Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 73

“This, how is this possible?”

Watching Mo Fan light up the fifth stone tablet, Liu Xiyan walked towards Mo Fan somewhat absent-mindedly come over.

She even had some doubts that she was dreaming.

The Sword Pavilion has not had a Disciple that resonated with the five test stone tablets for nearly two hundred years!

And at this momentβ€”β€”

“You, you, me, me…”

For a while, Liu Xiyan didn’t know how to speak.

“Do you want to accept me as a disciple and let me enter the Sword Pavilion?” Mo Fan preempted.

“en!” Liu Xiyan hurriedly nodded, her gray eyes filled with joy.

The Sword Pavilion inheritance will not end!

The boy in front of him can resonate with five stone tablets. As long as he stays well in Sword Pavilion cultivation, it means that he can become a Sword Immortal 100%!

Sword Pavilion sword qi is vertical and horizontal, staying here, will always be attacked by sword qi and even sword intent.

This is dangerous, but necessary.

Because of Sword Pavilion inheritance’s requirement for sword art.

Only by staying in the vertical and horizontal position of the sword qi can you raise the sword and become the peerless Sword Immortal of the sword qi that is 30,000 miles long and the sword light is cold in the Nineteen Provinces.

The better the sword dao innate talent, the deeper the comprehension of sword art, the closer you are to sword dao by nature, and the longer you can persist in Sword Pavilion.

Under normal circumstances, if it can resonate with a stone tablet, it can basically be used in Sword Pavilion Cultivation for nine years.

The tenth year will need to cross the threshold of life and death.

If you can cross, you can continue in Sword Pavilion Cultivation.

If you can’t cross, you can only be attacked by sword intent and die, and Divine Immortal can’t save it.

If it can resonate with two stone tablets, it can basically be used in Sword Pavilion Cultivation for twenty-nine years.

Likewise, in the thirtieth year, there is a life-and-death threshold.

If it can resonate with three stone tablets, it will basically be able to survive in Sword Pavilion Cultivation forty-nine years, and need to experience life and death in the fifty-year period.

If it can resonate with four stone tablets, it will be no problem in Sword Pavilion Cultivation for ninety-nine years, and need to experience life and death in its hundredth year.

Generally speaking, the life and death mark is over the year, basically nine deaths and still alive.

And if you’ve only resonated with one stone tablet, you’ll need to go through multiple life-or-death passes.

The ten-year life-and-death mark may be passed by good luck.

So what about the thirty-year mark of life and death, the fifty-year mark of life and death, and the one-hundred-year mark of life and death?

People impossible have been so lucky.

There are only two people in history who have successfully passed the 100-year mark of life and death to preach Sword Immortal.

But those two were the geniuses who lit up the four stone tablets.

Others have all died at the threshold of life and death, and have not been able to make it to the end.

That’s why there are so few Sword Pavilion Disciples.

After all, it’s too easy to fall.

Only the kind of peerless genius that resonates with five stone tablets.

In order to become Sword Immortal directly for a hundred years, there is no need to pass the so-called life and death threshold!

It’s just such a peerless genius, too few.

However, this young man in front of himβ€”β€”

Liu Xiyan stared at Mo Fan with burning eyes, as if looking at rare treasure.

Mo Fan can resonate with five stone tablets, which means he’s already a quasi-Sword Immortal.

Sword Pavilion will hopefully continue to be brilliant!

Liu Xiyan began to imagine a bright future, and a smile appeared on her beautiful face unconsciously.

At the same time, she also began to worry about how to teach the future Sword Immortal Disciple in front of her.

However, Mo Fan soon shatters her illusions.

“Sorry, I can’t join Sword Pavilion due to personal reasons.” Mo Fan said seriously.

Hearing this, Liu Xiyan started, and the smile on her face instantly solidified.

“What did you say?” She suspected that she was too excited and hallucinated.

The future Sword Immortal refuses to join the Sword Pavilion?

How can this kind of thing be possible?

“Sorry Elder,

I really can’t join Sword Pavilion.” Mo Fan looked sincere.

Liu Xiyan’s body trembled, her eyes were dizzy, and it seemed that she couldn’t accept this fact for a while.

She biting the lips, her face full of doubts, and said in a trembling voice: “Why, why?”

