Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 6

“Thank you, thank you!”

Taking the Spirit Stone handed over by the burly man, Mo Fan smiled and was overjoyed.

For him, whose cultivation talent is almost zero, he expects to exchange Spirit Stone for attribute points, which will become stronger by adding points.

“Go and rest for a while, I’ll inform you of the third round test.” The burly man pointed to the right.

The previous He Wuyi and Zhang Qiang were there.

At this moment, the two have sat cross-legged, Five Hearts toward the Heaven, running the cultivation technique to absorb the spiritual energy and cultivated.

“Hold on, it’s too curly!”

Mo Fan was shivering and hurriedly ran over to sit next to them and followed the cultivation.


Another voice rang out.

“Report, I comprehended!”

The voice was familiar, Mo Fan looked over and immediately saw Lin Yiyi.

“So fast, this woman really has a problem!”

Mo Fan secretly complained.

“I hope not to be assigned to the same area in the future!

“Bah, cross it out!

โ€œI canโ€™t stand!โ€

Mo Fan shook his head, looked at his nose and nose and cared, no longer thought about it, and began to cultivate seriously.

Of course, his cultivation efficiency is too poor, cultivated is the same as no cultivation, and he can hardly feel any improvement.

But this doesn’t stop him from rolling!

When he grows into a region’s Overlord years later, he will be able to say that with pride and no shame.

“I, Mo Fan, can achieve today’s achievements thanks to my unremitting efforts!”

“Good! White Fang, his mouth almost went to the back of his ears, and he completely lost his cold image at the beginning.

It’s only been an hour!

This is the fourth one!

It has surpassed the level of previous years!

There are still fifty or so minutes before the end, and hopefully there will be another four or five, or even more examiners who fully understand the test boxing!

โ€œ1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Eight? How many contribution points does this get?

โ€œHahaha, this time I was assigned to be responsible for the new recruiting test, Blood earned, those guys are still unwilling to come, hahaha! “

The burly man was overjoyed and happily checked Lin Yiyi’s information.

“Lin Yiyi.”


โ€œBody Tempering 3rd-layer.

“People from Baishi County, Luocheng.

“Not bad, let’s go there to rest for a while and wait for the third round. “

“Good senior.” “Lin Yiyi smiled nodded, moved her steps slightly, moved towards Mo Fan and they walked over.

After a while, she walked to Mo Fan’s side, smiled slightly, squatted down, and spoke softly.

“It’s really fateful to meet again. โ€

โ€œSparrow Eater, hahaha, take care!โ€ “Mo Fan stopped cultivation and touched the back of his head embarrassingly.

“It’s so nice of you to have a comprehended test of punches so quickly!” “Lin Yiyi said.

“hahaha, not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning, you are also excellent! “Mo Fan braces oneself and chats awkwardly, his feet slam on the floor.

“Hehe, cultivation, there is about an hour left, conserve strength and store up energy, and use the final state to meet the next assessment. โ€

Lin Yiyi laughed, didnโ€™t say more, sat cross-legged, and started the cultivation technique by running the cultivation technique.

Mo Fan relaxed, concentrating, eyes slightly closed, and quickly entered the Cultivation state.

After a while, Lin Yiyi opened his eyes and glanced at Mo Fan with a strange expression.

“This guy’s efficiency in absorbing spiritual energy is really terrifying. …”

She is a physique who is special by nature and is very sensitive to psionic energy, so she can perceive some changes that ordinary people cannot perceive.

I feel that Mo Fan absorbs psionic energy. Efficiency, Lin Yiyi’s whole person is stunned.

This is… too wasteful!

How can such a wasteful physique match such a good perception?


Immemorial is weird! “

“Well, forget it, don’t worry about other people’s business…”

Lin Yiyi took a deep breath and concentrated one’s mind cultivation.

The other side.

Mo Fan is immersed in the cultivation, and at the same time, he is consciously connected to the virtual panel to view it.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Body Tempering Ichi (+)]

[cultivation technique: Basic Body Tempering Technique]

[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

[Available attribute points: 2]

When he thought to move, the Spirit Stone in his palm felt a burst of warmth and disappeared in an instant.

Then, the virtual panel flashed.

The data changed.

The column that can be clicked on attribute has changed from 2 to 3.

Mo Fan slowly spat out one mouthful of impure air, condensed his consciousness in the column of cultivation base, and tried with his mind Click the plus sign at the back.

The virtual panel flashes again, and the cultivation base column changes.

[cultivation base: Body Tempering 1st (+) (3/3)]

At the same time, Mo Fan sensed that his cultivation base would immediately increase as long as he “pressed” the plus button lightly.

But at this time, he stopped He came down, quietly withdrew from consciousness, and continued to cultivate seriously.

Although he really wanted to add some upgrades immediately.

But this situation is obviously inappropriate.

Although there is nothing strange about breaking through, it may not attract attention.

But he always feels that Lin Yiyi beside him is weird.

So add something like this, or Slow down first.

Anyway, the attribute point is there, and I canโ€™t run away, so donโ€™t be in a hurry!


Immersed in cultivation , time flies by quickly.

In the blink of an eye, two hours have passed. Time.

