Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 78

“Isn’t this custom-made for me?”

Looking at the detailed introduction of the task, Mo Fan smiled and sighed: “It seems that there is a special skill or It’s very popular.”

Mo Fan is a little fortunate that he chose to practice Pill Hall.

“The 5000 Merit points are stable, take it!”

With a confident look on his face, he waved the mouse and ka-cha clicked to receive the task.

But soon, he was stunned.

A tooltip pops up with a warning symbol.

[Reminder: This task is carried out outside the defense line and has certain risks. It is detected that your cultivation base has not yet reached the Innate Realm, and the strength is slightly insufficient. Please choose carefully. ]

Mo Fan glanced at this sentence, ignored it directly, and controlled the mouse to click the “Confirm Receipt” button behind it.

With a click, the page jumps, and a prompt box for one third screen pops up again.

Mo Fan glanced at the prompt box and wrote down the contents.

This is the gist of the task.

The mission starts on December 1st.

There is still half a month left.

Apart from this, at 5:00 pm tomorrow, there will be a task selection assessment.

Only after passing the assessment can you truly take over this task.

The content of the assessment is mainly about some knowledge related to spiritual medicine.

Only those who pass the assessment can be selected.

Of course, while assessing the knowledge of spiritual medicine, the cultivation base will also be examined.

Those whose cultivation base is under Innate will be eliminated directly.

After all, it is an outing mission, and the risk is small no matter how small.

Mo Fan is not worried about this.

Although his cultivation base is less than Innate, he already has the ability to rival Innate.

When the time comes, explain it, show your strength, others will probably not embarrass him.

Thinking like this, Mo Fan closed the page and continued to browse the task.

There is still half a month before the task of collecting spiritual medicine.

Of course, this half a month should be used well and not wasted.

Unfortunately, after browsing all the posts, Mo Fan has never found a job where half a month can earn 5000 merit points.

It’s basically a few-day tasks, and you can only earn one Spirit Stone a day on average, and even many tasks can’t even earn a Spirit Stone a day.

โ€œOne Spirit Stone a day is a bit small, but unfortunately there is no better choice, why donโ€™t you just go to the trading market and wait for the opportunity?โ€

Mo Fan frowned, thinking about whether to do it or not? Go to the trading market for a while.

The so-called trading market is actually a stall-setting activity organized by Disciple of the University to sell and sell the unwanted things in exchange for the needed things.

Mo Fan reckons that, with his Appraisal Technique, he might be able to find some good things.

After all, this is how Golden Body Art came fromโ€”

Therefore, Mo Fan is more concerned about this kind of market.

But soon, he is the shock the head.

“This thing is purely based on luck, and it’s a bit of a loss if you keep squatting.”

“It’s good to be able to find good things, but it’s not a waste of time if you can’t find them.”

After making up his mind, Mo Fan decided to browse again, take a few tasks, and be able to Earn a little is a little.

Soon, he browsed through all the tasks again, but still couldn’t find anything satisfactory.

“Forget it, just pick one.”

However, when Mo Fan was controlling the mouse and planning to pick a task, the page was refreshed.

Then, three brand new tasks were hung up.

Mo Fan’s eyes lit up, and he quickly opened it to take a look.

The task just released may be more suitable and rewarding.

[To take care of a small Spirit Medicine Garden, mainly responsible for the weeding, fertilization and watering of spiritual medicine, it is required to be able to prepare various nutrient solutions in perfect proportions for a period of seven days and a reward of 500 merit points. ]

Mo Fan’s face is black.

This task is very suitable for me though.

But the pay is too low.

He moves on to the next one.

[Pill concocting assistant, you need to select pill concocting materials according to the Pill Recipe, you are required to be familiar with all kinds of low-level materials, and you must be careful and correct. The five-day period will be rewarded with 1,000 merit points. ]

Mo Fan’s eyes lit up when he saw this task.

“Earning ten Spirit Stones in five days is not bad, and it seems to be able to get in touch with pill concocting. It’s not bad to see it in the past.”

For this task, Mo Fan compares satisfy.

But he didn’t stop, moving on to the next one.

Let’s take a look.

What if this last task is more appropriate?

[To take care of medium-level spirit plants growing in artificial simulated environment, you need to be familiar with the living habits of various medium-level spirit plants, to be able to accurately control humidity, temperature and light intensity, and to prepare a nutrient solution with a perfect proportion for a period of half a month, the reward is 5000 merit points. ]

After reading the last mission, Mo Fan couldn’t help but stunned, rubbed his eyes and read it again.

