Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 59

The interval is less than one second.

The stone tablet lights up and dims.

This made the green-clothed Senior Sister suspect that she was dreaming.

However, the line of small words that appeared on the stone tablet and the second light on the stone tablet reminded her that all this was not a dream.

“It took less than a second to pass through the First Layer, how is this possible…”

However, this idea just came to her.

The stone tablet dimmed again.

Immediately after, another line of small words appeared below the first line of small words.

The second layer: pass.

Senior Sister in green skirt: “?!”

This time, it’s two seconds!

Two seconds through the second layer!

“Impossible, I must be dazzled!”

Senior Sister in green dress clenched her fists tightly, trembling with excitement.

One second through the First Layer.

Two seconds to pass through the second layer.

This means that the strength is absolutely invincible at the same level!

โ€œis it possible that โ€•โ€•โ€

A terrifying thought flashed through Sister Green Skirt’s mind.

Actually want to be inner sect disciple.

Not really trying to get past the Trial Pagoda ninth layer entirely.

If you reach some other extreme conditions, you can also be accepted as an inner sect disciple by Yuxu Academy and claim to have cleared Trial Pagoda.

The word “clearance” here is to be in quotation marks.

At most, it only counts as a partial clearance.

For example, the fourth layer before customs clearance.

For another example, clear the first five layers.

There are two so-called limit conditions.

First : At least the first five layers are passed in an hour.

second: Pass through the first fourth layer within one minute.

The first fourth layer of the Trial Pagoda is a pure combat potential assessment.

From the Fifth Layer, the perception assessment will be involved.

Being able to pass the first five layers within an hour is enough to prove that the examiner’s combat potential is not weak, and also has a certain perception.

For such reviewers.

As long as Cultivation is done well and resources can keep up, there is still a chance to go to Transcendent Peak and have terrifying combat power.

Such a person is undoubtedly worthy of training.

Of course, if it takes more than an hour to pass through the Fifth Layer, then the Sixth Layer does not need to continue.

Because, in this case.

As soon as the examiner enters the Sixth Layer, it will be judged as a failure by the Trial Pagoda.

For this reason, crossing the first five layers within an hour is defined as a limit condition.

The second limit condition is to cross the first fourth layer within one minute.

Although the first fourth layer is a pure combat potential assessment.

However, a tester who can pass the first fourth layer in one minute has undoubtedly invincible combat potential.

For such a person, the same realm is hard to find an opponent, and even has the opportunity to go back and kill the enemy across the great realm.

“The First Layer took one second, and the second layer took two secondsโ€”โ€”

“Third Layer, Fourth Layerโ€”โ€””

Thinking of this, the green skirt Senior Sister’s breathing became a little faster.

“Even though the Third Layer Fourth Layer is much more difficult than the first two layers, there is still hope for Miss Mo to pass the first fourth layer in one minute and reach the limit. Become the inner sect disciple of the university! โ€

It has been a long time since no one from Yuxu Academy has successfully passed the level, or has successfully passed the pseudo level when the extreme conditions are met.

Now that Mo Yingying has passed the level strongly, Sister Green Skirt is naturally excited.

At the same time, the stone tablet also lights up again.

“The Third Layer starts, as long as the Third Layer passes within fifteen seconds, there is enough time to break through the Fourth Layer! “

Sister Green Skirt quickly held her breath, stared at the stone tablet, and started counting.

One secondโ€”โ€”

Two secondsโ€”โ€”

Three secondsโ€”โ€”

With a swish, the lighted stone tablet dimmed again.

The third line of small words appeared below the second line of small words .

Third Layer: Passed.

โ€œen?โ€ The green skirt Senior Sister who was about to count โ€œfourโ€ was stunned.

โ€œThree Passed the Third Layer in seconds?

“The Third Layer is so much more difficult than the second layer, and the time consumption is only one second longer?

“This, this, this… Could it be Trial Pagoda Domain Something wrong with array? “

However, she quickly rejected her idea.

“There is no such possibility, Domain and array are jointly maintained by Sect Master and several Supreme Elders, After so many years, there has never been any mistake…

“In this way, Miss Mo is a real fighting genius, with one in ten-thousand does not have a decisive fighting innate talent!


“One second plus two seconds plus three seconds, the first three layers take only six seconds in total, and it’s a certainty to pass the first fourth layer in one minute!

“No, I have to inform the Master immediately, such a potential Disciple, must become my Junior Sister!”

Thinking of this, the Green Skirt Senior Sister hurriedly took out the communicator and dialed Passed the number of own master.

Soon, the call was connected, and a somewhat lazy female voice rang: “Linger, what’s the matter with contacting Master?”

“Master major event is not good! Tang Ling hurriedly shouted loudly.


“Master normally teaches us to be calm and not panic…” Tang Ling said quickly.

“Well, it’s good if you know it, remember to copy it a thousand times when you come back, and give it to your teacher tomorrow.”

Tang Ling: “…”

“Let’s talk, what to contact as a teacher.” The voice was still lazy.

