Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 52

Ye Hu was carried down.

Yang Lin shook the head and continued: “The next one, Yu Feifei!”

Yu Feifei started, took a deep breath, and walked over.

“Senior Brother please.”

“Junior Brother, be careful!”

Zhang Tong opened his eyes slightly, a sharp breath burst out, and the soles of his feet He stomped towards Yu Feifan and rushed over.

Yu Feifan’s expression froze, and he hurriedly made a defensive action.

Soon, the two fought together.

At the edge of the martial arts stage, Mo Fan glanced at Xu Jing, who was beside him, and asked in a low voice, “How about you, do you have confidence?”

“If you use a sword, , there is…” Xu Jing nodded.

If Zhang Tong only has the fighting power he has shown so far, Xu Jing is confident that he can defeat it.

“That’s good.” Mo Fan relaxed.

To be honest, although he knows that Xu Jing, who has practiced Jueying Sword Art, is very strong, he does not know how strong she is.

Although theoretically speaking, Xu Jing of the seventh layer of Body Tempering can indeed have the ability to rival Innate Martial Artist.

But after seeing the battle just now, he was still a little nervous.

Innate is too powerful.

Such a thick marble floor was beaten and cracked, and there were gravel everywhere, as if it had been run over by a bulldozer.

That’s outrageous!

At the same time, Mo Fan was also a little puzzled.

Isn’t this kind of battle a waste of time?

After one fight, the ground breaks like this.

After a few more games, will this martial arts stage still be used?

Is it possible that a new martial arts stage is required every month?

Wouldn’t that be too environmentally friendly?

Just when Mo Fan was puzzled, Yang Lin’s voice rang.

“You’ve been staring at the gravel on the martial arts stage, are you thinking that this kind of battle is a waste of space and a waste of resources?”

Hearing this, Mo Fan For a moment, he turned his face and looked towards Yang Lin.

“The martial arts stage of Yuxu Academy is specially made, with a special array engraved on it. When the battle is over, don’t worry about it, it will slowly recover on its own.

“At most half a day, as long as you don’t touch it, it will return to its original state. “

Mo Fan: “? “

Is the array so magical?

Glancing at Mo Fan, Yang Lin said again:

“Now you also see the power of Innate Martial Artist , when it’s your turn, just admit defeat. “

Hearing this, Mo Fan couldn’t help laughing.

The identification information is not wrong.

This guy is really a cold-hearted master.

Ganqing has been thinking about Mo Fan Body Tempering seventh layer.

Before Mo Fan could answer, Yang Lin looked towards Xu Jing on the side, and said with a serious expression:

“Little girl, you too, why did the seventh layer of Body Tempering come to assess? in a hurry. who sent you here? So ignorant. “

“Mo, Mo Fan asked me to come…” Xu Jing replied in a low voice.

Mo Fan: “? “

Yang Lin: “? ! “

Turn his head to look at Mo Fan, Yang Lin laughed angrily.

This kid, it’s okay to kill himself, and bring a little girl?

Damn it!

It’s poisonous, this kid!

Mo Fan scratched his head and said a little embarrassedly:

“Yang deacon, don’t worry about us, we Now that you have signed up, you are naturally confident in your own strength, just wait and see the result! “

Yang Lin: “…”

This kid is too confident, right?

Wu Jiangming’s face twitched a few times.


He, the Body Tempering Peak cultivation base, dare not say such words.

How dare this kid in the seventh layer of Body Tempering dare?

Too arrogant?

He frowned and glanced at Mo Fan, as if he wanted to say something, but finally held back.

At the same time, Yang Lin looked at the martial arts stage with a condensed expression.

At this moment, Yu Feifan and Zhang Tong have been fighting each other,

the martial arts stage is full of cracks, and rolling gravel can be seen everywhere.

Observe carefully After a while, Yang Lin coughed twice, and said loudly:

“Okay, don’t fight anymore, the difference in strength is not big, it counts as passing the test! ”

Zhang Tong immediately stopped the battle as soon as he said this.

He took sect to come here.

It’s natural to be able to end the battle early.

Anyway, there will be no shortage of Spirit Stones.

Similarly, Yu Feifan is also relaxed, dragging his tired body to the edge of the martial arts stage.

He has already It’s almost reaching its limit.

A longer time will definitely lead to defeat.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to beat Zhang Tong in the assessment.

Yu Feifan walked down , Yang Lin continued: “Next, Wu Jiangming! “

“Here! Wu Jiangming responded subconsciously, and then took heavy steps towards the center of the martial arts stage.

“Senior Brother please!” “

“Be careful!” “

The two fought together in an instant.

However, Wu Jiangming flew backwards very quickly.

The peng sound fell heavily to the ground.

At the same time, Zhang Tong’s voice rang out.

“Your strength is so much worse than mine that you can’t even block a single move from me.

“Don’t apply for assessment until the cultivation base breakthrough to Innate Realm.”

“many thanks Senior Brother show mercy!” Wu Jiangming got up from the ground and wiped Blood on the corners of my mouth, sincere thanks.

It is indeed show mercy.

If Zhang Tong attacks with full strength, he will have to peel off his skin if he doesn’t die.

“Go down.” Zhang Tong waved his hand.

If only all the examiners were as self-aware as Wu Jiangming.

In this way, he can easily get the task reward with one punch, isn’t it elated.

Soon, he seemed to think of something, frowning and looking towards Mo Fan and Xu Jing.

“Both of them are in the seventh layer of Body Tempering. After seeing my combat power, it shouldn’t be challenged again?

“In this way, Yes, there are only six people in total, two directly admit defeat, and two only have Body Tempering Peak cultivation base. After all, they just fought with the first two…

“Thinking like this , it’s a good deal!”

Zhang Tong was delighted.

“It’s such an easy task! I’m also worried about getting hurt! Didn’t expect to think too much! Handyman is always a handyman, hahaha!”

He thought he was earning hard money.

But didn’t expect it to be as easy as playing.

Even if Yu Feifei passed the assessment, his combat power was the same, and it didn’t hurt him at all.

“It would be great to be able to grab such a sect quest every time…”

Soon, he seemed to have thought of something, and stared at Martial Arts. On the edge of the stage, Zhao Yong, who has always been motionless, glanced at him.

“Senior Brother Zhao is more comfortable. You don’t have to do anything to get there. The Merit Points and the Spirit Stone are in your hands!”

Zhang Tong, who was elated a moment ago.

At this moment, it was as sour as eating a lemon.

At the same time, Yang Lin’s voice rang out: “The next Yang Yi!”

The voice fell, and a petite, ordinary-looking azure clothed woman turned towards the martial Go to the center of the arts stage.

Her ending was the same as Wu Jiangming, she was defeated without a single move.

“Go on, don’t sign up for the assessment until the cultivation base breakthrough reaches Innate.” Wu Jiangming waved his hand and sent Yang Yi down.

At the same time, he was ecstatic.

So cool!

Mission accomplished!

As for Mo Fan and Xu Jing who are in the back?

He didn’t think they had the courage to come up at all.

Yang Yi lowered her head and walked towards the edge of the martial arts stage in frustration.

She feels that her combat ability is already very strong, and it is difficult to find an opponent in Body Tempering Peak.

But didn’t expect that even Innate Martial Artist couldn’t stop it.

“It’s still too weak…”

Yang Yi returned to her original position.

Yang Lin looked at Xu Jing and said solemnly: “Are you going up?”

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