Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 58

Mo Yingying strode towards Trial Pagoda.

Trial Pagoda is old and simple, and the blue bricks on the walls are somewhat mutilated.

It is altogether nine layers, nearly 100 meters high, and the spire is shrouded in clouds.

Mo Yingying walks to the entrance, concentrates slightly, runs the cultivation technique, and pushes open a seven-meter-high bronze door.

A harsh creak sounded, the heat wave in the tower assaults the senses, and Mo Yingying smelled the dust.

The bronze door is simple and heavy, engraved with mysterious runes, drawn by the mysterious Domain, and as heavy as a hill.

If the cultivation base does not reach a certain level, it is impossible to open this bronze door at all.

So, the ordeal has quietly begun.

Not far away.

Senior Sister in green skirt saw Mo Yingying push open the bronze door, and she couldn’t help but startled, and she was a little stunned.

“Unbelievable, her cultivation base has really reached the Foundation Establishment Realm, she is only eighteen years oldโ€”โ€””

Only if the cultivation base has reached the Foundation Establishment Realm, can she Possibly push open the bronze door.

The eighteen-year-old Foundation Establishment Realm is rare in the entire Human Race history.

But soon, she calmed down and slightly shook the head:

“The cultivation base does meet the requirements, but Trial Pagoda does not test the combat power and cultivation base. , but the combat potential and perception.

“I don’t know if she can successfully pass…”

The green skirt Senior Sister looked slightly condensed, looking towards not far away.

I saw Mo Yingying striding into the Trial Pagoda.

After a while, the bronze door closed silently and automatically.

See here, Green Skirt Senior Sister muttered to herself.

“The potential of combat power represents the strongest comprehensive strength that a person can exert under extreme conditions.

“Perception represents a person’s comprehension ability to the rules, and it is related to the promotion after Transcendent.

“I hope this girl Mo can pass itโ€”โ€””


A flash of hope flashed in the eyes of Senior Sister in the green skirt.

No one from Yuxu Academy has cleared Trial Pagoda for more than ten years.

And so young is already Mo Yingying of the Foundation Establishment Martial Artist is undoubtedly a hope to clear Trial Pagoda.

The test of combat potential is very complicated, involving many levels, and she is not clear about the specific test principle.

She only knows that the test requirement is to clear the Trial Pagoda.

After clearing the customs, you can directly become an inner sect disciple.

This is also the only jade entry except for the unified recruitment. The road to school.


Mo Yingying steps into the Trial Pagoda.

The soft blue light comes on immediately.

The light source is a fist-sized Luminous Pearl placed on both sides.

โ€œSo richโ€”โ€ Mo Yingying sighed.

As instructed, she continued to move forward.

It is worth mentioning that Trial Pagoda does not suppress demons and ghosts, nor does it have artificially set challenge levels.

There are only magical Domains and spells.


After a while.

Mo Yingying walked to the center of the First Layer.

There are several one meter radius, dark rays of light, engraved with ancient runes The metal ring of the metal ring.

This is the so-called test area.

Watching this scene, feeling the power of the mysterious rune on the metal ring, watching the ring The corners of Mo Yingying’s mouth twitched slightly at the various lines connected at the ends.

No matter how she looked at it, she felt that those lines affected the style of painting.

“The combination of technology and Transcendent?

“It’s really keeping pace with the timesโ€”

“Is this the reason why Yuxu Academy can always inherit? โ€

Mo Yingying sighed for a moment, then focused slightly, chose a ring at random, and walked into it.

She sat cross-legged, concentrated one’s mind, and introduced Domain.

Then, the runes on the metal ring suddenly lit up, bursting with brilliant rays of light, converging into a colorful starlight, shrouded in Mo Yingying.

Mo Yingying only felt stunned.

A sense of mystery rises in the mind.

Then, she only saw a flash, the world was spinning, and she lost all senses in an instant.

I don’t know. How long does it take.

Mo Yingying regained consciousness.

