Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 63

“Do you have a cultivation technique to hide your breath?” Mo Fan looked towards daughter

“Of course!”

Daughter nodded, continue Dao:

“Breath Restraining Technique is a necessary cultivation technique for survival in the wild, how could it not be?”

Demons are rampant outside the defense line, and if you don’t hide your good breath, you will be easily hit by demons. Be careful to become a demon’s ration.

“Just if you have it, teach me?” Mo Fan looked at her.

“No problem, but I have a condition!” Mo Yingying blinked.

“Forget it, let’s go, don’t say it’s my daughter in the future.” Mo Fan glared at her and got up to drive her away.


You don’t learn well at a young age!

Don’t get used to it!

Mo Fan naturally knew what her daughter was thinking.

Senior Sister or something…


Absolutely impossible!

Even if I, Mo Fan, jumped off Jade Void Peak, I wouldn’t call my daughter Senior Sister!

“Uh, father, I was wrong, I’m kidding father, I’ll teach you now!” The daughter confessed and did not dare to make trouble.

The sugar-fried chestnuts really left her with a lot of shadows.

So when Mo Fan gets angry, she automatically turns on the admitting error mode.

After sorting out the ideas a little, Mo Yingying began to explain.

While explaining the key points and cooperating with Breathing Technique, Mo Yingying taught carefully and in detail.

One speaks and one listens.

Two hours later.

Mo Yingying finally explained a complete set of Breath Restraining Technique.

“That’s it, father, try it out and see if you can comprehend it.”

Said, Mo Yingying looked towards his father and motioned him to give it a try.

Mo Fan nodded, his eyes closed slightly, and he quickly replayed everything his daughter taught in his mind.

โ€œAlthough this cultivation technique is not as difficult as the cultivation technique of Peerless Secrets, it is much more difficult than the ordinary first-class cultivation technique. The super Breath Restraining Technique that can hide from the following Martial Artist of Return to Origin Realm.

“It’s normal that you can’t learn for the time being, father, don’t be discouraged, it’s not bad if you can comprehend a little for the first time.

“In the future, keep practicing every day. It takes about a month or two to become proficient.

“At that time, you will completely hide your angerโ€””

Before she finished speaking, she was startled and stared at Mo Fan with wide eyes.

I don’t know when, Mo Fan opened his eyes.

He looked slightly condensed, and he made two strange handprints with his hands.

Then, the breath on his body instantly became vain.

After a while, he was completely disappeared, as if he had become an ordinary person without cultivation Martial Arts.

Seeing this, Mo Yingying was stunned and suspected that he was dazzled.

“You did it the first time? How is this possible…

“Father, have you learned this stuff before? “

Mo Fan ignored her, calmed down, and continued to try.

After about ten minutes, he completely mastered this cultivation technique.

As long as the thoughts Move, you can erase your breath.

If you move your mind again, you can restore your breath, top secret, which is very convenient.

Mo Yingying has no idea about this. What should I say.

She didn’t expect that the father’s perception was so good.

Although this Breath Restraining Technique is not difficult to practice.

But even if she has awakened special physique, it will take a day or two to practice.

My own father is good, once you learn it, you will become proficient in ten minutes. She’s not a human being!

No wonder she can learn the Peerless Secret Chapter!

It seems that she underestimates her father!

At the same time, she is also a little confused.


Isn’t what father is best at being direct?

With flesh and blood, tearing the Monster King by hand!

For father, martial skill or something, It’s not as easy to use as her own flesh and blood.

No matter what super-class martial skill he has, he can smash it with one punch!

In her impression, although the father also cultivates martial skill, he doesn’t use the martial skill very much.


Mo Yingying knew that although her father’s perception was not bad, it wasn’t as good as it was.

But soon, she understood .

After crossing over, this world has changed.

Father got mysterious pendant several years in advance, which is already different from the original development trajectory.

Maybe the perception or something is also due to the absorption of the pendant in advance, and it has mutated and is directly invincible.

While Mo Yingying was thinking about it, Mo Fan still did not stop and continued to practice that Set Breath Restraining Technique.

By trying it over and over again.


He finally found some clues.

In the end, his thoughts move, and his breath instantly returned to zero.

However, something incomprehensible happened.

Mo Fan thoughts move again, and his aura changed.

Body Tempering is one heavy.

Next is the Body Tempering 2nd layer.

Body Tempering 3rd-layer.

Body Tempering 4th layer โ€•โ€•

Up to the Body Tempering seventh layer.

