Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 5

“When the basic Body Tempering technique of cultivation was started, did you not just practice once to get started?”

Mo Fan practiced boxing techniques while rhythmically breathing Technique .

Feel the psionic energy rushing through and looping through your body.

Mo Fan felt a little unreal when he saw the slight air waves brought by fist strength.

When did your perception become so strong?

Could it be… a pendant?

This thing can even change the perception?

What is the origin?

Mo Fan became more curious.

The pendant is too mysterious.

Who is my future wife? Why does she have such a dive object?


The pendant that he has absorbed now is brought over by his daughter from the future.

If he meets his future wife again, will he get another pendant?

What will happen when the two pendants are superimposed?

Is 1+1>2?

Or 1+1=0?

If it is the formerβ€”β€”

Don’t you want to be invincible directly?

The perception is so high that you can comprehend a complete set of Sword Art just by looking at the sword marks on the ground!

You can even create something from nothing, and you can directly comprehend the peerless mystery with just two breaths!

Don’t be too cool!

After fantasizing for a while, Mo Fan stopped daydreaming and continued obediently and honestly participating in the handyman Disciple exam.

He always felt that if there were two pendants, they would probably cancel each other out and lose the effect directly.

even more how.

Mo Fan feels that this kind of bug exists the same, It shouldn’t be two in the same time and space.

Now that he has a pendant on his hands.

Then the pendant on the future wife’s side may have disappeared from the unfathomable mystery.

Thinking like this, Mo Fan calmed down and continued to practice boxing.

He didn’t dare to claim that he had comprehended that test punch.

After all, it is too unimaginable to realize this kind of thing after practicing once, and he is afraid of causing unnecessary trouble.

even more how his cultivation base is only Body Tempering 1st!

Under normal circumstances, cultivation talent and perception are not so extreme!


It’s okay to perform well.

But it’s not very good to behave too abnormally.

If you have a plug-in, you should keep a low profile!

Wretched growth is king!

Thinking like this, Mo Fan kept his mind calm and practiced the test boxing technique over and over again.

In about half an hour.

A tall, thin, ordinary-looking young man reported loudly: “Report, I comprehended boxing!”

The voice was loud and resounded through the square.

Hearing this, the burly man hurriedly turned off the card game on the computer and walked over quickly.

“You said your comprehended boxing?” The burly man stared at the tall and thin young man with a somewhat excited expression.

“Yes!” The tall and thin young man responded.

“Show me the drill again.”


The tall and thin young man responded with a loud voice, and then began to concentrate on the drill.

Four minutes later, the test boxing technique was rehearsed by the tall and thin young man, which seemed to have a trace of beauty.

“Not bad, really comprehended, your perception is very promising, and there is hope to be promoted to Inner Sect in the future!”

There will be merit points rewards for recruiting genius Disciple, and the burly man is naturally happy.

Although those who came to participate in the handyman Disciple assessment, the cultivation talent was not very good.

But in just half an hour, I realized the test boxing method temporarily compiled by Yuxu Academy. This perception is already comparable to those gifted students who have been admitted to the top martial arts universities.

Normally speaking, cultivation talent and perception are positively correlated, and the gap will not be too outrageous.

Only rare occasions will there be an extreme mismatch between cultivation talent and perception.

And this is the case with the tall and thin young man in front of him.

This kind of person, as long as they are properly cultivated, will have the opportunity to be a late bloomer in the future.

“Okay, okay, you’re out of the queue, and follow me over there to register!”

The burly man patted the shoulders of the tall and thin youth, very satisfied.

It is good luck to receive such a nice handyman Disciple as the perception.

On this side, watching the burly man lead the tall and thin young man away, Mo Fan concentrated and threw an Appraisal Technique at the tall and thin young man.

Immediately, the virtual panel flashed, and the identification information was displayed.

[He Wuyi, 18 years old, Body Tempering 4th layer, from Tancheng, with a super perception, he often feels that he is out of tune with this world. ]

Mo Fan: “?”

What the hell is out of place?


The assessment test continues.

Mo Fan is not in a hurry to emerge, just wait quietly.

Soon, an hour has passed.

Another person reported loudly: “Report, I am also comprehended!”

This is a tall young man with wheat complexion and short hard hair. Go up in spirit.

“Alright, alright, come and register your information too!” The burly man sat on the chair in front of the computer and waved at him with a smile, as if he was very satisfied.

Mo Fan threw an Appraisal Technique while the man stepped forward.

[Zhang Qiang, 21 years old, Body Tempering sixth layer. ]

The identification information this time is very concise, and there is nothing special about it.

Mo Fan took a deep breath, get ready, and plan to call a report at any time.

Half the time has passed.

It’s not too abrupt to emerge at this time.

At the same time, he also had some doubts in his heart.

It’s now half the time, but only two people comprehended to test the boxing technique, the others are all frowning.

In this case, can one hundred people really pass the test?

The third test after it is it possible that is a decoration?

After a few minutes of wild thoughts, Mo Fan began to seriously practice the test boxing.

In an instant, Mo Fan’s breathing became rhythmic and seemed to fit a certain rhythm.

Then the psionic energy runs rapidly in his body, eventually forming a characteristic cycle.

The fist strength brings a slight air wave, and it looks like an imposing manner.

Soon, the burly man in charge of the assessment noticed this, and his eyes lit up.

Anyone else comprehended? !

This is already the third one!

Is this a treasure today? !

Seeing that the time was about right, Mo Fan quickly finished the drill, and loudly said: “Report, I’m comprehended!”

The burly man smiled brightly: “Okay! Come and register! ”

Mo Fan laughed and moved towards that side.

“Report your assessment number.” The burly man looked at Mo Fan with a smile.

β€œ2022963341, Mo Fan.”

The burly man nodded, entered the assessment number on the computer, and the detailed information of Mo Fan popped up.

After scanning the information, the burly man couldn’t help but be taken aback.

After a while, he said with a strange expression: “Are you releasing the aura of the cultivation base to show me?”

Mo Fan nods, runs the basic Body Tempering tactic, and releases the aura of the cultivation base.

Suddenly, the whole body trembled slightly, and there was a slight reaction.

“Body Tempering is a heavy one, unfortunately…” The burly man started and shook his head slightly.

The application information shows that Mo Fan has not been Body Tempering three months ago.

Now that the opponent has reached the first level of Body Tempering, it is also what he expected.

This kind of cultivation talent can no longer be described as bad.

It’s a pity such a good perception.

However, he still patted Mo Fan’s shoulder and said: “Your perception is very good, many students admitted to first-class martial arts universities may not be as good as you, work hard, the future can be expected!”


Mo Fan: “…”

You’re saying this too!

Your expression simply doesn’t look promising in the future!

Mo Fan rolled the eyes, but he didn’t care.

Being aware of his own circumstances, his cultivation talent is indeed useless.

“Come on, you are holding this Spirit Stone. This is a reward for fully comprehending the test boxing technique within the specified time. It will bring you some help.”

said , the burly man handed Mo Fan a crystal clear and near-transparent Spirit Stone that was square, the size of a fingernail, and exuded dark rays of light.

Mo Fan: “???”

Damn, is there such a good thing? !

“Thank you, thank you!” Mo Fan took over the Spirit Stone and was sincerely grateful.

What a surprise!

After absorbing this Spirit Stone, he will be able to collect three attribute points and add them again!

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