Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 81

“Why did you go down the mountain so quickly?”

Mo Fan looked at Xu Jing in surprise.

“I haven’t started Cultivation yet, but I can go down the mountain…” Xu Jing lowered her head and said.

“so that’s how it is, the outer sect is hot, come in.” Mo Fan was stunned and invited Xu Jing into the room.

Walking into the room, Xu Jing explained again: “Teacher, Master, let me rest for a few days, and then, start Cultivationβ€”β€””

“Well, you were exhausted that day. It’s too serious, there won’t be ten days half a month to recover, it really needs to slow down.”

Mo Fan gave Xu Jing a serious look.

Nothing on the surface.

But you can still see it if you look closely.

This girl is not in good spirits, her eyes are a little slack, and she looks dazed, as if she has not slept enough.

This situation is easy to solve.

Sleep more, eat more every day, and take care of it for a period of time.

“You, what do you have to do with me…” Xu Jing looked at Mo Fan with some doubts.

She clearly sensed that Mo Fan had something to say that day.

Mo Fan thought about it and said, “I have a sword art here. I learned it from the stone tablet test the other day. Now I will teach you.”

“Keeping, keeping Sword art?” Xu Jing started, and couldn’t believe it.

“en.” Mo Fan nods.

“Sword Pavilion biography, inheritance is also called sword art, stone tablet…” Xu Jing opened her mouth slightly, shocked.

She didn’t expect that those ghost characters on the stone tablet were actually sword art.

“Is it really Sword Pavilion inheritance?” Mo Fan looked thoughtful.

paused, he added: “It was indeed found on the test stone tablet, maybe your Master also knows about it.

“But I always feel that the inheritance of your Sword Pavilion is a little bit. Question, it may be different from this sword art I comprehend.

“In order to guard against the unexpected, I’ll tell you what I learned from testing the stone tablet.

“By the way, I’ll teach you about sword art You can’t tell anyone about this, including your Master. “

In the end, Mo Fan’s expression became a little serious.

If this kind of thing is known to people and can’t be explained at all, it will definitely be troublesome.

If people really think he can decipher some ancient texts they haven’t seen before, maybe they will tie him up to study these things every day.

This is still a good result.

More The possibility is that he will be stared at by someone with a heart and taken into the ruins to decipher the unknown secrets or something.

The ruins are always dangerous, and if you are not careful, you will burp.

Mo Fan doesn’t want to die an untimely death.

It’s not that he thinks too much.

The main thing is the strength is too weak.

If the strength is strong enough, don’t think about it That’s all.

Now, he still has to try his best to keep a low profile and grow in a vulgar manner.

“Okay, I, I remember…” Xu Jing solemnly nodded, with a serious expression.

Whether the Master knows that the test stone tablet has sword art engraved on it, she intends to rot it in her stomach.

Although she can’t figure out the reason.

But what Mo Fan says, she does what she does.

“Now I will retell the sword art I have learned, you should remember it first, and then digest it slowly when you go back. .

“Of course, the sword art I teach you is likely to be the same as the sword art your Master will teach you in the future. These are all for later.

“If It’s really different, you can check it yourself and see which version is better.

“At that time, you have to figure out which version of Cultivation you want.

“You have enough sword dao innate talent, I believe you can judge for yourself. “

“I-I see.” “Xu Jing nodded, and listened with a serious face.

Mo Fan’s expression was certain, and sword art was instantly surging in his mind.

After a while, he slowly said:

“The sword of raising the sky, borrowing the power of the earth, condensing in the divine treasure…”

It took two and a half hours before

Mo Fan described raising the sword art End.

He also explained to Xu Jing a little bit about some of the things that were difficult to understand.

To Mo Fan’s relief, Xu Jing’s sword dao innate talent is indeed very strong.

After just listening to it once, Xu Jing seemed to have engraved the meaning of sword art in her mind, and Mo Fan asked a few test questions and answered them perfectly.

Of course, she just forcibly remembered it.

It is obviously not an easy thing to comprehend the Peerless Secret.

Even if Xu Jing’s innate talent is unparalleled, it is almost the same. It will take several months to digest and understand.

It will take at least half a year to complete it to the beginning.

β€œThere is not enough time, so I can only tell you about it today, In the future, if you encounter something you can’t figure out in the process of Cultivation, you can come to me again. “

After thinking for a while, Mo Fan added, “I’ll go to Sword Pavilion to see you when I have time.

“Okay, I’ll take you back. I’ll go out and earn resources for liver missions in a while.”

Having said that, Mo Fan got up and was about to send Xu Jing away. .

“Thank you, thank you…” Xu Jing bowed her head in thanks.

Mo Fan taught her such an important sword art, and she felt that her life was not over.

“You’re welcome? I can’t use this stuff either, so you can make the best use of it for your cultivation. Just remember to cover me when you become Sword Immortal.”

“Yes, yes. Yes!” Xu Jing solemnly nodded.

Mo Fan laughed and didn’t care.

Wait for this girl to become Sword Immortal, I’m afraid it will be a hundred years later.

And if you add a little more smoothly, you may be invincible in a few years.

“Let’s go, let’s go out together.” Mo Fan put his luggage on his back, pushed open the door, and was ready to go to Spirit Medicine Garden No. 23.

“Okay.” Xu Jing nodded and followed Mo Fan.

When they reached a fork in the road, the two parted ways.

“Goodbye, I’ll go to Sword Pavilion to see you when I have time.” Mo Fan waved and said goodbye to Xu Jing.

“Again, goodbye…” Xu Jing pinched the corners of her clothes with both hands, and there was a flash of reluctance in her eyes.

At this moment, she was stunned for a moment, as if thinking of something, and hurriedly ran towards Mo Fan.

“Wait, waitβ€””

“What’s wrong?” Mo Fan turned around in confusion.

“This, this is for you!” Xu Jing took out a brocade bag with runes intertwined in her arms and stuffed it into Mo Fan’s arms.

I was so fascinated by sword art just now that she almost forgot about it.

β€œen?” Mo Fan wondered.

“Sword, Sword Pavilion entry bonus…”

“Then what are you doing for me?” Mo Fan frowned.

“I, I absorb sword qi, it’s good for cultivation and cultivation, you need it more.

“Take it, take it, or I will feel uncomfortable and restless in my heart…” Xu Jing Biting her lip, she stared blankly at Mo Fan.

Compared to raising sword art.

This bag of Spirit Stone is like nothing.

But she can There is only so much to do.

Seeing this, Mo Fan can only accept it nodded.

β€œGoodbye. Xu Jing smiled brightly, she took a few steps back, moved towards Mo Fan and waved her hand, turned around and left without looking back.

Seeing Xu Jing’s disappearing back, Mo Fan shook the head.

After hesitating for a second, he untied the rope of the brocade bag and saw Spirit Stone, one after another glowing with milky white radiance crystal clear and near-transparent.

“Ah this ――” Mo Fan sighed.

“I was taken care of again…”

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