“The rewards for tasks that don’t need to go out are so high?”

Mo Fan sucked in a breath of cold air, with quick eyes and quick hands, and pressed the claim button with a click.

“Isn’t this equal to giving it for nothing?”

Mo Fan couldn’t help laughing.

Take care of spirit plant or something, he’s good at it!

What is the low-level and middle-level spirit plant, he is more familiar with it than anyone else, it is no exaggeration to say that it is an encyclopedia!

This task is not difficult for him at all.

“Not bad, I finally found a suitable quest.

“This quest half a month can earn 50 Spirit Stones.

“The previous mission was also half a month to earn 50 Spirit Stones.

“This is equivalent to earning 100 Spirit Stones a month!

โ€œWith the monthly cultivation subsidy of 30, thatโ€™s 130!

โ€œNow I have 53 attribute points leftโ€”โ€”

โ€œ 53+130=183!

“Hahaha, that’s enough, the next time you add points, you only need 220 attribute points, it’s not much worse! “

Mo Fan was so happy, as if he saw the Spirit Stone waving to him.

“It’s still easy to earn Spirit Stone from the outer sect, you can earn this much in a monthโ€”

“How many years does it have to work obediently and honestly for this to be placed in the handyman hospital?”

Mo Fan sighed.

The Handyman Academy and the outer sect really have as different as heaven and earth.

But soon, he realized something was wrong.

“Why didn’t the precautions pop up this time? Don’t you need to participate in the selection assessment? Didn’t you inform the mission location and mission time?

Mo Fan is a little confused.

At this moment, however, his phone rang.

An unfamiliar caller number.

After hesitation, Mo Fan answered the call.


“Hello, who is it? “

Soon, an old and somewhat tired voice sounded.

“I am the person who posted the task just now. The background shows that you have accepted my task. Come here quickly, 23 Spirit Medicine Garden. “

Mo Fan is surprised: “Is it going to pass now?” “

“Well, now.” “

“Don’t wait for a few people to sign up before screening and evaluating the right ones? “

“No, Spirit Medicine Garden No. 23 is not big. One person is enough. Come here quickly.”

“As for the assessment? Is it necessary to assess something as simple as taking care of the spirit plant?”

“Ah thisโ€”” Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

The old man who posted the task seems a little abnormal.

He’s not afraid that I’m not good enough, so busy?

Or does he have another purpose and wants to play immortal jumping?

Ah, that’s the wrong word.

In short, there is a problem!

Mo Fan would like to ask further details.

However, at this time, there was a beep and the phone was hung up.

Frowning his brows, he hesitated for two seconds, then Mo Fan logged out of his account and went out to No. 23 Spirit Medicine Garden.

After all, it is a task that is internal to the task system, and he is not afraid of being pitted.

I was really cheated. I can get justice by running to the Law Enforcement Hall to appeal.

Anyway, it is a modern and serious sect, and this guarantee is still there.

Ten minutes later.

Mo Fan came to the so-called Spirit Medicine Garden No. 23.

This is a high-end Spirit Medicine Garden that combines technology and array, which can simulate various environments and climates to cultivate some more precious spirit plants.

This kind of Spirit Medicine Garden is basically concentrated in the Inner Sect, and there are only two outer sects in total.

Mo Fan didn’t expect that he would come into contact with such high-end things at the first task.

Mo Fan stepped into the Spirit Medicine Garden No. 23, which seemed to be no different from an ordinary medicine field.

As soon as he entered the park, an old man with white hair and white hair, with a haggard face, and a look of no spirit came over.

He glanced at Mo Fan and said slowly:

“You were the one who took over the mission just now, right? Come in with me.”

After finishing speaking, He motioned Mo Fan to follow, turned and left.

Mo Fan frowned, he sensed a terrifying spiritual energy fluctuation on the old man.

Concentrated, Mo Fan threw an Appraisal Technique in the past.

Suddenly, the virtual panel flashed, and the identification information of the old man appeared.

ใ€Li Star River, Yuxu Academy Inner Sect Pill Dao Church deacon, Transcendent 5th layer cultivation base. As Liu Ji’an’s Junior Brother, he was implicated in the Liu Ji’an incident and was temporarily assigned to the outer sect to cultivate new varieties of spirit plant. ]

Mo Fan: “???”

Is this a bit too coincidental?

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