Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 67

Follow the instructions in the letter.

Mo Fan and Xu Jing climbed several hills and walked for an hour and a half before they came to the outer sect of Yuxu Academy.

With the token, the two walked through the array covering the entire outer sect and stepped in.

The outer sect is much larger than the Handyman Courtyard. It consists of several continuous mountain peaks. The environment is beautiful and the air is fresh.

There are spirit plants full of Spirit Fruit for free picking, as well as colorful flowers, which are relaxing and joyful.

More importantly, the outer sect’s psionic concentration is directly doubled compared to the handyman house.

Cultivation here, almost twice the results for half the effort, and the cultivation speed rises.

Apart from this , the outer sect cultivation subsidy is as much as ten Spirit Stones a month, and you don’t need to work, you can manage your own time.

Compared to the handyman hospital that only subsidizes one Spirit Stone a month and has to go to work every day, the outer sect is simply paradise.

“How many times your Spirit Stone subsidy is the ordinary Outer Sect Disciple?”

After recognizing the direction, Mo Fan led Xu Jing towards the outer sect exam hall. , asked casually.

“Three, three times.” Xu Jing lowered her head.

“Well, three times that is 30 Spirit Stones per month, so your cultivation speed will increase a lot.

“It seems that they value your Sword dao innate talent, I should train you well in the future. “Mo Fan said with a smile.

“Sword, Sword Pavilion…” Xu Jing shook her head and hesitated.

“Want to go to Sword Pavilion? “Mo Fan looked at her.

“en.” Xu Jing nodded.

“Sword Pavilion is really important to you, so let’s wait here to settle down, you Just go. “Mo Fan said

“Okay. “Xu Jing lowered her head, a little absent-minded.

After going to Sword Pavilion, she will begin to adapt to the unfamiliar environment again.

More importantly, she will meet Mo Fan in the future. There are fewer opportunities.

But if you don’t go to the Sword Pavilion.

She can’t get stronger fast.

If you can’t get stronger fast, she will never be able to keep up. Follow the pace of Mo Fan.

If you can’t keep up with the pace of Mo Fan, you may eventually become a passerby from a friend because of the huge gap in strength.

This is something she doesn’t want to see Here it is.

So, no matter how difficult it is, she has to go to the Sword Pavilion.

After thinking about it, Xu Jing said again: “You, how many times are you…”

“I’m three times too. “Mo Fan said.

“No, it’s not fair…” Xu Jing suddenly said.

“Huh? “Mo Fan is puzzled.

“You, you are better than me…” Xu Jing said.

Hearing this, Mo Fan suddenly smiled and said:

“You can’t say that, although my combat power may be a little bit stronger than yours.

“But in terms of potential, I may not be as good as you. You have obvious innate talent in sword dao, and it is possible to become a peerless Sword Immortal in the future.”

In this regard, Xu Jing shook his head, but said, “I-I can’t keep up with you.”

“Eh?” Mo Fan scratched his head, his face full of doubts.


Through a low shrubbery.

The two came to the outer sect exam hall.

The layout of the outer sect examination hall is the same as that of the handyman courtyard, but it is much larger and more stylish.

The buildings here seem to be glowing, every inch of bricks and tiles are very delicate, obviously engraved with the formation mark.

Dao Ming’s intention, after showing his identity token and letter, a tall and thin young man wearing azure clothes and a handsome face quickly walked out of the exam hall.

Mo Fan habitually lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

[Wen Buyan, Disciple of Yuxu Academy Examination Hall, Foundation Establishment 4th layer, he is humble, serious and responsible in his work, but his memory is not very good occasionally. ]

to see this authentication information.

Mo Fan was a little surprised.

Wen Buyan’s identification information has a little hint.

Under normal circumstances, Mo Fan’s Appraisal Technique can only identify the most basic information.

There are only occasional additional prompts.

As for the law, Mo Fan didn’t touch it now.

Just when Mo Fan was in doubt, Wen Buyan briefly introduced himself.

