Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 75

“father, I have good news for you!”

Hearing her daughter’s excited voice, Mo Fan couldn’t help but be taken aback.

Good news?

What good news?

Didn’t you attend the apprenticeship ceremony?

Could it be that you have chosen the most ruthless master of the school?

β€œcough cough ――”

Mo Fan coughed a few words with embarrassment on his face, shielded the messy thoughts in his mind, and asked nonchalantly:

“What good news, are you going to become a Transcendent Martial Artist?”

“Father what are you thinking about, cultivation comes out step by step, how can it possibly ascend to the skies with a single leap?

“I just broke through the sixth layer of the Foundation Establishment yesterday, and I’m still a long way from Transcendent. “

Mo Fan: “? “

Mo Fan is stupid.

He was just joking.

Of course impossible ascending to the skies with a single leap, Transcendent so fast.

But your current cultivation speed is really outrageous!

Mo Fan remembers the day he just passed the handyman exam of Yuxu Academy.

This girl Just awakened the invincible physique, and the cultivation base barely broke through to the Foundation Establishment Realm.

How long has it been?

It’s been less than two and a half months.

Breakthrough It’s the sixth layer of the Foundation Establishment?

It’s even more outrageous than his smash!

At this speed, it won’t be invincible in two or three years?

At this moment, the daughter’s voice continued to come from the phone:

“Although there is still some distance, but also not very far, the good news I want to tell you is this. “

“en?” Mo Fan became a little puzzled.

Mo Yingying continued: “It’s such a father, the apprenticeship ceremony is over, and I was accepted by the Peak Master of Chixia Peak.” For True Disciple. ”

Dawnbreak Peak?

Dawnbreak Peak is also known as Cabernet Peak.

Of course, that’s not the point.

The point is that Chixia Peak Peak Master is a peerless beauty, and the beauty of Yuxu Academy is responsible!

And it is rumored that this person is extremely arrogant, dares to challenge Sect Master, and covets the beauty of Disciple, and likes to use Spirit Stone insulted Disciple and forced Disciple to call her elder sister.

The most important thing is-

The Peak Master of Chixia Peak is fierce!

Super big!

(crossed out)

Mo Fan is a little confused.

He didn’t expect, he just mentioned it casually, but his daughter actually chose The most fierce one is Master!

Too much!

Too much!

When can I become a Chixia Peak Disciple?


It’s so desirable.

Who doesn’t love a Master like this?

Dayue Fierce Royal Sister yyds!

Just when Mo Fan was thinking about the future, Mo Yingying’s voice sounded:

“Father, are you listening? “

“Well, I’m listening, you continue.” “Mo Fan said solemnly.

“Then what did I just say? “Mo Yingying asked.

“Well, what did you just say? “

Mo Yingying: “…”

Mo Yingying stared at the other end of the phone speechlessly, and continued:

“Father, don’t call My Master’s idea, although she is the type you like, but I have verified that she is not mother.

“You can only belong to mother, and you can’t have unreasonable thoughts about other women!”

“Uh-” Mo Fan was confused.

As expected of her own daughter.

The awareness of prevention is so high!

But your dad really just wants a Master!

You misunderstand me so much?

Too much!

Thinking of me as who?

Compared to illusory’s Cabernet Peak Master.

He even thought that Xu Jing was more suitable to be a wife.

What a lovely girl.


Married home will certainly not quarrel.

Home and prosperity!


Mo Fan brought back the topic: “By the way, what is the good news you want to say?”

“hmph, I was interrupted by you. I almost forgot.

β€œIt’s like this, as the benefit of passing through the Trial Pagoda, the school gave me the opportunity to enter Secret Realm cultivation for a period of two months.

“When I come out of Secret Realm, it’s almost Transcendent!”

“But you didn’t say that you are invincible in physique, you can level up while lying down, and it is faster than working hard for cultivation speed. Hurry?” Mo Fan wondered.

Dare to make excuses for laziness before?

“That’s true, but Secret Realm has substances that can develop my invincible physique.

“When I go in and absorb them, my physique will definitely increase , breaking through to the Transcendent environment in one fell swoop is not a problem, and the upgrade will be faster in the future! “

“so that’s how it is ――” Mo Fan looked thoughtful.

The current Mo Yingying is indeed a bit inconsistent with the appearance of the Great Emperor.

It must be because the Invincible physique has not fully awakened.

“That’s really good news, but is the Secret Realm in danger?

“If it’s dangerous, don’t go.

“If you have an invincible physique, you can become stronger when you lie down, and it’s the right choice to be invincible slowly. It is necessary to take an adventure. “

Mo Fan is a little worried about her daughter’s safety.

“Father, don’t worry, there will be no danger. The so-called Secret Realm is actually a relic controlled by the school.”

“It is said to be one of the few relics that were excavated before Spiritual Qi’s recovery, and it has been inherited for three or four thousand years.

“The Yuxu Academy can rise and inherit Thousands of years of still dominance, all thanks to this relic.

“Although the ruins have been developed over the years.

“But there are still some good things hidden inside.

A few years ago, the school built it into a Secret Realm for genius Disciples to experience, gain opportunities and improve their strength.

“Because of this, Secret Realm is safe, and generally there will be no accidents. After all, it has been transformed.”

Hearing these words from her daughter, Mo Fan couldn’t help but start. , looked thoughtful up.

He didn’t know that Yuxu Academy actually controlled a relic, and it was the relic that was discovered before Spiritual Qi’s recovery.

The current Wu Dao Body system is related to the so-called relics.

After Spiritual Qi’s revival, some ancient tombs that have never been found in history have surfaced.

These ancient tombs do not correspond to any dynasty in history, and with a strong Transcendent color, they are called relics.

Humans were able to fight Monster and Demon Races thanks to the exploitation of these ruins.

You can imagine how important the ruins are.

Mo Fan thought of the sword dao test stone tablet in the backyard of the Sword Pavilion.

“Is that thing dug up from the ruins controlled by Yuxu Academy?”

He thought it was very possible.

β€œWhat kind of existence does the ruins actually have?”

Inexplicably, Mo Fan is a little longing for the ruins.

He wanted to go in and have a look.

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