Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 49

“Have you thought about it?”

Hearing Liu Ji’an’s words, Mo Fan took a deep breath and said firmly:

“I’m sorry, but I have no interest in Pill Dao at all, and I just pretend to listen to the training class.

“Most of the time, I’m actually wandering the world, or running the Martial Arts Cultivation Technique. Martial Arts.

“I chose to train in Pill Hall just because the benefits here are better, I only need to work half a day, and the salary is even higher than other places.

“Maybe I really have that A little bit of innate talent, just learning and getting good results.

“But I’m not really interested in Pill Dao at all, my mind is all on Martial Arts.

“I wouldn’t have done it before Martial Arts Spend too much energy to learn other things.

“Actually, I gave up Pill Dao completely after I wanted to be an Outer Sect Disciple.

“So I’m sorry Deacon Liu for betraying your kindness. “

Liu Ji’an: “? “

Hearing Mo Fan’s words, Liu Ji’an was stunned.

He really didn’t expect Mo Fan to say such a thing.

Did you get good grades just by studying casually?

Only focus on Martial Arts, but have no interest in pill concocting?

Take my husband’s class, you are still wandering in the world, even Cultivation Martial Arts secretly?!

Aren’t you afraid of being beaten for saying such things in front of me?!


That’s not the point !

The point is… the old man was rejected!

Rejected by a handyman Disciple?!

Liu Ji’an’s brain is buzzing.

He never dreamed of it.

He was actually rejected by a handyman Disciple!

I worship him Liu Ji’an as a teacher, not to mention a handyman Disciple, even if it is an inner sect disciple, That’s also a rush to get from Jade Void Peak to Dawnbreak Peak!

But now, he was rejected by Mo Fan!


It’s so dreamy!

Of course, he also found it.

When Mo Fan said these words, his expression was extremely sincere, and even when he mentioned the word Martial Arts, his eyes Reveals piety.

Obviously, this is a martial arts idiot.

Have a Pure Heart that pursues Martial Arts.

Unfortunately, innate talent is hard Hurt…

If you really have Martial Arts innate talent.

I wouldn’t be a handyman Disciple.

Thinking of this, Liu Ji’an waved his hand: “Go back to work. “

Since Mo Fan doesn’t want to.

He can’t force it.

It’s the same with whoever you take.

At a critical moment Just a tool person.

“many thanks Deacon Liu understands, Disciple leaves! “Mo Fan such as the amnesty, turn around and leave.

“Wait. “Liu Ji’an suddenly stopped.

Mo Fan startled, stopped reluctantly, and turned around cautiously: “What else do you want to tell senior? “

“Take it. “Liu Ji’an’s weak voice came.

At the same time, a green brocade bag moved towards Mo Fan and flew over.

Mo Fan quickly reached out to catch it.

Liu Ji’an continued: “Since you are obsessed with Martial Arts, this old man naturally won’t force it.

“There are twenty Spirit Stones and a bottle of Body Tempering pills in the bag, which were originally intended to be given to you after you became your teacher.”

paused, Liu Ji’an Continue:

“I don’t need these things, so I gave them to you.

“Apart from this, there is also a token inside, which is the old man’s token.

“If you are interested in Pill Dao one day, you can go to the Inner Sect Pill Dao Hall to find the old man’s Junior Brother Li Star River with the token.

“See the token, He will consider accepting you as a disciple, and even if he doesn’t accept it, he will give you a good job at Pill Dao Church. “

Speaking of this, Liu Ji’an gave Mo Fan a deep look and said, “Go, let Xu Jing come over by the way.” “

“Many thanks Senior! “Mo Fan hurriedly thanked him,


Liu Ji’an waved his hand and said no more.

Mo Fan turned and left.

…… …

Back to the Spirit Medicine Garden.

Looking at the Spirit Stone lying in the bag, and the dark token, I was a little surprised.

“Am I thinking too much? “

However, soon, he is the shock the head.

“The identification information will not deceive people. There must be something wrong with this old man, and he cannot be confused by some small favors!” “

After thinking about it, Mo Fan found Xu Jing and said in a low voice that only she could hear:

“Liu Ji’an is looking for you, he may want to.” Accept you as a disciple, and then take you out of Yuxu Academy.

“My suggestion is to refuse, Pill Dao is not suitable for you, it is your job to focus on swordsmanship.

“Also, he seems to have some problems, you follow him Leaving, there will be a certain risk.

“Okay, let’s go.”

After finishing speaking, Mo Fan began to explore the tools and began to prepare the nutrient solution.

Xu Jing was seriously nodded and walked towards the training room.

Soon, other handyman Disciples gathered around.

“Brother Fan, what is Deacon Liu looking for from you?”

“Mo Fan, have you been spotted by Deacon Liu and will be accepted as a Disciple by him?”

“Big Brother Mo, the old man who trained Pill Hall just came over once and told us that Deacon Liu will be returning to Inner Sect soon, and the Pill Dao training class will be replaced in the future——”

“Brother Mo, is Deacon Liu going to take you back to the Inner Sect?”


Facing a series of questions from several people, Mo Fan’s head was big, and he covered his forehead and said:

“Deacon Liu really wanted to accept me as a disciple, but I refused.”

“Huh?” Compare.

They stared blankly at Mo Fan, and some couldn’t believe it: “Why?”

“Why? That’s a good question.

” the reason is simple. “

Mo Fan smiled and said:

“That is, I only like to practice martial arts, not interested in pill concocting.” “

“嘁~” Everyone raised their middle fingers in unison.

Obviously, no one would believe such an outrageous thing.

Mo Fan: “… …”

Well, no one believes the truth these days.

At this moment, Xu Jing walked over with her head lowered.

