Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 82

Looking at the crystal clear and near-transparent Spirit Stone in the brocade bag, Mo Fan was shivering.

“Is it dozens or hundreds of big?

“When will I be able to stand up when I am handsome and handsome?

“I really didn’t want to be nurtured…”

Mo Fan looked up at the sky at a forty-five degree angle with a sad face.

In the past two or three months, he has harvested a lot of Spirit Stone.

But if you think about it carefully, most of them come from her daughter and Xu Jing.

“It’s too hard, I really don’t want to eat soft rice!”

Mo Fan moved towards that bag of Spirit Stone with tears in his grief, and lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

Suddenly, Zhanblue’s virtual panel flashed, and a prompt box popped up.

[Found low grade Spirit Stone *100, which can be absorbed and converted into attribute points, is it absorbed? 】

“Hi, good, a lot…” Mo Fan sucked in a breath of cold air, put the Spirit Stone into the system space silently, and chose to absorb it.

In an instant, the virtual panel flashed again, and the attribute panel of Mo Fan appeared automatically.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Body Tempering Peak (+)]

[cultivation technique: Innate Merit, Breath Restraining Technique, Sword art (complete volume) (Beginner)]

[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Innate, Golden Body Art (First Layer)]

[storage space: 1 cubic meter]

【Available attribute points: 203】

Cultivation base or Body Tempering Peak.

The foundation of the cultivation technique is Body Tempering, which is disappeared and replaced by Innate Merit.

The Vajra Fist in the martial skill column has also been successfully upgraded, from the Body Tempering chapter to the Innate chapter.

Of course, the most important thing is that there are two hundred breakthrough points available for the attribute!

“Wait the afternoon to pass the assessment of the spiritual medicine collection task, get merit points in advance, exchange them for Spirit Stone, and then you will be able to break through to Innate Realm!”

Mo Fan was a little excited. .

It’s finally time to break through to Innate Realm.

In the past few days, he also tried hard cultivation, absorbing psionic energy and inputting it into Qi Sea.

However, compared to the vast Qi Sea like the star sea, the psychic energy absorbed by Mo Fan is almost nothing.

In the end, he gave up, thinking it was better to add a little more.

To clear up his mood, Mo Fan quickly walked towards the No. 23 Spirit Medicine Garden.


Not long.

Mo Fan came to Spirit Medicine Garden No. 23 and found Li Star River who was researching new varieties of spirit plant in the breeding room.

“Senior, I’m here to report.” Mo Fan shouted softly from the door.

Li Star River lowered his head to work, but said without looking up:

“Today’s list has been made, on the control room console, you go directly, after nine o’clock, press It’s good to adjust the content on the machine.

“When the old man is done with his work, I will let you familiarize yourself with the environment and arrange a place for you by the way. “

“Okay, then I’ll go.” “Mo Fan. No, and walked towards the operating room.

A few minutes later, at nine o’clock,

Mo Fan’s expression froze, and he activated his psychic power and input it into the machine. , and according to the weather requirements on the list, convert it into a programming language in your mind, and adjust various data.

The first stage program is thunderstorm weather.

After entering the data, Mo Fan hurriedly looked through the glass window and looked towards the medicine field.

In an instant, the runes around the medicine field began to run fast, bursting out dazzling golden rays of light. Dark, dark clouds gathered over the medicine field in an instant.


A muffled sound.

The thunderbolt as thick as an arm fell, spread out in the air, and scattered pieces A rain of light, covering like a spider web, finally fell on the thin green buds one after another on the medicine field.

The electric light circulated, and those buds emitted a crystal green glow at a speed visible to the naked eye. It has grown a little taller.

oh la la wow——

The heavy rain poured down, instantly moistening the fertile soil.

In the moisturizing of the rain Down, the buds became more and more splendid,

looking at the crystal clear and near-transparent, like a work of art.

“really mysterious ――” Mo Fan was slightly stunned, feeling novel.

“Using this method to cultivate spirit plants, not only does it not need to consider the external climate, but the growth cycle will be much shorter, right?

“The times are different—”

Mo Fan laughed and didn’t think about it any more.

He stared at the console and frowned.

The program is displayed.

This thunderstorm will last an hour and a half.

Therefore, Mo Fan was idle for an hour and a half.

“Five minutes of work and an hour and a half of rest?