Seeing this scene, Mo Fan couldn’t help covering his forehead .

What the hell is that expression on your face, how do you make it look like a couple is breaking up?

He took a deep breath and said slowly:

“I originally only accompanied Sister Xu Jing, but just now I was curious and tried to comprehend Sword Pavilion. Testing stone tablets, I didn’t expect to resonate with them…

“Sorry, my ambition is not on sword dao, I am a pure Martial Artist, only longing for the ultimate Martial Arts that punches to the flesh, Not interested in anything else.

“If I were to stay in Sword Pavilion, I think I might die in less than a year.”

He wasn’t talking nonsense.

If he really wants to stay in Sword Pavilion for a year, he will most likely die.

Others light up the test stone tablet of Sword Pavilion, they have sword dao innate talent, and are naturally close to sword dao.

And it lights up the test stone tablet, which is completely based on the result of the sky-defying perception, and there is no sword dao innate talent that matches it.

As a result, he will die in the Sword Pavilion.

I may not be able to hold it for a year, and it will burp in half a year.

“Yes, you can stay in Sword Pavilion, you can also cultivate Martial Arts…” Liu Xiyan was a little stunned, and Mo Fan said that he couldn’t turn his head.

However, Mo Fan’s unusually strong physique really doesn’t look like a sword cultivator…

“Uh, is that so?” Mo Fan scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Naturally, even Sword Immortal needs the assistance of Martial Arts in order to play the strongest sword light.” Liu Xiyan hurriedly nodded.

A genius who can resonate with five stone tablets finally came out, you can’t miss it.

“Sorry, I still can’t stay in Sword Pavilion. I yearn for freedom and the vast sky. I don’t want to be trapped in Sword Pavilion for the rest of my life.” Mo Fan said sincerely.

Hearing this, Liu Xiyan opened her mouth to say something, but in the end she said nothing.

She also yearned for freedom.

But as a Sword Pavilion successor.

She can only stay in the Sword Pavilion for a long time.

Since entering Sword Pavilion, the number of times she has left Sword Pavilion can be counted on one’s fingers.

Of course, she doesn’t regret it.

What she yearns for is the sword light that shines like a Star River.

She wants to be the peerless Sword Immortal who looks down upon the Nine Provinces, a sword light and cold Nineteen Provinces.

So, even if she lost her freedom, or even her life, she was content.

It’s just the boy in front of her…

In the end, she looked the head and said:

“You shouldn’t be twenty years old, right?

“It is indeed the age of freedom.

“Well, when you get tired of it, come to Sword Pavilion, the door of Sword Pavilion is always open for you.

“What I can tell you is that with your innate Talent, as long as you cultivate well in Sword Pavilion, you will become Sword Immortal in a hundred years.

“At that time, Xeon creatures may not be your enemy with a sword. The world is so big, where can it go?

“That is true freedom. “

Hearing this, Mo Fan relaxed and said quickly:

“Many thanks Elder, I understand, you are right, only after becoming the peerless Sword Immortal is true freedom.” , but I want to be free for another two years in advance! “

Liu Xiyan nodded: “Well, when I was your age, I also liked to run around and didn’t like to stay in one place for a long time.

“Well, if you have time, you can always come to Sword Pavilion to have a look. When you figure it out one day, it will not be too late to enter Sword Pavilion again.”

Liu Xiyan did not force it. Mo Fan.

After all, there is Xu Jing now.

Even if she didn’t pass the 100-year mark of death a year later, Xu Jing inherited the Sword Pavilion inheritance.

At that time, when Mo Fan has enough waves, he wants to go back to Sword Pavilion and become stronger, and there will be no one to teach him.

If there is no Xu Jing…

Then even if Mo Fan breaks his leg, he must be left in Sword Pavilion!

β€œI will come to Sword Pavilion often, I like it here.” Mo Fan said sincerely.

“That’s good.” Liu Xiyan nodded again, no more words, and turned towards Xu Jing who was still lying on the ground.

β€œHow is Junior Sister Xu?” Mo Fan quickly followed.

“No problem, I have sorted out the disordered spirit strength for her, and she will wake up in a quarter of an hour at most.”

“many thanks Elder.” Mo Fan relaxed.

Fifteen minutes later, Xu Jingyou woke up.

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