However, except for the four Mo Fan, none of them fully comprehend the test boxing technique.

Seeing this, the burly man in charge of the assessment couldn’t help but turn black.

“I’m looking forward to it!

“I thought there would even be seven or eight today!

“Ai, it seems that I think too much!”

The burly man’s face was full of unrequited love.

God gave him hope, but finally slapped him fiercely.

In the end, he could only comfort himself: “There are four that are not bad. They have a decent perception and deserve to be cultivated.”

“Maybe I can make a lot of contributions to the school in the future. , so that my face is also bright, after all, I was recruited. “

Thinking like this, the burly man stood up and faced the audience, his voice as loud as Thunder Dao.

“Everyone, the hour has come.” “

As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned, and lost one’s head out of fear.

“Isn’t it? Time so soon? Why do I feel like it’s only been a while…”

“Ahhh, almost, just a little bit, are you going to be eliminated? “

“It’s too hard, this set of boxing is too hard, I can’t learn it!” “

“mother, I want to go home, the test is too difficult, wu wu wu โ€”โ€””


A group of people like prepare For there funeral, their faces are ashen.

Some people are unwilling and beat their chests.

Some people cry and feel that fate is unfair.

Some people smile wryly, lamenting the years of ascetic cultivation For nothing.

“Ai, it’s too difficult, cultivation is really too difficult…”

Everyone looked at the sky and sighed.

But soon, Someone found a clue.

“No, it seems that only the four of them passed the comprehension test? “

“No way? Are our bunch so bad? Only four people passed the second round assessment? “

“Fuck! Putting it that way third round ! “

“Uh, things don’t seem to be quite right. I heard that the difficulty of each assessment at Yuxu Academy will not vary too much. It is impossible to recruit even a hundred people…”

“What exactly is going on? “

Just when everyone was wondering, the burly big man’s loud voice sounded again.

“Now, you will practice a test boxing method for the last time, and I will test the boxing method according to your understanding.” progress, select some of you to enter the next round of assessment! “

As soon as these words came out, everyone was startled, and then immediately became ecstatic.

“There is a chance!” still have a chance! I knew it wasn’t that simple! “

“Hahaha, it’s not that I’m too bad, but the four of them are too perverted!” โ€

A group of people took a deep breath together and practiced the test boxing method seriously.

Suddenly, a uniform voice came, and the air waves brought by the fist wind gathered together, The crash-bang rolled up the dust on the ground and spiraled upward, as if it formed a small tornado.

The burly man was attentive and looked down the stage seriously.

Two After 3 minutes, the burly man stepped down from Mrs. Gao and started ordering people.

“You, passed, go over there. “

“Me? passed? hahaha! Am I dreaming again? “The person who was targeted couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment, and couldn’t believe it.

“Don’t talk nonsense, go over there to meet. The burly man glared at the man and pointed to Mo Fan and the others coldly said.

“Good! “The man took off with joy and moved towards Mo Fan and they ran over there.

The burly man called the head and didn’t say much.

He continued. Roll call.

Actually, most of these examiners who failed to understand the test boxing technique within two hours will be like this in this life, and it is difficult for them to have a bright future.

Cultivation talent is not enough, perception can’t catch up with others.

Such a handyman Disciple is really just a handyman Disciple, and Yuxu Academy will not waste too much cultivation resources on these people.

This part of the handyman Disciple, for Yuxu Academy, is just a simple employment contract, giving them a simple employment contract, and there is almost no relationship between teachers and teachers.

Provide them with A job, pay the corresponding remuneration, this is enough.

Of course, among these people, after many years, there may be a few successful people, promoted to the outer sect, or even the inner sect disciple .

But these are all for later.

After a while, the burly man selected more than 320 examiners and let them advance to the next round.


At this point, there are only 320 or so of the 3,000 appraisers left.

“Okay, those who haven’t been named can go back the same way. โ€

As soon as these words came out, the appraisers who were not named were all startled, and their expressions became lonely.

In the end, they sighed, reluctantly, and turned back three steps and left. The square.

After these people left, the burly man glanced at the remaining 300 people, and the voice sounded again.

“You guys get ready for the last one in five minutes. round examination.

“By the way, those who perform well in the last round will have a generous Spirit Stone reward, and the right to select the cultivation Cultivation Art and Martial Skill once after entering the Sect without contribution point.

“So, everyone, perform well and do your best to show your full strength! “

Speaking, the burly man glanced at Mo Fan and the four of them.

The meaning is obvious.

Performing well, it is very likely that they are the same Personal.

Hearing this, Mo Fan was overjoyed and his blood boiled.

Generous Spirit Stone rewards!

attribute points!

But soon, he wilted.

He was a trifling Body Tempering, and he wanted to eat peaches?

It was only very soon, he seemed to think about it again What, I was overjoyed.

“I didn’t say anything about the last round of assessment, in case it has little to do with the cultivation base…

“There is still hope!”

Thinking of this, Mo Fan is full of fighting spirit again.

However, the next words of the burly man poured cold water on him.

“The content of the final round of assessment is actual combat!”

Mo Fan’s face darkened: “??!”

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