Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 54

martial arts stage.

Zhao Yong squinted at Mo Fan.

After seeing Xu Jing’s sword.

Zhao Yong already has some shadows in his heart.

He had reason to suspect that Mo Fan, like Xu Jing, also had a terrifying martial skill.

After all, having the courage to step onto the martial arts stage means that the other party has a certain degree of confidence.

For him in the beginning of Innate.

The Martial Skill of Jueying’s level is indeed somewhat incomprehensible.

Because its formidable power is so large that it can tear apart the protective astral qi instantly.

Let the original astral qi, which had a strong defense, be useless.

Even if the cultivation base enters the Innate, without the body protection astral qi, after all, it is only flesh and blood.

Zhao Yong understood that if he underestimated the enemy, he might end up with Zhang Tong.

Just as Zhao Yong was thinking wildly, Mo Fan slowly boarded the martial arts stage, bowed and said, “Please enlighten me.”

Zhao Yong frowned and asked intently : “Don’t you use weapons?”

Mo Fan shook his head: “I’m good at boxing.”

Hearing this, Zhao Yong couldn’t help sighed in relief.

Fortunately, there are no weapons.

No matter how strong the boxing is, the formidable power is not much, at least it is impossible to tear his body protection astral qi in an instant.

Even Vajra Fist, the most difficult to comprehend in Chuan Gonglou, is still not as explosive as Jueying.

Of course, Jueying is a bit similar to Raising Sword Art.

And Vajra Fist, relatively speaking, is a martial skill that consumes very little.

Even if it’s just Body Tempering Martial Artist, you can use Vajra Art continuously, at least for three or four minutes without much problem.

In addition, Vajra Fist is extremely fierce, and has the power to open mountains and crack rocks, and its overall ranking is even higher than Jueying.

However, compared with Jueying, Vajra Fist formidable power is still a line behind.

Even if you neglect your defense and have body protection astral qi, it is impossible to be killed by a single punch.

The biggest gap between Innate Martial Artist and Body Tempering Martial Artist is Innate Astral Qi.

Body Tempering Martial Artist can only simply introduce the spirit into the body, use the psychic energy to wash the body and strengthen itself.

The Innate Martial Artist, after the Body Tempering reaches its limit, communicates spirit strength with great perseverance, and opens up a Qi Sea similar to the 2nd layer space in the body.

The role of Qi Sea is simple.

It can transform the inhaled psychic energy into Innate Astral Qi suitable for human mobilization.

With Innate Astral Qi, both durability and explosiveness will achieve a qualitative leap.

The so-called body protection astral qi is to condense Innate Astral Qi on the body surface to form an invisible shield.

Generally speaking, it is difficult for Martial Artist in Body Tempering to break the astral qi of Innate Martial Artist’s body surface, which is one of the reasons for the obvious difference in strength between the two.

If you can’t even break the defense, how can you fight?

Thinking of this, Zhao Yong instantly felt at ease.

As soon as his thoughts became clear, he laughed at himself.

He laughed that he was being too cautious.

Talk back ten thousand steps.

What if Mo Fan also mastered Jueying?

As long as you don’t underestimate the enemy, the opponent can instantly kill him with a single sword.

Since he can’t kill with a single sword, then he can make a comeback.

even more how, this youngster’s cultivation is just boxing.

The trifling boxing, for him, is not the slightest threat.

On the other side, seeing Zhao Yong standing still, Mo Fan frowned and repeated: “Please enlighten me.”

Zhao Yong’s thoughts were pulled back.

His expression froze, and he said in a deep voice: “Then, you have to be careful!”

Before he finished speaking, the Innate Astral Qi in Zhao Yong Qi Sea instantly boiled.

His qi and blood are throbbing, his heart is muffled, his muscles and bones are beating in unison, like Tiger-Panther Thunderclap, like Hong Zhong Dalu, bringing people endless oppression.

“Hush! This breath…”

Even far away, the melon eaters under the

martial arts stage were horrified by this terrifying breath .