“Is this work too leisurely? “

Mo Fan complained.

I feel a little sorry for the fifty Spirit Stones.

But he is a fisherman.

I am still very happy.

I can make money by lying down.

Who is not happy?

I have nothing to do, Mo Fan plans to cultivate Take a look at Golden Body Art, and by the way, get familiar with Innate Merit and Vajra Fist Innate again.

But at this moment, Li Star River walked in.

He glanced at Mo Fan, said slowly: “Take your luggage, the old man will take you to the residence. “

“Okay. “Mo Fan stopped the cultivation, stood up, and followed Li Star River.

Mo Fan’s residence is in a small room less than a hundred meters away from the control room.

The house It’s not big, with good lighting, with a bathroom and a small balcony, so the environment is not bad.

Put down the luggage, and Li Star River took Mo Fan to get acquainted with the Spirit Medicine Garden.

After half an hour, I’m almost familiar with it, Li Star River instructed:

“It’s almost like this, the medicine field is still in the experimental stage, try not to run over.

“Other places, if you have nothing to do, you can wander around, but do you still have questions?” Li Star River looked towards Mo Fan.

“Where to eat if you don’t eat it?” Mo Fan asked a key question.

Li Star River was obviously stunned for a moment, and then said after a moment of pondering:

“The old man’s cultivation base has already entered Transcendent, and he no longer eats mundane things-“

paused, Li Star River seemed to think of something, and continued:

“So, this old man will contact the outer sect Pill Dao hall and ask them to arrange for someone to deliver meals to you at a fixed time. You can ask for anything at that time. Say it again.”

“many thanks Elder!” Mo Fan smiled.

The food and lodging are covered, which is great.


Back to the control room to continue working.

The next work is still boring and boring.

It basically takes half an hour, and the program is changed only once an hour.

Sometimes it even takes two or three hours to change the program.

Soon, it was noon.

After eating the hearty food specially delivered by the chef, Mo Fan continued to devote himself to his work.

After the daily Golden Body Art training was full, he began to panic and could only practice Innate Merit and Vajra Fist over and over again.

By the end, he was so bored that he continued to absorb psionic energy to fill Qi Sea.

In the end, Mo Fan was speechless.

“This job is so leisurely that it’s scary-“

Just as Mo Fan was complaining, Li Star River walked in quietly.

Mo Fan: “…”

Why does this old man walk silently?

I can’t even feel the breath.

Like a ghost.

Just as Mo Fan was complaining, Li Star River came in and checked the results of his work.

In the end, he was satisfied with the nodded: “Yes, nothing went wrong.

“The last program is at eight o’clock in the evening and lasts ten hours, at which time you leave the control on your own. room, just come before the replacement procedure. “

“Got it. “Mo Fan. Nodding, expressing understanding.

Soon, he seemed to have thought of something, and told about going to Pill Hall at 5 o’clock in the afternoon to take part in the examination

hearing this , Li Star River nominee, said: “You can go directly, and the program doesn’t need to be updated during that time.

“Although someone needs to watch the program to avoid unexpected errors.

“But the old man has confidence in the program he designed, and you can move freely in your spare time. “

“Many thanks Senior. “Mo Fan grinned.

This kind of boss is good.

Li Star River nominated, thinking about it and saying:

“You can pick up the old man’s release.” task, presumably Pill Dao also has some foundation.

“On the second floor of the cultivation room is the old man’s study. There are some books collected by the old man, all related to Pill Dao.

“If you are interested, you can take it in your spare time. Come and see, if you are talented enough, you can learn something after half a month. ”

Hearing this, Mo Fan’s eyes lit up.

Can he prostitute the knowledge of Pill Dao for free?

He is worried that there is no place to learn Pill Dao well. What.

Isn’t this provide timely help?

This task is really good-

“You can arrange it yourself, as long as you don’t delay the operation of the program. . “

After saying that, Li Star River turned and left.

Mo Fan was not polite, and followed him directly to the training room, and then ran to the study on the second floor to get a copy of “Pill”. Dao: From Beginner to Mastery”.

I was addicted to reading and couldn’t extricate myself.

It was 4:40 in the blink of an eye, Mo Fan adjusted the program and left Spirit Medicine on the 23rd Garden, walk towards the Lian Pill Hall.

No surprise, this time back, he is the Innate Martial Artist.

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