Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 50

“Let’s go, time is running out, let’s buy two buns and deal with them on the way.”

Opening the door, Mo Fan saw Xu Jing.

Xu Jing, like him, also went to the exam hall to take the promotion test today.

This girl broke through two days ago.

Just in time for this month’s promotion assessment registration.

“Mo, Mo Fan…” Xu Jing followed behind Mo Fan, hesitating to say anything.

“Say.” Mo Fan said without looking back.

“You, did you really sign up for the promotion assessment?” Xu Jing couldn’t believe it.

She informed Mo Fan yesterday that she was going to participate in the promotion assessment, only to find out that Mo Fan also signed up.

“Well, I signed up.” Mo Fan nodded and didn’t say much.

Getting an affirmative answer, Xu Jing became a little dazed, and subconsciously asked:

“How heavy is your Body Tempering now?”

“With you Same, Body Tempering seventh layer.” Mo Fan said truthfully.

“This, so fast?” Xu Jing was stunned, obviously didn’t expect Mo Fan’s cultivation speed to reach such a place.

You know, when Mo Fan just entered, it was just Body Tempering 2nd layer.

How long has it been?

Soaring directly to the seventh layer of Body Tempering?

This cultivation speed is too evil, isn’t it?

Did the Cultivation innate talent begin to show after coming to Yuxu Academy?

Although Xu Jing was surprised by Mo Fan’s situation, she didn’t think it was too outrageous.

Actually, this is not an isolated case.

Some people do show their innate talent later than the average person.

There is an idiom called a late bloomer.

That’s the kind of people I’m talking about.

“It’s okay, it’s not too fast, hurry up, you’re going to be late.” Mo Fan reminded and quickened his pace.

He’s a kicker.

Xu Jing has also become a bit of a bug since he followed him.

“Okay, okay…” Xu Jing quickly followed Mo Fan.

No words all the way.

Mo Fan stared at his attribute panel.

【Name: Mo Fan 】

【cultivation base : Body Tempering seventh layer (+)】

【cultivation technique : Basic Body Tempering technique】


[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Body Tempering roll, Golden Body Art (First Layer)]

[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

[Available attribute points :77】

During this time, Mo Fan has not added any points, and the cultivation base is still the seventh layer of Body Tempering.

After absorbing the twenty Spirit Stones given by Liu Ji’an, the available attribute points reached an astonishing 77 points.

While looking at the attribute panel, Mo Fan clenched his fist.

Feeling the surging power within him, Mo Fan couldn’t help laughing.

He quietly went to the mountainside to try it out two days ago.

In terms of power alone, he is no worse than Innate Martial Artist.

With the Vajra Fist, it’s basically foolproof.

Of course, in case of an accident, Mo Fan also has countermeasures, and without using the Golden Body Art, he can also ensure that he will not fall into the sewer.

After all, there are still so many available attribute points, and he can add one at any time as long as he wants.

At the moment of the cultivation base breakthrough, the potential of the human body will be developed.

At this time, the secretion of human hormones rises rapidly.

Thinking perception ability will also enter a new field.

In this state, various physical data will skyrocket in an instant, and the combat power will be greatly improved.

Although only for a moment, it is difficult to grasp.

But if you really grasp it, you can make a comeback.

For others, this moment may be difficult to grasp.

But for Mo Fan, it’s not a big problem.

After all, every night, he is fighting with red clothed woman, fighting to the death, the combat ability is not nothing serious.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan smiled contentedly.

“It’s done!”


After a while, the two came to the examination hall and found the green deacon.

Then the two took the token given by the green deacon and came to the cultivation room near the examination hall.

This is where the assessment takes place.

The cultivation room is quite built, almost the size of a football field.

There are various training facilities in it, which are much stronger than the small cultivation room like the Technical Imparting Hall.

Of course, this is an exclusive cultivation room, not open to all handyman Disciples.

Only after the cultivation base breakthrough to the seventh layer of Body Tempering can you apply for entry qualifications.

Of course, Mo Fan and Xu Jing just signed up for the promotion assessment not long after they broke through to the seventh layer of Body Tempering, and they didn’t have time to apply.

The other handyman Disciple above the seventh layer of Body Tempering is basically gathered in this cultivation and communication.

After all, there are all kinds of advanced training equipment here, which can better and more accurately grasp your own state, so as to improve yourself more quickly.

apart from this , where almost all the elite disciples in the handyman courtyard gather.

It is very rewarding to exchange Martial Arts actual combat experience here.

Actually, there are more than 3,000 handyman Disciples in the entire handyman hospital, and the cultivation base exceeds the seventh layer of Body Tempering, which is not much, less than 10% of the total population.

In Yuxu University.

Whether it is handyman Disciple, Outer Sect Disciple, or inner sect disciple.

The main “students” are the fallen ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family, and the fallen and hidden sect.

Times are advancing, since Spiritual Qi’s revival, the emergence of the University of Martial Arts, and the continuous refinement of modern Cultivation theory.

Except for Yuxu University and the other two Xeon universities, other ancient inheritances have basically disappeared.

For hundreds of years, many ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family hidden sects are about to cut off inheritance.

They do not have a scientific and systematic cultivation method, nor do they have enough cultivation resources.

As a result, they can only rely on the three universities that are still aloof.

Of course, in addition to recruiting the fallen ancient martial arts Aristocratic Family and the fallen hidden sect, the three universities.

There will also be “social recruitment” or “school recruitment” to admit school candidates and social Martial Artists.

School recruitment means that the college entrance examination can fill in the three universities.

It’s just that the number of admissions for this pathway is extremely limited, and the number of Inner Sect outer sects combined is less than one hundred a year.

The so-called social recruitment is only for the recruitment of handyman Disciple.

Mo Fan entered Yuxu Academy through this way.

Similarly, the number of places available for this pathway is extremely limited.

Basically every three years.

Only 100 people are admitted at a time.


Step into the cultivation room.

Mo Fan and Xu Jing followed the instructions and went straight to the martial arts stage in the center.

At this time, there are already many people in the cultivation room.

Except for the handyman Disciple participating in the assessment.

90% of the people are melon eaters watching the fun.

After all, the handyman Disciples who can participate in the promotion assessment are the best among the handyman.

Watching them in action, you will naturally be able to comprehend something.

In this way, people will come to watch even if they ask for leave or even skip work.

Through the crowd.

Mo Fan took Xu Jing to the martial arts stage.

At this moment, there are seven people standing on the martial arts stage.

At this time, a tall middle-aged man in black robe raised his brows, looked towards Mo Fan and Xu Jing, said solemnly:

“The two are Mo Fan. Fan and Xu Jing?”

Mo Fan nodded.

Xu Jing behind him followed nodded.

Seeing this, the tall middle-aged man concentrated and said:

“Now that we are all here, let’s officially start the assessment.”

Said Then, he pointed behind him and continued:

“The content of the next assessment is very simple. If you beat the Outer Sect Disciple behind me whose cultivation base is Innate Realm, you will pass the test.”

(Ps: py a good book of the same type “Perception: Invincible from the College Entrance Exam” Author: Supreme Little Madman)

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