Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 56

Yuxu University, outer sect.

โ€œElder Lei, the major event is bad!โ€

Yang Lin rushed to the front of the exam hall and woke up Lei Hongyun who was dozing off.

“Frightened and flustered, what happened?” Lei Hongyun glared at Yang Lin angrily.

Before Yang Lin could speak, he said again:

“Isn’t today the day for the promotion assessment of the Handyman Academy? Why did you come back so soon?”

“Elder Lei has already been assessed, it’s justโ€”” Yang Lin said eagerly.

“We’ll talk about it later.” Lei Hongyun waved his hand to interrupt Yang Lin, stretched his waist and stood up from the reclining chair.

He yawned, picked up the celadon teacup from the long table and took a sip.

After stirring the tea a few times in his mouth and spitting it out, Lei Hongyun smiled and looked towards Yang Lin and continued:

“It’s good after the assessment, this time. Is it one person or two people who passed the assessment?”

“Three, three…” Yang Lin said.

“Three people?” Lei Hongyun was stunned for a moment, and then he was satisfied.

“That’s right, there are actually three people this month, Disciple who can be promoted from handyman, all of them have perseverance and perseverance.

“Even if their cultivation talent is a little short, as long as they are well trained , there will be some success in the future.

“Go, go through the formalities for them as soon as possible, let them come to the outer sect, don’t make any mistakes.”

Lei Hongyun waved his hand and sent Yang Lin away .

Yang Lin was stunned for a while, then turned around subconsciously.

However, before he could take two steps, he came back to his senses immediately, turned around and quickly said:

“Elder Lei, I have something important to report. !”

“en?” Lei Hongyun looked towards Yang Lin in confusion.

Yang Lin took a deep breath and said: “a genius! Handyman is a genius!” When he said this, Yang Lin’s body trembled involuntarily , his face flushed red, and his expression was excited.

“How talented you are, don’t worry, speak slowly.” Seeing that Yang Lin was so excited, Lei Hongyun put down the teacup, and his expression finally became serious.

“Juying sword art! Someone comprehended Juying sword art! And Vajra Fist! Vajra Fist also has it!” Yang Lin said incoherently with excitement.

Hearing this, Lei Hongyun couldn’t help pupils shrank, and immediately dumbfounded, his heart was shocked to the point of incomparable.

“You mean, someone comprehended both the Absolute Shadow sword art and the Vajra Fist?”

This kind of thing —

How is that possible!

Don’t say that there is such a horrible handyman Disciple as the impossible existence.

Even if the perception meets the requirements, it is impossible to have so much time and energy to cultivate two five-star martial skills at the same time!

After all, people have limits!

handyman Disciple everyday all is going to work.

Working is already tiring and consumes most of the time and energy of the day.

Where is there so much energy and time to cultivate two five-star martial skills at the same time?

The five-star martial skill is not Chinese cabbage.

Where is it that you can practice if you want?

Seeing that Elder Lei misunderstood him, Yang Lin quickly explained:

“No, you misunderstood, it’s two people, two people comprehended Juying sword art and Vajra Fist respectively! “

As soon as these words came out, Lei Hongyun suddenly realized.

“so that’s how it is, I would say, if only cultivation is a five-star martial skill, it’s reasonable.”

Although the Handyman Academy has not appeared for some years, I realize The Disciple of the five-star martial skill is now available, but some have appeared before.

After so many years, Lei Hongyun is no stranger to it.

“It’s not bad, it’s a good seedling, and it’s worth cultivating well.

“Also, they’ve been in the handyman academy for a long time, so the cultivation base will definitely be unable to keep up.

“Well, the Cultivation resource subsidy will be doubled according to the Outer Sect Disciple standard. It will last for two years, and you go-“

Lei Hongyun hasn’t finished his words yet. ,

was interrupted by Yang Lin:

“Elder Lei, they are more than just comprehended sword art and Vajra Fist!”

“en?” Lei Hong Yun’s expression sank, and he stared at Yang Lin with his brows fixed.

Yang Lin took a deep breath and quickly explained the situation during the promotion assessment in detail.

At the end, he also told the information about Mo Fan and Xu Jing.

After listening to Yang Lin’s remarks, Lei Hongyun froze in place, speechless for a long time.

After a while, he came back to his senses, and some couldn’t believe it:

“You mean, that girl’s cultivation base is only the seventh layer of Body Tempering, so she can’t believe it. One sword solved the cultivation base, Zhang Tong, who is already Innate Realm?”

“Yes, it was solved with one sword, it was clean and neat, and Zhang Tong had no power to fight back!”

“Are you sure you read it right?!” Lei Hongyun still couldn’t believe it.

“It’s absolutely true!” Yang Lin said firmly.

“This…” Lei Hongyun was speechless.

After thinking for a long time, he finally settled on the divine way:

“You go to investigate and confirm the detailed identity information of the girl, including her family. If there is no problem, I will go to one. Visit the Sword Pavilion.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Lin seemed to have thought of something, and couldn’t help being stunned.

โ€œUnder normal circumstances, even if Jueying sword art after successfully cultivating it, only one Body Tempering seventh layer Martial Artist can have the Innate First Layer combat power.

โ€œAbsolutely impossible Like that girl, kill Zhang Tong of Innate 1st tier with a single sword.

“After all, Innate Realm has developed Qi Sea, and Life Level has changed.

“Body Tempering seventh layer wants to back down Innate, obviously not a 5-Star. level can be changed by other martial skills.

“To put it bluntly, although the five-star martial skill of our Yuxu Academy is powerful, it is only equivalent to the first-class martial skill.

“It is far from reaching the super-first-class martial skill. The level of skill is not so much mysterious, and it can’t achieve the level of cutting down a great realm and killing it with a single sword only by relying on the martial skill. “

Speaking of this, Lei Hongyun paused and looked at Yang Lin.

“So, this little girlโ€”โ€”” Yang Lin didn’t dare to say any more.


“Obviously, this girl has a terrifying innate talent in sword dao, and can bring out 100%, or even 2300%, of the formidable power of sword art! “

After speaking, Lei Hongyun was so excited that his body trembled.

A genius like this is most suitable for Sword Pavilion. /p>

“Future Sword Immortal! “Yang Lin said these four words.

“It can only be said that it is possible, and how far it can grow in the future depends on many other factors. “Lei Hongyun shook his head.

“That’s enough!” “Yang Lin said.

Lei Hongyun started, and couldn’t help but smile: “Yes, that’s enough. “

“And what about the other genius?” The young lad of the comprehended Vajra Fistโ€”” Yang Lin asked again.

“The young lad of the comprehended Vajra Fistโ€””

Lei Hongyun frowned and said: “To be honest, the old man can’t understand his situation.

“According to what you just said, this person is a bit weird. He was only the Body Tempering 2nd layer when he got started, and he was still the Body Tempering 2nd layer that broke through in the Entry Examination.

“Only now how long has it been? After merely a trifling for more than two months, the cultivation base has actually broken through to the seventh layer of Body Tempering? “

“Thisโ€”” Yang Lin was stunned.

The cultivation speed of Mo Fan is indeed a bit outrageous.

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