“This oppression is completely incomprehensible. Even if it doesn’t target me, it still makes me terrified and my legs are weak…” Someone was sweating coldly, and there was an urge to turn around and leave.

“Is this the Innate Martial Artist? When will I be able to achieve this level…” Someone sighed, full of yearning.

“No, Zhang Tong just now doesn’t seem to be that strong…” Some people were puzzled and full of puzzlement.

“Senior Brother Zhao is much stronger than Zhang Tong, the two are not at the same level at all.” Someone explained.

“Even in the outer sect, Senior Brother Zhao has a small reputation and is expected to be promoted to the Inner Sect in the future.”

“so that’s how it is…” Everyone was stunned.

“In this way, wouldn’t Mo Fan have bad luck?”

“No way, Senior Brother Zhao is too strong, Mo Fan can only have bad luck when he meets him… “

“Yeah, if Mo Fan plays against Zhang Tong, there is still a certain chance to win, but against Senior Brother Zhaoβ€”β€””

Everyone sighed and lamented that Mo Fan was unlucky. it is good.

At the edge of the martial arts stage, Xu Jing began to sweat on her palms, her face full of anxiety.

She could not help but feel a little remorse when she vaguely heard the words from the audience.

At this moment, she automatically ignored the fact that Jue Ying’s move was irreconcilable, and she didn’t hold back at all.

“If only Zhang Tong hadn’t lost his battle strength at that time…

“According to the regulations, if the promotion assessment fails, if you want to apply for the assessment again, at least half a year is required. …”

Thinking of this, Xu Jing blamed herself more and more.

“Will, or should I, should I wait for half a year? “

What Xu Jing didn’t know, however, was that Mo Fan, who was standing five meters away from Zhao Yong, didn’t feel much at the moment.

Zhao Yong’s burst of oppression caused him It has no effect at all.

Mo Fan is not an ordinary Body Tempering Martial Artist.

His fleshly body strength is no weaker than Innate Martial Artist.

The spirit strength has reached a terrifying level under the training of dreams.

The oppression force of the trifling Innate 3rd-layer Martial Artist can affect him to have a ghost.

β€œ Be careful! “

Zhao Yong finished charging up, stomped his feet on the ground, and rushed out like an arrow from the string, almost as if an afterimage appeared.

He snorted, and instantly Coming to Mo Fan, he swung his thighs out, like Divine Dragon Moving it’s Tail, bringing a violent gust of wind, squeezing the air so much that it made a loud noise.

“It’s over! ”

He swept his leg with a confident smile on his face.

Although his cultivation base is only a third-rate martial skill.

But the cultivation base is better than Mo Fan has a great realm and several small realm.

The difference in strength is so big, and the other party does not have such a terrifying lethal skill like Jueying.

If under such circumstances, he cannot defeat the enemy with one move, then he will be living as a dog in his life!

However, the smile on his face froze soon.


I saw Mo Fan’s reaction speed was terrifyingly fast, as if he had predicted his attack, his body twisted at an incredible angle, and he was able to escape the blow.

Then , Zhao Yong saw a fist bursting with golden rays of light, moved towards his gate of life and smashed it fiercely.

“Vajra Fist? Sure enough, it’s Vajra Fist!

“Unfortunately, even Vajra Fist may not be able to completely break my defenseβ€””

However, just as Zhao Yong’s thought arose, the huge golden fist slammed into the air. It was a close encounter with him.

At this moment, he even heard a crisp ka-cha sound.

β€”β€”That is the sound of the body shield astral qi shattering.


The terrifying force directly smashed Zhao Yong into the air.

At this moment, his entire face was deformed, several teeth fell off, blood was flying, his head roared, he lost consciousness for a short time, and rolled on the ground several times.

In the moment before he lost consciousness, there was only a single thought in his mind:

“This is really Vajra Fist? When did the Body Tempering Martial Artist of the Handyman Academy become so perverted? ?!” At the same time, looking at Zhao Yong, who was lying on the ground, motionless, Mo Fan was full of surprise.

“So I’m so strong?”

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