She slowly opened her eyes and found herself in an illusory space of pure white and boundless.

In such a space, it’s easy to break down.

Mo Yingying, who has experienced so many disasters, doesn’t care, and quickly adapts to it.

She Staring at himself, he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

“This is a virtual body constructed from Domain, array runes and modern technology.

โ€œThe entire world is unreal.

โ€œBut the touchโ€”

โ€œItโ€™s too real.โ€

Mo Yingying frowned, thought seriously, and finally sighed.

“If a holographic game is created with this kind of technology, it should be popular with Blue Star, right?”

After thinking about it for a while, she stood up and moved her body a little.

“Yes, this virtual body can keep up with my consciousness without the slightest delay. Yuxu Academy’s skills are really awesomeโ€””

Then, she tried running it again cultivation technique.

“Not bad, no matter it is cultivation technique or martial skill, it can be used, and the formidable power will not be discounted.

“In this caseโ€”โ€”

“Then let’s start the assessment.”

Mo Yingying’s expression was certain, and according to the green skirt Senior Sister’s explanation beforehand, the assessment keywords were triggered.

The voice fell.

An emotionless mechanical sound rang in my ears.

“Ding, congratulations on coming to the trial space, please choose the battle background.”

At the same time as the mechanical sound rang.

Mo Yingying has different scenes and animations in front of him.

There are both beautiful ancient scenes, futuristic sci-fi scenes, and even apocalyptic wasteland scenes.

Endless ocean, violent desert, wild forest, field of sky, Gobi, Colosseum, etc.

Mo Yingying just casually glanced at it and chose the antique scene without the slightest hesitation.

She likes ancient scenes and feels that fighting in such scenes can perform exceptionally well.

Actually, before crossing over.

She also often wears ancient clothes.

The wardrobe is full of Hanfu.

Unfortunately, it’s all goneโ€”โ€”

After crossing over, she doesn’t collect these anymore.

Read it.

What to wear.

“Ding, the beautiful and ancient battle background is being generated, please prepare for battle.”

The emotionless mechanical sound sounded again.

Mo Yingying calmed down, ran the cultivation technique, and looked alert.

Soon, the originally white space became illusory.

Next, a new scene appears.

The pavilions, pines and cypresses, the ancient town of small bridges, misty and rainy.

โ€œIs the ancient Jiangnan style?โ€

Mo Yingying wondered.

Soon, she saw a flash.

When I regained my sight again, I was already on the antique Martial Arts stage.

The floor is paved with bluestone.

White jade balustrade.

The stone pillar that holds Dragon Phoenix Qilin.

Go straight into the sky, like a ladder running through Heaven and Earth.

All of this gives a strong sense of visual impact.

“Ding, the enemy still has 30 seconds to reach the battlefield, please get ready-“

The emotionless mechanical sound rang.

Mo Yingying smiled slightly: “Very well, it’s finally time to start, let me see what demons and ghosts my opponent is.”

ย โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ

Outside the Trial Pagoda.

The bronze door is not far away.

The stone tablet, which was covered with moss, suddenly lit up.

But soon, the stone tablet that just lit up dimmed again.

Seeing this scene, the green-skirted Senior Sister standing aside couldn’t help but stunned, rubbed her eyes forcefully, suspecting that she was hallucinating.

The stone tablet lights up, indicating that a level of challenge begins.

The stone tablet is off, indicating that a certain level of challenge has passed.

The bronze door opens automatically, indicating that the challenge has failed.

The light above the ninth layer, opening the skylight, represents a challenge to clear the level.

“I must have read it wrong. The interval between the on and off of the stone tablet seems to be less than a second. No one can pass the First Layer in such a short time.”

However, The green skirt Senior Sister’s voice just fell.

A line of small print appeared on the stone tablet.

First Layer: Pass.

Then, the stone tablet lights up again.

The second layer challenge has begun.

Senior Sister in green: “?”

Am I dreaming?

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