“Junior Brother Mo Junior Sister Xu is good, I will not say anything in the next day, it is the Chief-In-Charge who will support you this time.”

“You are also good.” Mo Fan said with He greets.

Xu Jing stood behind Mo Fan without saying a word, as if she did not intend to stand up.

Seeing this, Wen Buyan couldn’t help frowning, a little puzzled.

“Senior Brother Wen, don’t be surprised, Junior Sister Xu is introverted and a little afraid of life.” Mo Fan explained with a smile.

“Understood, many geniuses are like this.” Wen Buyan laughed and said he didn’t mind.

β€œmany thanks Senior Brother understands.” Mo Fan moved politely towards him cupped the hands.

“Haha, you’re welcome, you come with me, I promise to make arrangements for you, start from the residence first-“

Halfway through the words, Wen Buyan couldn’t help but pause.

He seemed to have thought of something, slapped his head quickly and said:

“Look at my record breaking, I almost forgot one thing, it’s about Junior Sister Xu. “

“About Junior Sister Xu?” Mo Fan wondered.

Wen Buyan was laughed and continued:

“That’s right, Master and his old man specially explained that when Junior Sister Xu came to report, he would send her to Sword Pavilion.”

Hearing this, Mo Fan and Xu Jing were both stunned and a little surprised.

They did not expect that the examination hall had already been arranged for the Sword Pavilion.

Speaking, Wen Buyan looked at Mo Fan apologetically and said, “I’m sorry Junior Brother Mo, I can’t take you to choose a place for the time being, I’m very sorry.”

” It doesn’t matter, you tell me which procedures to go through, myselfβ€””

Halfway through speaking, Mo Fan glanced at Xu Jing, who was obviously stiff, and changed his words:

” Senior Brother Wen, can you also take me to Sword Pavilion to see the world?”

Hearing this, Wen Buyan was stunned for a moment, and then said with a smile:


“That’s fine. I didn’t invite Junior Brother Mo before, because I was afraid to waste your time. Since you want to go, let’s go together.”

“many thanks Senior Brother Wen. “Mo Fan thanked him politely.

“You’re welcome, Junior Brother Mo, no effort at all, you two come with me.” Wen Buyan waved his hand, recognized the direction, and went due south.

Mo Fan quickly followed.

Xu Jing also quickly followed behind Mo Fan and said in a loud voice: “Thank you, thank you.”

“Thank you for what? I really want to go to Sword Pavilion to see.” Mo Fan shook his head.

He did have this idea.

β€œJunior Brother Mo, from your profile, the Handyman Academy agrees with your innate talent on Pill Dao.

β€œWhen you have time, you can go to Pill Dao Hall to see.

“If you can pass their assessment, enter Dan Dao Academy to study, and become a formal Pill Refinement Master in a few years, it is also a good choice.”

hearing this, Mo Fan nods.

β€œmany thanks to Senior Brother’s advice, I will take a look.”

Mo Fan himself has considered this.

Liu Ji’an was teaching at the Handyman Academy before. Even if it was a little more troublesome, Mo Fan had to go back and forth every day. Mo Fan also planned to return to the Handyman Academy to study.

After all, Liu Ji’an is an Inner Sect Dan Dao Academy deacon, with a first-class level.

I really learned a lot from him.

If he is accepted as Disciple, he can take a lot of shortcuts.

However, Liu Ji’an had an accident.

Mo Fan’s plan had to be shelved.

But for Pill Dao, he didn’t give up, and was ready to take time to visit Pill Dao’s hall.

It’s just that Mo Fan doesn’t have much expectations for Pill Dao in the outer sect.

If it takes a lot of time and can’t be rewarded in a short time, he can only put aside pill concocting temporarily.

Now his main task is to increase cultivation base.

It is not too late to spend time studying pill concocting after the cultivation base comes up and goes to Inner Sect.

In fact, he also had a token from Liu Ji’an in his hand.

– A black token with the character Liu engraved on it.

With the token, he can go directly to the Inner Sect to find Liu Ji’an’s Junior Brother Li Star River.

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