Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 65

“Xinghai is also a sea, if so, then become my Qi Sea!”


Mo Fan gathers his spirit, Condensed into obscure fine dive talisman lines according to the method described in the basic Body Tempering recipe.

Next, fine dive talisman patterns converge, half black and half white, intertwined and intertwined, forming a round imprint similar to Yin-Yang Diagram.


In the void, Mo Fan waved his hand, and the rune brand burst out thousands of bright black and white rays of light, heading towards the sea of stars above his head

The moment the rune brand flew out, it was skyrocketing, covering the heavens, shielding the sun, ten thousand zhang divine glow like fire, like a burning meteor, with great momentum, slamming into the sea of stars.

The nearby stars began to crumble and disappear.

The hot stars collapsed in an instant, turning into billions of fiery flames scattered everywhere, such as the ultimate fireworks blooming, the dazzling fire between Heaven and Earth.

Then, the stars in the distance began to collapse, and the terrifying power erupted from one galaxy after another, and the sea of stars rioted instantly.

The void vibrated, on the verge of collapse, and cracks appeared, as if they were about to collapse.

And Mo Fan’s Spiritual Imprint, also received inexplicable resistance, was blocked in the void by Shengsheng, vibrated violently, and gradually disappeared.

“Are you going to fail?” Mo Fan frowned at first, then relieved.

“Yes, even if it is a normal Qi Sea, there is a risk of positioning failure, which requires multiple attempts.

“even more how, what I found is Xinghai, which is outrageous. I’m doneβ€””

Actually, it’s said to be Qi Sea, but the Qi Sea that most people locate is just a small puddle.

The innate talent is better, it may be A basin of water.

A little better with innate talent, it might be a creek.

Or a pond.

A lake.


A big river.

A sea.

There are very few people who are really positioned at the level of the sea.

Since Spiritual Qi Since the recovery, few people have located the Qi Sea at this level.

There is a saying that the larger the Qi Sea located, the easier it will be for cultivated to later stage.

This means that the realm after Transcendent is easier to walk.

So, Martial Artist who is positioned in the sea is already considered a peerless monster.

This kind of person, As long as you don’t die halfway, you can easily go to a low level.

Of course, the bigger the Qi Sea you locate, the harder it is to put your Spiritual Imprint in it.

Mo Fan has seen it from a book.

There was a Martial Artist who located the Qi Sea at the level of the sea, and then began a long journey of conquest, with a lack of energy for several years.

In the end, he was thin and skinny, like a tuberculosis ghost, and almost died of frailty.

Fortunately, he finally successfully conquered Qi Sea, and from then on triumphant progress, all the way to Return to Origin Realm.

And now, Mo Fan is targeting Xinghai.

This situation is outrageous. “So, so I have to be like that senior–“

Thinking of this, Mo Fan is numb.

“Forget it, it’s just over a hundred coins. Spirit Stone, you can afford it! ”

It really took so much time to put Spiritual Imprint on Qi Sea, obviously not worth it.

With that time, Mo Fan felt that he was invincible by adding points.

He reckons that as long as the attribute is enough and the plus sign is clicked, Qi Sea can be instantly bound, skipping the process of spiritual settlement.

Thinking like this At the same time, Mo Fan was attentive, ready to take back the Spiritual Imprint while the star sea was still alive and before it dissipated.

However, Mo Fan was stunned for a moment.

He seemed to sense something, suddenly raised his head and stared blankly at the divine dive talisman mark that he had been locked in the void.

I don’t know when, a handle burst out with billions of dollars. The bright silver-white giant sword of ten thousand rays of light appeared above the sea of stars.

This silver-white giant sword was so huge that it covered the sky and the ground, and could not perceive the boundary, as if it was lying on the sea of stars.

Then, endless rays of light poured out from the silver giant sword, covering the entire star sea in an instant.

In a flash, the violent star sea quieted down.

The originally broken stars have also experienced a time reversal, quickly reorganized, restored their original appearance in an instant, and continued to rotate and revolve.

And the silver-white giant sword also slowly faded, and finally turned into little stars Disappeared , as if it had never appeared.

For a moment, Heaven and Earth quieted down, just like the original.

Meanwhile, Mo Fan’s Spiritual Imprint gradually faded away, disappearing in the Mo Fan was stunned when he saw this scene.

“That giant sword seems a little familiar?

“Could it be the sword-shaped pendant I absorbed?

“What the hell is this thing…

“Also, where did Spiritual Imprint go?

“Did I fail…or succeed? ”

Mo Fan is a little confused.

Under normal circumstances, if the positioning of Qi Sea fails, he will be backlashed.

Although there is generally no mortal danger .

But at least the spirit is sluggish, and it will take four or five days to make up for it.

But now, Mo Fan does not feel sluggish at all, but has some in great spirits, as if there is a sense of incompetence. The energy to finish.


Soon, Mo Fan was lightly exclaimed, and there was a look of joy on his face.

β€œHave it, I can feel it, and I have a connection with this sea of stars! ”

At this moment, Mo Fan seemed to sense the beating sound of the sea of stars, and its rhythm was consistent with his heartbeat.

apart from this, he also found that between his breathing alternately , Xinghai also alternates with light and dark.

“It’s done? “Mo Fan was overjoyed and felt a little incredible.

He didn’t expect that he really opened up this sea of stars into his own Qi Sea.

“Ordinary sea can be If I go to Return to Origin Realm easily, where can my Qi Sea go?

“I’m so talented tooβ€””

Mo Fan was very emotional, as if he had seen himself invincible.

“Okay, the next step is to inject psionic energy into Qi Sea.

“No matter how much is injected, it is considered to be in the process of opening up Qi Sea. In this way, The cultivation base is also equivalent to entering the Body Tempering Peak ――”

Mo Fan elated thinking, and at the same time concentrates on running the cultivation technique to control the body in this world to absorb the spiritual energy in the air.


A strand of psychic energy as thin as a hair was inhaled into the body by Mo Fan.

Then, this strand of psychic energy was slightly trembled and instantly fell into the 2nd layer space , appeared on the sea of stars.

Seeing this, Mo Fan covered his face in embarrassment.

His body is fine.

It is difficult to absorb psionic energy It’s outrageous.

But for him.

A little is enough, what he wants is to break through to Body Tempering Peak, and then use the bonus panel to upgrade to Innate Realm.

Instead of filling up the sea of stars by absorbing this little bit of psionic energy and achieving the feat of breaking through to the Innate Realm.

If that is the case, Mo Fan suspects that the universe will be destroyed. , he may not be able to fill the Xinghai.

“Go, nourish Qi Sea, breakthrough cultivation base! “

The second shouted, Mo Fan controlled the wisp of psychic energy to float towards the sea of stars.

The psionic energy quickly disappeared into the depths of the sea of stars.

Mo Fan’s heart trembled, and he felt that he was more closely connected with Qi Sea.

As long as his thoughts moved, he could perceive the existence of Xinghai.

In the future, he would cultivate Mo Fan’s psychic energy will also instantly enter the star sea to complete the mission of filling the star sea.

Of course, this is not what Mo Fan cares about.

His expression condensed, his consciousness connected to the virtual panel, View your own attributes panel.

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