Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 60

Halfway through, Mo Fan suddenly thought of something and turned back to the cafeteria for lunch.

When he arrived at the Spirit Medicine Garden, the bell for work in the afternoon just rang.

But seeing him appear, Xiao Huohuo and the others hurriedly put down their work tools and gathered around excitedly.

“Fuck Mo Fan! I heard from Zhu deacon that you succeeded in the promotion assessment!”

Zhong Ting was the closest to the entrance of the Spirit Medicine Garden, she ran over first and caught it immediately Mo Fan’s arm.

Zhu deacon is the new Outer Deacon who has been transferred to teach them the Pill Dao class.

“It’s a fluke, it’s just a fluke.” Mo Fan scratched his head.

“Humble.” Zhong Ting gave Mo Fan a sullen look, grabbed his arm, and leaned over intentionally or unintentionally.

She put her toes on her toes and whispered softly in Mo Fan’s ear: “How about going to Jinxiulou to celebrate together at night?”

“cough cough β€”β€”” Mo Fan coughed twice, glanced at her mediocre expression, broke free, looked up at the sky, and pretended not to hear.

“hmph, stay on wood!” Zhong Ting lightly snorted, turned and walked away.

At this time, others arrived.

“Brother Fan, you are really deeply hidden. Pill Dao is so innate talent, even Martial Arts is too strong to pass the promotion examination secretly!” Tang Shan said with a face enviously.

“Hehe, Xiaosan, you are too small, how did Mo Fan sneak through the promotion assessment?

“He passed the Innate with a punch and a second with a high profile! I almost died when I heard the news! “

Xiao Huohuo ran over and told the truth.

His eyes lit up. Although he was happy for Mo Fan, his heart was as sour as a lemon.

He thinks he’s not bad.

He was a genius for a while, and at the end of the first semester of high school, he broke through to the Body Tempering 3rd-layer.

It’s a pity Yes, after Body Tempering 3rd-layer, no matter how hard he tried, the cultivation base was just standing still, no matter how much cultivation was useless, he finally missed Wu Ke University.

Fortunately, he finally entered Yuxu as he wished. The school has become a glorious handyman Disciple.

Although it is just a handyman Disciple.

But it can continue to cultivate Martial Arts.

As long as you persist, say Maybe one day his cultivation talent will come back.

So he fantasizes every day that he will return to normal one day, and then rise all the way, triumphant progress, step on Heaven’s Chosen, and climb to Martial Arts Peak.

Now seeing that Mo Fan just entered Yuxu Academy and passed the promotion assessment, I can’t help but feel a little sour.

It seems that he sensed Xiao Huohuo’s strange emotions, Mo Fan sighed, patted his shoulders and said:

“Are you worried about your own future, feeling that you are not born at the right time, hating yourself for losing your cultivation talent, unfathomable mystery, being disliked by fiancee, and getting divorced? “

For this, half of Mo Fan heard what Xiao Huohuo usually said, and the other half guessed.

Anyway, some of his experiences are a little worthy of this. The name.

Xiao Huohuo was stunned, subconsciously nodded, and wondered how Mo Fan knew about this.

He never mentioned the matter of being divorced by fiancee to anyone. It’s over!

Mo Fan concentrates and continues: “If you have a ring on your hand, I advise you to throw it away, maybe you will have a surprise. “

“Huh? “Xiao Huohuo looked confused.

Mo Fan laughed and stopped talking.

It’s a pity that Han Li has already followed Liu Ji’an.

Otherwise he You can ask him if he found a glass bottle in the mountainside.

At this time, Tang Shan frowned and walked towards Mo Fan, wanting to say something, but in the end there was nothing said.

Obviously, he also wanted to get Mo Fan’s advice.

Seeing this, Mo Fan thought about it and asked: “You want to ask me how to quickly break through the cultivation base. , on the Peak of life? “

Tangshan startled,

subconsciously nodded.

Mo Fan said with a smile: “Tangshan brother, you can concentrate on practicing blue-silver winding, one day there will be Out of breath! “

Tangshan: “? ? ? “

What the heck is blue-silver entanglement?

Is it a martial skill?

Or is it a cultivation technique?

Technique Imparting Does Hall have blue-silver entanglement?

Tangshan’s eyes lit up and his expression became firm.

He knew that a genius like Mo Fan would definitely not aim at nothing!

“Looks like I’ll have to work hard in the future, accumulate merit points, and then go to the Technique Imparting Hall to have a look.

“If Yuxu Academy doesn’t have it, then think of a way to find it elsewhere!”

Tangshan secretly decided to follow Mo Fan’s suggestion, and cultivate the so-called Blue Silver twine.

With precedent, others also looked to Mo Fan eagerly, waiting for his guidance.

No way, Mo Fan had to one after another to talk nonsense with them.

For example, he said to Chu Fan: You can find a time to go to the Western Xinjiang and see if you can find a stone box.

Another example is to say to Luo Shanfeng: Go out more when you have time and see if you can find a broken spaceship or something.

A few people silently wrote down what Mo Fan said and decided to try it later.

After all, there is no cost to try.

What if it really defy the heavens and change the fate, and it rises strongly?

After chatting for a while, the new Zhu deacon came over with a dark face, said ill-humoredly:

“What are you talking about during work hours? One by one, hurry up to work. Go!”

Hearing this, everyone suddenly became embarrassed and ran away, leaving only Mo Fan standing there.

Zhu deacon ran over with a dark face and was about to scold, but found Mo Fan standing in front of him, he couldn’t help but glared at him and said:

“You and Xu Jing has passed the promotion assessment and will no longer be used to work in Spirit Medicine Garden.”

Mo Fan scratched his head honestly and said:

“Anyway, if you are idle, you will be idle. Come over for another half-day class, I was the only one who mastered the technique of mixing nutrient solution before, and I can teach them today.”

Hearing this, Zhu Deacon’s expression softened a lot, and nodded turned around and left.

Mo Fan laughed and walked towards Xiao Huohuo.

Xiao Huohuo is the most innate talent at the scene. If you explain it well, maybe it will teach him to perfectly adjust all kinds of nutrient solutions.

As for the study of Pill Dao’s class…

After Liu Ji’an left, Zhu Ming took over.

It’s a pity that Zhu Ming didn’t make an all-out effort to teach them like Liu Ji’an did.

And the content is also some basic knowledge about spiritual medicine, which has nothing to do with Liu Ji’an’s second stage Dan Dao foundation course, and is closer to the first stage course a month ago.

In this regard, Mo Fan is also a little emotional.

No matter what Liu Ji’an did, he was a good person.

At least in teaching them, there is no fault, very good teacher.

“I don’t know if Han Lie will have any luck with himβ€””


In a blink of an eye, an afternoon passed.

As the sun sets and the sky begins to darken, the bell rang.

Spirit Medicine Garden A group of people walked together towards the market halfway up the mountain.

When passing by the dormitory area, Mo Fan called out Xu Jing, who was staying at home for cultivation.

The group has been together for more than two months.

It’s better to get together when we’re apart.

And just for these names, Mo Fan feels that they will definitely not be ordinary in the future.

If you have a good relationship at this time, you may be able to use it one day.

A group of people ate a big meal, drank a little wine, and went to Goulan together to listen to the ditty.

It was almost twelve o’clock when I returned to the school.

Walking on the road, several people chatted casually.

The topic has been brought up again to the Trial Pagoda incident.

While chatting, Mo Fan looked strange.

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