Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 70

“This Junior Sister, come first.”

Chu Qian stood aside with her sword in her arms, motioning Xu Jing to start the test.

After listening to Chu Qian’s explanation.

Mo Fan was sighed in relief.

It turned out that it only needed to resonate with the formation mark on the stone tablet and make it glow brightly to pass the level.

instead of interpreting the text on the stone tablet.

“It makes sense-“

Of course, Mo Fan still thinks that these five stone tablets are actually a peerless Sword Manual.

Relying on the peerless Sword Manual and laying down a special formation mark, it can indeed detect the sword dao innate talent of illusory.

β€œDo I also have a little sword dao innate talent?”

Mo Fan was looking forward to it.

If only I would light up all five stone tablets.

Would you consider staying at Sword Pavilion?

Of course, Mo Fan felt that the idea of lighting up five stone tablets was a bit of a pipe dream.

“Then, then I’ll start…”

While Mo Fan was thinking, Xu Jing got a little nervous and said something, which is to gather her energy and move towards the closest to herself. ‘s stone tablet shrouded the past.

Suddenly, with a bang, the first stone tablet slowly vibrated.

Seeing this, Chu Qian’s body trembled immediately, and a look of surprise flashed in her bright eyes.

She didn’t expect that as soon as Xu Jing touched the stone tablet, the stone tablet reacted immediately.

In this case, it is no problem to light up at least one stone tablet.

“Is there an additional Junior Sister in Sword Pavilion?”

Chu Qian said to herself, the joy in her eyes flashed away.

She has been with Sword Pavilion for nine years.

Since the third year, Sword Pavilion has only been her and the Master.

Master retreats all year round on the seventh floor of the Sword Pavilion.

She is the only one who guards the Sword Pavilion Cultivation to appease the irritable hidden swords.

Seven years in a row.

She naturally felt lonely and deserted.

It would be great if a Junior Sister could be recruited.

Just as Chu Qian was thinking about it, an extremely bright scarlet rays of light suddenly erupted, covering the entire Sword Pavilion backyard.

At the same time, a majestic sword intent emanated from the stone tablet, making Chu Qian breathless.

“This, this lights up?” Chu Qian looked at a loss, and she suspected that she was hallucinating.

How long has it been?

Less than ten seconds?

How could the first stone tablet light up so quickly?

This innate talent is too scary, right?

Such an innate talent —

Thinking of this, Chu Qian’s breathing became a little short.

“It took half a minute for the Master to light up the first stone tablet!

“This Junior Sister is faster than the Master!

“Is there a peerless genius coming out of Sword Pavilion?”

Chu Qian trembled and was excited.

However, soon, she snorted, spit a mouthful of blood, and her expression wilted.

In this regard, she seems to be used to it, silently took out a handkerchief from her pocket, gracefully wiped the blood on the corner of her mouth, put away the handkerchief, and continued to look towards Xu Jing seriously.

At this time, the first stone tablet has dimmed, and the sword intent attached to it has converged again.

Seeing this, Chu Qian reminded aloud: “You can try to touch the second stone tablet mentally.”

“Okay.” Xu Jing, who was a little flustered, nodded , cheered up and looked at the second stone tablet.

Soon, there was another roar.

The second stone tablet also vibrated.

In a minute.

The red glow shines in the backyard again.

The second stone tablet also burst out with a majestic sword intent.

“cough cough —” Chu Qian coughed up blood, her face became even paler, but her eyes brightened.

“The speed of lighting up the second stone tablet is also faster than that of the Master!

“This Junior Sister Xu Jing is incredible!

“Maybe she can be like Master,

light up four stone tablets, and even have a chance to hit the fifth stone tablet!”

Chu Qian was so excited that she didn’t even care To wipe the blood from the corners of the mouth.

“If this Junior Sister can really light up the fifth stone tablet, then in a hundred years, the Sword Pavilion will have a Sword Immortal again!

