Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 7

“The content of the last round of assessment is actual combat!”

Hearing this sentence, Mo Fan’s face turned black.

trifling Body Tempering one weight.

What combat ability can I have?

Others have more or less cultivated some basic boxing techniques, palm techniques and leg techniques.

And he, who succeeded in bringing his spirit into his body yesterday, was nothing but a blank piece of paper except for the test boxing technique he had just learned.

The cultivation base is not as good as others.

Martial skill has never been cultivated.

How do you play this?

Don’t mention the Spirit Stone for outstanding performance.

I’m afraid it’s hard to even pass the exam!

Mo Fan looked at the sky speechless.

This is too hard!

However, what the burly man said next was to make Mo Fan slightly sighed in relief.

“Of course, this time the actual combat assessment is limited, that is, you can only use the test boxing method just now.”

He looked at everyone intently and continued.

“If other martial skills are used in the assessment process, it will be regarded as a failure of the assessment.”

After hearing this, everyone was nodded and didn’t care too much.

After all, everyone has only learned boxing for two hours, and no matter how strong they are, they can’t be stronger.

Exclude the four who are fully comprehended.

Everyone else is birds of a feather.

The final result is actually a competition of one’s own cultivation base, pure combat skills, and combat instincts.

Mo Fan also thought seriously.

“Using the test boxing technique just now for actual combat? So that’s how it is…”

He had some idea of Yuxu Academy’s routine.

Yuxu University recruits handyman Disciple, although the requirements for cultivation base are relatively low, but it pays more attention to perception.

To put it bluntly, this final round of tests is also an assessment of perception.

After all, only by comprehending and fully mastering that set of boxing can you use it in actual combat and improve your combat power.

Yuxu University has two unwritten rules for recruiting handyman Disciple.

1. Under the age of 24.

Second, fresh graduates.

The so-called fresh graduates, to be precise, are actually the students who failed the martial arts exam this year.

After all, those who have fallen off the list have all gone to Wuke University, and they will not come to be a handyman Disciple when they have nothing to do.

Generally speaking, candidates whose cultivation base reaches the Body Tempering 4th layer before the martial arts exam are highly likely to be admitted to the martial arts university.

Among the handyman Disciples recruited by Yuxu University, fresh graduates even account for more than 90%.

And those who are over 24 years old have no chance. They are often brushed down in the first test. After so many years, they have never reached the end.

Over time, very few people over the age of 24 apply for the exam.

Under various conditions, the gap between the cultivation bases among the examiners is not very large, and they are basically around the Body Tempering 3rd-layer.

There are very few people above the Body Tempering 3rd-layer.

There are also very few people under the Body Tempering 3rd-layer.

Body Tempering first layer like Mo Fan, and Body Tempering sixth layer like Zhang Qiang are all special.

So in the final analysis, the last round of assessment is actually the application of the previous round of test boxing.

The more proficient and Full Mastery you are in the test boxing, the greater the advantage.

Of course, their own strengths can’t be too different.

Body Tempering can’t beat the Body Tempering sixth layer.

Even if the Body Tempering sixth layer only comprehended the test punches with a little fur, with his physical fitness, he is enough to hang Body Tempering for a hard blow.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan’s face twitched and he glanced at Zhang Qiang next to him.

This guy and himself are two extremes.

You don’t have to fight at all.

Just admit defeat.

Except Zhang Qiang, Mo Fan felt that everyone else could give it a try.

After all, for his understanding of this test boxing technique, he has to far exceed those present. If he really fights, he may have a lot of advantages.

The premise is that he has to find an opportunity first, add points, and make the cultivation base breakthrough to the Body Tempering 2nd layer.

Body Tempering 2nd layer, coupled with far more test punches than everyone else, he can hope to rank high and get the Spirit Stone reward.

Of course,

“It’s almost time, everyone, please come to the ring, and the actual combat assessment will begin immediately.”

The burly man’s voice sounded again.

He pointed to the ring under his feet and motioned everyone to come up.

Seeing this, everyone concentrated and walked towards the ring with a heavy look.

Whether you can successfully enter Yuxu Academy depends on your next performance!

Mo Fan also followed the crowd into the ring, and kept aloof from Lin Yiyi.

In a short while, more than 300 examiners entered the ring.

The burly man glanced at everyone and said slowly: “The rules are very simple, everyone fights together, and those who are knocked off the ring, or those who are beaten until they can’t get up, are considered eliminated.

“The last 100 people will be admitted to the Handyman of Yuxu Academy.

“The last five people will also receive a generous Spirit Stone reward, as well as the privilege of exchanging merit points for Culture Art and Martial Skill once.

“Okay, the last round Exam, start! “

“Melee? “After listening to the burly man, Mo Fan’s eyes lit up, and he felt that his hope was a little higher.

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