Then it was to switch between various realms at will, and Mo Yingying was stunned.

After almost trying, Mo Fan stopped in satisfaction.

“This is almost the same, and the effect is no worse than Lin Yiyi’s cultivation technique.”

Mo Fan smiled brightly and felt comfortable.

After solving the problem of restraining the breath, he can add points unscrupulously. No matter how fast the cultivation is, he is not afraid of being seen by others.

“Old, father…” Mo Yingying hesitated.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Fan looked at her.

โ€œHow did you do it?โ€ Mo Yingying asked.

โ€œen?โ€ Mo Fan wondered.

Mo Yingying took a deep breath and added: “How did you manage to change your own cultivation realm?”

Mo Fan gave her a worried look and said:

“What kind of nonsense are you asking? Since you can reset your breath to zero, you can of course control your breath, simulate it into various forms, and evolve it into different realms.”

Having said that, Mo Fan also looked at the head regretfully.

“Unfortunately, its upper limit cannot exceed its own realm, otherwise it will be more interesting.”

Mo Yingying: “?!!”

You still Want to surpass your own realm?

Too much!

At this moment, Mo Fan seemed to realize something, frowned and looked at his daughter and said:

“What’s going on with your surprised look, don’t you know this Breath Restraining Technique? Can it be used like this?”

“father, teach me!” Mo Yingying hurried over and hugged Mo Fan’s thigh with a snap.

Mo Fan has a dark face, he didn’t expect, normally there is Goddess Fan’s daughter, and he actually has such a side.

“Get up quickly, the big girl doesn’t know how to pay attention to the image.”

“Hehe, what image should you pay attention to in front of the father.”

Mo Fan rolled her eyes at her, and while pulling her up from the ground, he complained:

“The bastard who taught you didn’t tell you the correct usage of this Breath Restraining Technique? ?

“This is not a first-class cultivation technique at all, but a top-level, super-first-class cultivation technique.

“What you have understood before is wrong, so you can only hide the breath of the cultivation base, but cannot change the breath of the cultivation base.

“I don’t know why the person who taught you should hide it, Are you afraidโ€””

Mo Fan heard his daughter’s weak voice before he finished speaking.

“father, you taught me…”


Mo Fan was stunned, coughed twice, and face doesn’t change: “Oh, that’s probably because you’re too stupid. “

Mo Yingying: “? ! โ€


It was already afternoon after teaching her daughter how to use Breath Restraining Technique correctly.

Looking at the time, Mo Yingying couldnโ€™t help but be taken aback, He hurriedly said: “father, I’m leaving, I almost forgot that there was an apprenticeship ceremony in the afternoon! “

“What kind of apprenticeship ceremony? “Mo Fan is puzzled.

“It’s like this, Sect Master, Elder, Supreme Elder are rushing to take me as a disciple.

“So there is such a ceremony. Through this ceremony, I finally confirm who I want to follow Cultivation.”

Having said that, Mo Yingying seriously looked towards Mo Fan and asked: “father, do you have any suggestions?”

Mo Fan thought about it and said seriously: “If you don’t know how to choose, then choose fair skin, beautiful long legs, and a very fierce moon. Yes, this is definitely right.”

Mo Yingying: “father, are you serious?”

Mo Fan: “Seriously, old people often say that the moon is fierce and a woman has a heart Good.”

Mo Yingying rolled the eyes: “father, you must be trying to lust for my Master’s body, I won’t allow it, you belong to the mother alone!”

Mo Fan:” …”

“I’m leaving, I’ll see you when I have time~”

In the end, Mo Yingying bid farewell to Mo Fan, stepped on the Flying Sword specially made by Yuxu Academy, and walked towards Jade. Fly quickly in the direction of Void Peak.

After her daughter left, Mo Fan calmed down and prepared to add some upgrades.

Since there is a Breath Restraining Technique, there is no need to worry about adding something.

However, just as he was about to add some points, he found a pink brocade bag on the table.

The bag is engraved with a rune that prevents psionic energy from escaping.

Apparently, the brocade bag contains the Spirit Stone.

Mo Fan walked over, picked up the brocade bag and weighed it, then shook his head helplessly: “this girlโ€””

Opening the brocade bag, rich spiritual energy escaped.

At the same time, the virtual panel flashed.

A prompt pops up.

[Found low grade Spirit Stone *100, which can be absorbed and converted into attribute points, is it absorbed? ]

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