Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 74

Xu Jing woke up faintly and opened her eyes to see Mo Fan with a smile on her face.

Finding herself lying in Mo Fan’s arms, Xu Jing suddenly blushed pretty face, trying to struggle.

“Don’t move, just wake up, wait until you regain some physical strength.” Mo Fan said solemnly.

“Okay, okay…” Xu Jing’s voice was like a mosquito.

Soon, she seemed to think of something, and hurriedly asked: “I, did I pass?”

“Passed, and almost lit five stone tablets in one breath. , unfortunately, bad luck, and passed out at the critical moment.” Mo Fan said with a smile.

“No, it’s not bad luck, it’s strength…” Xu Jing shook her head, she wanted to explain something, but Mo Fan didn’t let her speak.

“Don’t talk yet, you are too weak now. Let’s wait for the Essence Cultivation Pill to take effect, and let’s have enough energy.”

Speaking of this, Mo Fan seems to have thought of it. What, he hurriedly pointed to Liu Xiyan who was beside him and said:

“You passed out due to mental exhaustion just now. Fortunately, the Elder was there to regulate your disordered spirit and gave you an Essence Cultivation Pill. You can recover so quickly.”

Liu Xiyan nodded, a rare smile on her iceberg-like face, looked at Xu Jing kindly and said:

“No need to be polite, and no need to say more. , in the future you will be Sword Pavilion Disciple, and also my True Disciple of Liu Xiyan.”

“Thank you, thank you Elder.” Xu Jing quickly thanked.

Liu Xiyan laughed slightly, no more words, she helped Chu Qian, who was still lying on the ground, and turned to leave the backyard.

“You guys should have a good time with the old days. Once you become Sword Pavilion Disciple, you won’t be able to go down the mountain easily.

“When the old-time story is over, remember to find me on the seventh floor. “

Mo Fan watched Liu Xiyan’s silhouette disappear into the backyard and remained silent.

After a while, he said to Xu Jing: “Sword Pavilion is very fierce, stay in Sword Pavilion Cultivation is prone to problems and doesn’t live long—”

Before Mo Fan finished speaking, Xu Jing said, β€œI, I know. “

Mo Fan was taken aback for a moment and continued: “Then do you want to stay in Sword Pavilion? Why don’t you come down the mountain with me, obediently and honestly cultivating Martial Arts? ”

As soon as he finished saying these words, Mo Fan felt that he was being watched by a resentful gaze.

He looked up and saw the window lattice on the seventh floor, standing there. With a beautiful silhouette.

β€œUh—” Mo Fan scratched his head awkwardly.

β€œI want, want to stay at Sword Pavilion Cultivation. “Xu Jing firmly said.

Mo Fan glanced at her.

He was not surprised by this answer.

Sword dao is Xu Jing’s pursuit. .

How can trifling be frightened by a short life?

Thinking of this, Mo Fan had to nodded: “Well, you will be in Sword Pavilion Cultivation in the future. “

paused, he said again: “Wait a while you feel better, I will go down the mountain.

“By the way, I will have a chance in a few days and come to the outer sect to find me.

“Let’s catch up, just entered should be no problem. Elder is not so stingy. “

As he said this, Mo Fan raised his voice deliberately.

“Okay.” “Xu Jing was just nodded, and didn’t ask any further questions.

A few minutes later, the Essence Cultivation Pill began to take effect, and Xu Jing’s complexion began to recover slowly, her face was no longer frighteningly pale, and was slightly rosy.

“I-I can do it…” Xu Jing blushed.

“Okay, then try to see if you can get up. “Mo Fan said.

Xu Jing nodded and got up from Mo Fan’s arms.

At first she was still trembling, unable to stand still.

But it’s easy to move quickly.

“Okay, okay. “

“Recovering well, it’s almost time for me to go down.” “Mo Fan said.

“en.” Xu Jing lowered her head, a look of reluctance flashed in her eyes.

“Go to Elder, Wen Buyan is still waiting outside. , I asked him to arrange a place for me. When you find me, just ask him directly. ”

After giving an order,

Mo Fan turned around and left.

Seeing Mo Fan’s back disappearing into the backyard, Xu Jing felt a little disappointed when she felt the residual warmth quickly dissipate.

But soon, she adjusted herself and walked towards the Sword Pavilion stairs with a firm look.