“And the Master is now only It was only a year away from raising the sword, and if the old man also crossed that threshold, two Sword Immortals will appear in the Sword Pavilion at the same time! ”

Sword Immortal is a saying handed down from Yuxu Academy.

Before Spiritual Qi’s recovery, there were also people who succeeded in raising swords for a hundred years. Known as Sword Immortal.

After Spiritual Qi’s recovery, Sword Immortal’s combat power is even more terrifying.

That is a real sword light cold nine continents, sword qi vertical and horizontal 30,000 There is no one who can match!

“Very good, Sword Pavilion is about to rise again…” Chu Qian was so excited that her eyes filled with tears, and her body couldn’t stop shaking.

With this At the same time, the second stone tablet also dimmed quickly, and the sword intent also quickly converged.

“Junior Sister, you can try the third stone tablet. “Chu Qian quickly reminded.

Xu Jing nodded, took a deep breath, concentrated her mind, and covered the third stone tablet.

Exactly similar to the previous one.

The third stone tablet also roared instantly.

Chu Qian: “! ! ! “

At this moment, Chu Qian’s eyes were rounded, full of disbelief.

“The third stone tablet can also resonate so easilyβ€”


“The fourth stone tablet is definitely promising!

“The fifth stone tablet can also be impacted!

“No, I have to inform the Master!”

Thinking of this, Chu Qian turned around and left, heading towards the seventh floor of the Sword Pavilion.

Four or five minutes later, Chu Qian walked back with a frown, biting the lips and muttering to herself.

“Master is still in retreat, I don’t know when he will wake up-“

At this moment, a smoky glow came into view.

Chu Qian pupils shrank and quickly looked towards Xu Jing.

“The third stone tablet is also lit up! It took almost five minutes this time! It’s still a bit faster than the Master’s back then!

“It seems to be lit up No problem with the fourth stone tablet! “

Chu Qianxiu clenched her fists tightly, the long sword in her arms fell to the ground without knowing it, her pale face was full of joy.

But soon.

The majestic sword intent on the third stone tablet broke out.

Chu Qian spit a mouthful of blood again.

At this moment, she was dizzy, She just wanted to lie on the ground and sleep.

However, she pulled herself out, took out a handkerchief, wiped the blood stains gracefully, and continued to look at Xu Jing.

Soon , the red light dimmed.

Then, the sword intent converged back into the stone tablet.

This time, without Chu Qian’s reminder, Xu Jing took a deep breath again and adjusted the state. After that, I looked towards the fourth stone tablet.

It is the same as the previous three stone tablets.

The fourth stone tablet also roared in an instant, and slowly converged red. Xiaguang.

Seeing this, Chu Qian almost fainted with excitement, rubbing her hands, fighting back her dizziness, looking forward to Xu Jing lighting up the fourth stone tablet.

Similarly Yes, Mo Fan on the side also became a little nervous.

Although he didn’t know what it meant to light up the four stone tablets.

But Chu Qian already said it.


The more stone tablets that light up, the better the sword dao innate talent.

He naturally hopes Xu Jing’s sword dao innate talent is better.

Best It can be fully loaded, and all the stone tablets are successfully lit.

In this way, I might actually be able to hug her thighs in the future.

“This girl is really extraordinary. ――”

Mo Fan sighed.

“I just don’t know how many stone tablets I can light up in a while? ”

Time elapsed.

The fourth stone tablet didn’t seem to light up well.

After half an hour passed, the stone tablet The tablet burst into a bright glow, instantly covering the backyard.

Then, the majestic sword intent reappeared.


Chu Qian spit out a large mouthful of blood, collapsed on the spot, and fainted with a tilt of her head.


A vague silhouette appeared silently beside her.

After checking Chu Qian’s injury and finding that there is no serious problem, a stunned voice came out from the vague silhouette:

“This girl is actually lit up. The fourth stone tablet?!

“This resonance is much stronger than I was back then. It should have completely lit up the fourth stone tablet-

“The fifth stone tablet…maybe there is a play!”

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