Everyone’s eyes lit up, they quickly looked towards Xu Jing, and said eagerly: “Xu Jing, what is Deacon Liu looking for from you? “

Xu Jing can’t lie, she lowered her head nervously and said, “Liu, Deacon Liu wants to take me as a disciple—”

“Sure enough!” Everyone’s eyes lit up with envy on their faces.

“It seems that Brother Fan and Miss Xu will be accepted as Disciples by Deacon Liu!” “

“Oh! Blame us for being so bad!” I can’t be envious! “

However, at this time, Xu Jing continued: “I, refused. “

“Huh? “Everyone looked dumbfounded and stared at Xu Jing with round eyes.

“Why? Are you kidding me? ! “

Xu Jing shook her head and continued: “I only like practicing swords, not pill concocting. “

Everyone: “? ? ? “

All the handyman Disciple rolled the eyes.

The ghosts will not believe this kind of words!

“It’s incredible, Xu Jing will be with brother Fan every day. Together, learn badly! “

“Fuck, it’s true, Mo Fan must be talking nonsense too, I’m so envious, they will be accepted as Disciple by Deacon Liu!” “

“Hahaha, trying to lie to us is too much!” “

“wu wu wu, this is also being fed dog food, I’m too hard wu wu wu ——” Someone laughed and cried.

Mo Fan: “…”

Xu Jing: “…”

At this moment, Xu Jing seemed to think of something, looked towards Han Lie quickly, and said quickly: “Senior Brother Han , Deacon Liu asked me to inform you of a visit. “

As soon as these words came out, absolute silence.

After a while, Han Lie’s excited voice sounded:

“Fuck! real or fake? Am I dreaming? I was selected? “

“Come on, come on, Deacon Liu is waiting for you.” “Xu Jing said.

“Thank you, thank you!” Thank you Junior Sister Xu! You are my lucky star! “Han Lai happily ran towards the training room.

Seeing this scene, Mo Fan’s face really became weird.

This plot trend-

Could it be that Gao Wu’s version of Han Heavenly Venerable and Doctor Mo?

When Mo Fan was thinking about it, the others also sobered up.

“Fuck! Han Li was also taken a fancy to! Envy me to death! “

“wu wu wu, if I knew there were so many places, I would have to learn from the dead for the second stage training!” “

“A sin! Studying hard is really useful everywhere! “

Mo Fan ignored them, but looked towards Xu Jing.

Seeing her empty hands, she couldn’t help but wonder: “Did Deacon Liu give you Spirit Stone medicine pill or something? ? “

Xu Jing shook her head.

Mo Fan frowned, thought about it, took out the bottle of Body Tempering Dan from the brocade bag and threw it to Xu Jing.

“I can’t use this stuff, I’ll give it to you. “

After taking the Body Tempering Dan, Xu Jing was stunned. After came back to his senses, she quickly stuffed it back to Mo Fan.

“Too, too precious…”

“A bottle of Body Tempering is just, what’s the price? Stop talking nonsense, take good cultivation, strive to break through the cultivation base as soon as possible, successfully pass the promotion assessment, and go to the Sword Pavilion to become stronger.

“You said you wanted to cover me, so this bottle of medicine pill is an investment.”

Mo Fan put the medicine pill back into Xu Jing with a face full of refusal on hand.

“Okay, okay…” Xu Jing could only accept it with her head lowered, her pretty face slightly red, her expression complicated, she didn’t know what she was thinking.

At the same time, Han Lie ran out excitedly.

The crowd immediately gathered around: “How is it?”

Han Lie couldn’t help but excitedly said: “It’s done! Hahaha! Deacon Liu has accepted me as a disciple!”

“Fuck! Congratulations! The boss asks for a cover!” Everyone looked at Han Lie with envy.

Looking at the scene, Mo Fan is hooking the head.

On temperament alone, there is still a big gap between Han Li and Han Heavenly Venerable.

I don’t know what he will experience with Liu Ji’an.

Of course, it is also possible that you think too much.

Perhaps Liu Ji’an simply wanted to accept apprentices?

Although this kind of argument is not very tenable, but at this moment Mo Fan has to think in the best way.


Two days later.

Liu Ji’an left the Spirit Medicine Garden with Han Lie.

Until now, everyone in the Spirit Medicine Garden discovered that what Mo Fan and Xu Jing said that day were the truth!

The two of them actually rejected Deacon Liu’s invitation!

“Damn it, the real flood is the flood and the drought is the drought!”

The two people who are not interested in Pill Dao, but have the most innate talent on the way to Pill Dao!

Those of them who want to enter the threshold of Pill Dao, but all of them are mediocre innate talents!

On the same day.

Pill Hall also arranged for a new Pill Dao lecturer to come and give you training.

The day went on in an orderly fashion.

In the blink of an eye, another few days passed.

Sunday, November 10.

Do not fight, lie flat.

On this day, Mo Fan got up early, finished the Golden Body Art cultivation, and after washing up, he pushed the door and walked out towards the exam hall.

Today is promotion exam day.


At the same time.

The border of Jiangcheng.

A tall, tall girl in a light blue dress, black-framed lensless glasses, and a beautiful face, with long legs, gets out of a modified off-road vehicle with a wolf’s head engraved on it. walked down.

“Boss, the goal is reached, can I, can we go?”

In the car, several muscular men trembling with fear looked at the girl.

“Go, remember to have some eye for robbery in the future.” The girl waved her hand and sent them away.

“Follow the old Great Sect’s instructions! In the future, we will never rob women in the mercenary group hired by wild wolves!”

The girl waved her hand again, as if she didn’t want to pay attention to them.

Seeing this, several people immediately stepped on the accelerator and slipped away.

The girl pushed up the frame on the bridge of her nose, looked in the direction of Yuxu Academy, and smiled sweetly.

“father, I’m back~”


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