Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 76

“What kind of existence are the ruins?”

Mo Fan pondered and said:

“It’s good that there is no danger, In short, you must pay attention to safety, don’t take it lightly, safety first in everything, remember to run away immediately if the situation is wrong, don’t be brave, you will be cowardly.”

Hearing these words, Mo Yingying on the other end of the phone Very nicely nodded.

“I will pay attention when I know about the father.”

She doesn’t seem to be talking about the wasteland because of Mo Fan.

Mo Yingying thought for a while, and then said:

“But then again, father, you should also break through the cultivation base to the Foundation Establishment Realm as soon as possible, and then go to Trial Pagoda to see and become a high-end inner sect disciple.”


“High-end inner sect disciple, what the hell is that?” Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

And this stuff?

“Yes, yes, high-end inner sect disciple!

“Disciples that can pass through the Trial Pagoda are all key training objects, and they can become True Disciple directly. Master or a few Great Elders personally teach, this is the high-end inner sect disciple!

“Performing well, I can even become Holy Son or Saintess!

“Hahaha, I’m already a backup Saintess now, isn’t it very difficult to deal with? “

Mo Fan: “…”

Mo Yingying each minding their own business continued:

“When I come out of Secret Realm, cultivation base Breakthrough to the Transcendent environment, and then settle for a period of time, you can become the real Saintess.

“When the time comes in the academy, apart from Sect Master, I am the biggest!”

Mo Yingying’s tone carried a trace of pride.

Mo Fan doesn’t know how to complain.

Holy Son Saintess or something, he’d heard of it.

It is obvious that Yuxu Academy wants to develop itself in the direction of the legendary Immortal Sect.

Handyman Disciple , Outer Sect Disciple , inner sect disciple , Core Disciple , True Disciple , Alternate Holy Son , Alternate Saintess and the like are all available.

The pure cultivation sect style is incompatible with the modern high Martial Body system of the outside world.

If you have to conform to the times a little, Yuxu Academy will not even change its name.

Mo Fan has been told.

The former Yuxu Academy, named Yuxu Holy Land, was very domineering.

But Trial Pagoda is worth a try.

When the time comes, if you can directly become a True Disciple, you can save a lot of trouble. Not only will you have more Spirit Stones, but you will also have the opportunity to visit the ruins.

He reckoned that if he was lucky, he might be able to pick up one or two peerless secrets.

While Mo Fan was thinking about it, Mo Yingying continued:

โ€œThe Inner Sect environment is also very good, just like Human World Immortal Realm, it is pleasing to the eyes and very comfortable to live in!

“Basically every inner sect disciple has its own Cave Mansion, the one with spiritual spring, medicine field, and flowerbed!

“Apart from this, there are also people who specially deliver meals, and you can eat whatever you want!

“Also, the Cave Mansion array is directly connected to the sect protection system, especially Be safe and don’t worry about being patronized by thieves when you’re not at home.

โ€œAlso, as soon as you go out, you can see the spirit plant covering the mountains and plains. There are delicious Spirit Fruits everywhere, you can eat all you can, and there are no duplicates!โ€


Hearing these words, Mo Fan couldn’t help but glanced at his kennel, and suddenly felt that it was not fragrant.

โ€œThe Inner Sect life is really excitingโ€”โ€

Mo Fan sighed with emotion.

Compared with Inner Sect, outer sect is simply scum.

But before that, he had to break through the cultivation base to the Foundation Establishment Realm and find a way to get past the Trial Pagoda.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan asked attentively: “Tell me, what should I pay attention to when entering Trial Pagoda?”

It seemed that he considered the language, and after a while, The daughter’s voice sounded again:

“Trial Pagoda is actually not difficult to break through, and there is no skill, especially the fourth layer in the front, purely to investigate the combat strength, as long as the strength is fully exerted, it will be crushed all the way. That’s it, the more blocks the better.

“It’s been a little difficult since Fifth Layer,

What we’re examining is perception, and it’s not the perception we usually say, but a relationship with relatives, Understand some things about Dao Idol.