Exited the Sword Pavilion, no After walking a few steps, Mo Fan saw Wen Buyan sitting in the grass waiting.

β€œJunior Brother Mo, you finally came out! “

Wen Buyan hurried over and said with a somewhat excitedly expression:

“How is it, have you passed the assessment?” “

Mo Fan was first nodded, then shook his head.

“Huh?” Wen Buyan was at a loss.

“Junior Sister Xu passed, I didn’t pass.” “Mo Fan explained.

“so that’s how it is. “Wen Buyan nodded, there was no unexpected expression in his eyes.

“You knew the result? “Mo Fan was curious.

“That’s natural. “

Wen Buyan was laughed and explained.

“The Master explained to me that Junior Sister Xu has a strong sword dao innate talent, and she will definitely achieve something in Sword Pavilion. “

Mo Fan looked thoughtful nodded, identified the direction, found the way down the mountain, and walked there.

“so that’s how it is, let’s go down the mountain, while walking.” Said, arrange a place for me to go. “

“Okay, it’s getting late, it’s time to go down the mountain.” “Wen Buyan quickly followed.

“By the way, Sword Pavilion Disciple, doesn’t it last long? “While walking, Mo Fan asked calmly.

Wen Buyan was silent for a while, and then said to the head:

“Indeed, Sword Pavilion has collected Yuxu. A high-quality sword from the school for nearly 4,000 years.

“Each of them has experienced countless killings and has its own story. Most of them gave birth to their own spirits, and they often get out of control after they have no owner.

“So, Sword Pavilion The sword qi is vertical and horizontal in the hidden sword, and the Cultivation is easily eroded by the sword qi when you stay in it, and eventually body dies and Dao disappears.

“But also, as long as you can refining these sword qi, the sword dao cultivation base will also rise rapidly.

“The longer you stay in the Sword Pavilion, the stronger your strength will be. For a hundred years, it can even directly become the peerless Sword Immortal. “

When he said these words, Wen Buyan looked longing.

“Isn’t the peerless Sword Immortal not going to live long? “Mo Fan said again.

“Well, according to records, the peerless Sword Immortal in history seems to have not lived for two hundred years-” Wen Buyan said.

“So , just for the illusory’s peerless Sword Immortal, wasting his youth, and even taking his own life? “Mo Fan doesn’t understand.

“You don’t understand, people who yearn for sword dao, why would they care about the trifling lifespan for a few years?

“If you can be as splendid and bright as a shooting star, even if you can only live for a moment, you will be happy, at least you will not be in this world in vain.”

Those who said these words At that time, Wen Buyan looked pious.

He is someone who yearns for sword dao.

It’s a pity he doesn’t have the sword dao innate talent.

I can’t even touch the threshold of Sword Pavilion.

Seeing the sincerity on Wen Buyan’s face, Mo Fan said no more.

“Xu Jing is probably like this too?”

As for the short-lived thing-

Mo Fan doesn’t think there will be a chance.

Because of his comprehended complete volume of sword art.

The high probability of raising sword art is Sword Pavilion inheritance.

Of course, he’s not sure if Sword Pavilion’s current inheritance is incomplete.

I don’t even know if the short-lived Sword Immortals of all dynasties are related to the incompleteness of inheritance.

But how much is an opportunity.

“When Xu Jing comes down the mountain to come to me, I will know the answer…” Mo Fan looked thoughtful.

Going down is much faster than going up.

In less than an hour, the two ran off the Sword Mountain in Tibet.

Under the leadership of Wen Buyan, Mo Fan found his place.

An ancient style small single-family house with a yard, beautiful environment, birdsong and fragrant flowers, surrounded by mountains and rivers, and a big Willow Tree planted in front of the door.

“The environment is indeed much better than that of the Handyman Hospital. The only downside is that there is no free cafeteria in the outer sect, so I’ll have to make my own food in the futureβ€””

Mo Fan covered his forehead.

Supper was still at Wen Buyan.

Looking at the time, the sky gradually darkened.

Unconsciously, another day passed.

“Take a good rest today, officially start the outer sect life tomorrow, make (spirit) money (stone), and level up like crazy!”

Mo Fan clenched his fist and was full of fighting spirit.

Just then, his phone vibrated, and the ancient bell rang.

“Dear Little Sister, please don’t cryβ€””

Mo Fan answered the phone, and her daughter’s voice rang immediately.

“father, I have good news for you!”

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