Tang Ling had no doubt that the own master was lying on his side reading a book while digging out the iced watermelon with a spoon to eat.

took a deep breath, Tang Lingcai said at a moderate pace:

“Master, the girl Mo, who was brought to Trial Pagoda by me, only took six seconds for the first three floors. The time of the clock.

โ€œNow she is about to start the Fourth Layer assessment, and there is a high probability that she will be able to pass the first fourth layer within one minute. “

As soon as he finished speaking, Tang Ling was stunned for a moment, stared wide-eyed again, looked over at the stone tablet, and counted in his heart at the same time.

The stone tablet was lit again.

“One second, two seconds, three secondsโ€””

Tang Ling counted silently in her heart.

When she counted to “five”, stone The tablet dimmed again.

At the same time, the fourth line of small words appeared below the third line of small words.

Fourth Layer: Passed.

See this As a result, Tang spiritual eyes were bigger than cows.


It only took five seconds!

Fourth passed in only five seconds Layer!

It only took eleven seconds for the first four layers to add up!

Is this still a human?!

At the same time, Tang Ling communicator The voice of [email protected]@ came.

It sounded like someone was spitting out watermelon seeds.

After a while, the still lazy voice sounded again: “Linger, you just now what are you talking about? “

Tang Ling rolled the eyes and said quickly:

“Miss Mo only took six seconds for the first three layers, and only five seconds for the Fourth Layer.

“The fourth layer only took 11 seconds in total before clearing the game.

“According to the regulations, she has reached the second limit and can be considered to have cleared the Trial Pagoda. “

After finishing speaking, Tang Ling glanced at the stone tablet again.

The stone tablet was lit up again and seamlessly entered the next layer.

So she added: “Oh, now she’s taking on Fifth Layer. “

After speaking, the communicator was stunned for a few seconds.

After a while, the originally lazy voice became fiery:

“You This disobedient disciple, he didn’t notify Master of such an important matter early, stand there and don’t move, Master will be here soon! “

It’s too late, the disc is about to be robbed!

Tang Ling: “? “

Why is my Master so unreliable?

“But there will be another Little Junior Sister soon, happy~”

…… โ€ฆโ€ฆ

Second day.

Mo Fan got up early, washed briefly, ate something to deal with it, and started to cultivate.

Today It is November 11th.

It is recommended to stay at home and avoid going out.

It is raining heavily, so it is impossible to cultivate Golden Body Art against the morning sun, and the efficiency will be greatly reduced.


Mo Fan was also very helpless about this.

It was a morning in the blink of an eye.

The rain finally stopped, and the dazzling sunlight shone through the clouds. The puddles of water reflected sparkling waves.

Dawnbreak Peak was hung with a clear and visible rainbow bridge on the first sunny day after the rain.

Mo Fan pushed open the door and walked out , and walked towards the Spirit Medicine Garden.

Golden Body Art is saturated after a few hours of cultivation a day. At this time, the blood is swollen, and if it is not digested, continuing cultivation will not be effective.

I am also idle, Mo Fan is going to go to the Spirit Medicine Garden to have a look, and then work the last shift, and say goodbye to my colleagues by the way.

Walking on the road, handyman Disciples is in a hurry, But they are all talking excitedly.

“Have you heard? Someone had a trial success yesterday! “

“Why didn’t you hear about it?” It’s all spread! “

“Yes, yes, I heard from a Senior Brother in the outer sect that the Sect Master and a few elders have been waiting under the Trial Pagoda, from yesterday morning until past six o’clock this morning. ! “

“Hold on!” isn’t it? Wasn’t it raining this morning? “

“Yeah, it is said that the Sect Master and the Elders just stand like that, motionless under the tower, without blinking their eyes, always looking at the top of the tower, they didn’t even notice the rainstorm!”

“It wasn’t until the seven-colored glow on the top of the tower burst out and the Heavenly Gate opened that the Sect Master and the elders relaxed and laughed loudly, so that the dark clouds in the sky were scattered, and the falling rainwater was flowing back! “

“Hey? There is such a thing, is the person who broke into the tower the granddaughter of a certain Supreme Elder?” Mo Fan leaned up curiously and said something casually.

Suddenly, the people who were talking gave him a roll of eyes.

“What nonsense, that is the peerless genius who has cleared Trial Pagoda, the ancestor of the entire Yuxu Academy!

“Uh, this seems a bit exaggerated, Anyway, it’s very difficult to deal with, it’s not something that a handyman Disciple like you and me can reach! “

“Yes, yes, I heard that the genius has the most perfect peerless face in the world, and the beauty is unmatched in the world. Such a Fairy, as long as he can see it from a distance, he will die without regret. ! “

Everyone: “! ! ! “

Mo Fan: “? “

I don’t believe it, my daughter’s beauty is the first under the heavens, unless you send me a picture of Kangkang!

Mo Fan shook the head, no more nosy

This kind of gossip is mostly increasingly distorting the truth, and I don’t know has several points of truth.

Of course, no matter what the truth is, it has nothing to do with him.

“Forget it, go to work and have a drink with Xiao Huohuo and the others in the evening. โ€

shook the head and Mo Fan walked towards the Spirit Medicine Garden at a moderate pace.

(Ps: This chapter makes up for what I owe yesterday.)

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