“Listening to the Master, this thing seems to be very important. It is related to the promotion after Transcendent. I don’t know the specific situation yet.

“Fifth Layer to the last layer inspects all The so-called pro-Dao and Enlightened-Dao attributes, and I heard from the Master that the content of each examiner’s assessment is different.

“But father, your perception has always been very good. As long as there is no problem with the first fourth layer, you will be able to pass the customs smoothly.”

Hearing these words, Mo Fan looked thoughtful.

If Trial Pagoda really tested these things, he thought he would probably pass.

I just don’t know how the so-called pro-Dao and enlightened-Dao attributes are assessed.

My perception seems to be passable, and I should be able to pass the subsequent assessment… right?

“Father, Trial Pagoda is really suitable for you. When you reach the cultivation base Foundation Establishment, remember to go immediately.

“In this way, you can directly become True Disciple, It might even become a Holy Son!

“By the way, father, if you pass Trial Pagoda, which peak do you want to choose?”

Mo Fan’s thoughts were pulled back by his daughter’s voice, he shook his head and said with a smile:

“I’m only on Body Tempering Peak now, and I’m still far from the Foundation Establishment, so don’t think about it for now.”

“I seeโ€””

Mo Yingying paused for a while, then continued with full of smiles:

“I suggest you choose Chixia Peak, after all, I’m here too, in this way, we are on the same mountain, and we can go every day. Let’s meet and help each other.”

Hearing this, Mo Fan thought for a while and thought it made sense, then subconsciously said: “It’s okay, when I really become a Chixia Peak Discipleโ€””

Soon, Mo Fan reacted, and his face turned black.

This girl is determined to be a Senior Sister.

“Bum, you want to take advantage of your father, no matter how big or small. If you let me go to Chixia Peak, you won’t be afraid that I will have bad thoughts about your Master?”


The other side of the phone was silent for a moment, and then Mo Yingying said cautiously:

“I scare you just now, even if you have bad thoughts about the Master, you can’t do it. Yes.โ€

โ€œWhy?โ€ Mo Fan subconsciously asked.

“Because the Master is an old man, she is crookedโ€”” At the end, Mo Yingying’s voice was almost inaudible.

Mo Fan: “?”

Are you serious?

Finally, he took a deep breath and said solemnly: “What’s the mess? Okay, go on with your business, hang up.”

With a beep, Mo Fan hung up I dropped the phone, confused.

Fortunately, there is no circle of friends in this era.

Otherwise, Mo Fan would definitely not be able to resist sending a message: What should I do if my daughter is too rebellious?

And then received a slip: just beat it.

However, the Trial Pagoda thing can really be considered.

Intuition tells him that the Secret Realm owned by Yuxu Academy, the so-called ruins, is worth a visit.

Hang up, it’s getting dark.

Mo Fan cultivated for a while, and felt a little sleepy, so he went to bed early.

Tossing around for a day today, I am indeed a little tired.

After all, comprehending the Peerless Secret is not an easy job, and it takes a lot of effort.

In the dream, Mo Fan met the red clothed woman ghost again.

The cultivation base just broke through two days ago, and Mo Fan has not yet fully controlled his own power, so he was naturally beaten by the ghost of the red clothed woman.

In the last hour, he was knocked to the ground again. He was tortured to the point of losing his temper.

Mo Fan wanted to cry but had no tears, so he had to lie down, let the red clothed woman be ravaged by ghosts, and wait for the dawn with a resentful face.

In this way, he has time to look at the ghost of red clothed woman again.

Although it is a bit distorted with blood stains.

But the outline is almost the same as Lin Yiyi.

Mo Fan was a little confused about this.

Is this red clothed woman ghost really not related to Lin Yiyi?

I don’t know if this woman is dead.

Mo Fan was a little worried.

After all, this woman still owes her a favor.

If you hang up, you won’t be able to get it back, and you will lose blood.


second day.

In the early morning, Mo Fan cultivated Golden Body Art against the morning sun.

In a quarter of an hour.

After finishing the training, he pushed the door and walked out. It was time to go out and earn Spirit Stone.

Efforts to upgrade are the most important.

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