Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 77

Mo Fan pushed out the door, looked to the left habitually, and was stunned.

He scratched his head, a little embarrassed.

This is the outer sect, there is no Xu Jing next door.

“I don’t know if this girl is used to living in Sword Pavilion.

“But having said that, Sword Pavilion is very suitable for her who has some social fears. “

Mo Fan shook his head.

If he was allowed to spend several decades on the slap-up Sword Mountain for hundreds of years, he would definitely go crazy.

But for Xu Jing, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Not only will she not feel tormented, but she will even feel happy because she doesn’t have to be in contact with others.

Walking while thinking.

Ten minutes later, Mo Fan came to the Internal Affairs Hall.

The first way to earn Spirit Stones is to receive the tasks issued by the Internal Affairs Hall.

Of course, Completing the mission does not directly get Spirit Stone, but merit points.

The so-called merit points are the hard currency of Yuxu Academy, which can be exchanged for Spirit Stone, medicine pill, weapon, talisman, array, cultivation at the logistics office Art and Martial Skill, etc.

Walking into the internal affairs hall, Mo Fan quickly found the room to receive the task.

I have to say that Yuxu Academy has kept up with the times.


There are a lot of big ass computers in the task room.

These computers are used to receive tasks, which are convenient and fast.

It is a pity that the Internet in this era It is not yet popular, and the functions of mobile phones are also single, otherwise you can lie at home and take tasks.

Perhaps it was early, and Mo Fan quickly found a computer that was free.

Click on the task system, enter the number and initial password on his status token, and Mo Fan will enter his background.

After browsing for a while, after reading the description for a while, Mo Fan roughly understands the so-called The task system of the system.

The tasks are mainly divided into two categories.

First, the task within the door.

Second, the task outside the door.

As the name suggests, the tasks inside the gate can be completed while staying in the school. The pay is relatively low, but it is very safe and there will be no accidents.

For tasks outside the gate, you need to leave the school. If it can be completed, the reward is higher than the task in the door, but there are certain risks.

Most of the tasks in the door are released by Pill Hall, Artifact Refining Hall, talisman technique hall, and Formation Hall.

Occasionally, other churches also post some tasks.

For example, Technique Impart ing Hall, sometimes posting assignments to record videos teaching Cultivation Art and Martial Skill.

This kind of task is relatively demanding and requires a deep understanding of Cultivation Art and Martial Skill. It is very difficult to complete.

However, as long as the requirements are met and the images are included, the task is considered a successful completion and a considerable reward can be obtained.

Similarly, the Examination Hall will also post some tasks.

Zhao Yong and Zhang Tong, who met Mo Fan in the previous promotion assessment, took over the task of the examination hall and became the assessment tools.

Under normal circumstances, this type of task is the easiest and the reward is considerable. The task takes up to half a day, but you can get ten Spirit Stones.

The fly in the ointment is that this kind of task has a strict cultivation base limit, and only once a month, it is difficult to grab.

As long as good luck grabs it, it is basically equivalent to picking up money.

After all, I just tested the combat ability of a few handyman Disciples. After a little fooling, it will pass, and there will be very few injuries.

The situation of Zhang Tong and Zhao Yong is pure bad luck.

In addition to the Technique Imparting Hall and the Examination Hall, the Law Enforcement Hall also occasionally posts assignments.

For example, recruiting non-staff for some activities or tasks or something.

There are many kinds, everything is very complicated, and it is very difficult to choose the one that suits you.

As for out-of-door tasks, it’s not that complicated.

The main content is to catch Martial Arts criminals, fight Heavenly Demon Sect, Monster God teach remnants and other dangerous tasks.

Of course, the Pill Hall and Artifact Refining Hall will occasionally issue missions for gathering spiritual medicine,

or mining.

This type of mission is less dangerous, but it is also classified as an out-of-door mission.

apart from this , occasionally there will be a task of hunting demons outside the defense line, or guarding the defense line.

It’s worth mentioning.

When the defense line is attacked by demons.

Whether it is the three universities or other martial arts universities, they are obliged to send Martial Artists to the defense line for support.

Simply glanced at the available tasks in the task system, screened out those with high risk, and compared them carefully.

Soon, Mo Fan discovered that the most lucrative quests were still Pill Hall-related tasks.

“It seems that I made the right choice to refine Pill Hall.”

Mo Fan laughed, screened out tasks related to refining Pill Hall, and read it carefully.

Soon, he saw a mission to go out to collect spiritual medicine.

Half a month, reward 5000 merit points.

The activity range is on Huilong Mountain, which is more than 500 miles away from the Jiangcheng base. Occasionally there are Low Rank Monster Beast, which is not dangerous.

Looking through the posts and related introductions, Mo Fan found that this task, although it required going out, was more suitable for him.

First, the pay is high.

Mo Fan has seen this task with the highest payout so far.

Second, although it is necessary to go out, it is not very dangerous.

After all, it is not far from the base, and there are big guys leading the team. All Mo Fan has to do is to identify spiritual medicine and pick spiritual medicine. Usually, there is no need to fight.

Mo Fan quickly browsed the related posts and found that this task of going out to collect spiritual medicine is indeed relatively safe, and almost nothing happened.

The most important thing is that the reward is generous, with a full 5,000 merit points!

5000 Merit Points can be exchanged for 50 Spirit Stones!

It’s a good deal to spend half a month to earn 50 Spirit Stones.

Under normal circumstances, most Outer Sect Disciples can only earn about 3,000 Merit Points a month.

Of course, with high reward and low risk, the threshold of the task will be high if you think with your knees.

Mo Fan looked at the specific requirements carefully.

A moment later, a smile formed on the corner of his mouth.

β€œNeed to have a very good understanding of all kinds of spiritual medicine, be able to identify the designated spiritual medicine at a glance, and have the skills to pick all kinds of spiritual medicine proficiently, and the ability to maintain the vitality of spiritual medicine in a short period of time?”


Seeing this introduction, Mo Fan smiled.

“Isn’t this just for me?”

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