Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 83

Spiritual Medicine No. 23 is very close to Pill Hall.

In less than ten minutes, Mo Fan arrived at the Pill Hall.

The Pill Hall is also called the Pill Dao Hall.

Under normal circumstances, everyone is used to calling it the Pill Hall.

Pill Dao Church covers a very large area, like a small town, and is built in splendorous and majestic, one can tell that it is very rich.

Actually, Pill Hall is indeed rich. The medicine pills it produces are sold well all over Bluestar, with a complete supply chain and huge profits.

The majority of Yuxu Academy’s income comes from refining Pill Hall.

According to the agreement, Mo Fan came to the designated place, a bright room with tables and chairs, a bit like a classroom.

After showing proof and verifying his identity, Mo Fan received a pen and was placed in a vacant seat at the back.

β€œPrepare first to relieve tension, and the assessment will be conducted as soon as five o’clock arrives. It is mainly a written test to assess the knowledge related to Pill Dao spiritual medicine.”

Chief-In -Charge laughed, kindly reminded.

β€œmany thanks Senior Brother.” Mo Fan thanked politely, while throwing an Appraisal Technique in the past.

[Li Dong, Yuxu Academy’s outer sect Pill Dao Disciple, Innate 8th layer cultivation base, initial understanding Pill Refinement Master, Dan Dao foundation knowledge is very solid, able to refine some low-level medicine pills. ]

Looking at Li Dong’s identification information, Mo Fan looked thoughtful.

Even if you can only make some low-level medicine pills, it is very profitable, and Spirit Stone will definitely not be short of anything.

Medicine pill This thing is a must for cultivation, and it is expensive, so it makes money naturally.

It’s just that Mo Fan has already checked the information when he came.

It is not easy to become a Pill Refinement Master in the outer sect.

Even a so-called genius needs years of study to be able to barely touch the threshold and refine some low-level medicine pills.

In the first place, pill concocting is really complicated, and there are a lot of things to learn. Without three or four years to lay the foundation, it is impossible to make a medicine pill at all.

Second, the process is slow.

As far as the outer sect Pill Dao is concerned, if you want to get in touch with pill concocting, even if you have enough foundation, you need to wait for three years to have hope.

It will take at least two or three years from contacting pill concocting to being able to stably refine medicine pills of incoming and outgoing grades.

In this way, it takes at least five or six years to become a Pill Refinement Master.

Like Li Dong, who has been refining Pill Hall for more than ten years, but still can only refine some low-level medicine pills, and the room for improvement is limited.

If he spends his time studying Pill Dao to cultivation Martial Arts, he must have been an inner sect disciple long ago.

“I guess I’ll be invincible in five or six years, so what kind of pills do I need to refine?”

Mo Fan shook the head, and he doesn’t plan to enter the Pill Hall system for the time being. Time to talk.

After all, it’s a waste of time. Going to join Pill Dao’s class to learn pill concocting is not worth the loss.

Of course, now that he has come into contact with Li Star River, when he has nothing to do, he can take a look at his books on Pill Dao, and self-study is also good, maybe he will be able to use it in the future.

After all, he has a strong learning ability and is a hundred times more efficient than ordinary people. He can still use some things he learns.

If you read Li Star River’s books, you might be able to make some simple medicine pills by yourself.

Even if you can’t make a medicine pill, it will be good for future missions.

As the mission of Spirit Medicine Garden on No. 23, and the mission to go back to Longshan to collect spiritual medicine, it is because of what he learned in the handyman academy.

Without the Dan dao foundation knowledge learned by the handyman college, he could not have accepted such a high-paying task.

As time passed, people came one after another, and soon the entire assessment room was almost full.

Mo Fan counted a little.

About fifty people came to participate in the assessment.

Compared to the huge Outer Sect Disciple base, fifty people is not much.

This is because the university database has detailed personal information, and

people who have never contacted Pill Dao cannot take on this task at all.

Otherwise, this kind of task with little risk and high reward would have already crossed the threshold, and the ten assessment rooms would not be able to squeeze in.

As soon as five o’clock arrived, Li Dong closed the door and said slowly:

“The assessment time is up, those who haven’t arrived will automatically abstain.”

After speaking, Li Dong squatted down, took out a book of test papers from the cardboard box beside him, and sent them out.

After getting the test paper, Mo Fan immediately flipped through it.

The test paper is a bit thick, with a total of 24 pages. The number of questions is a bit large, and the difficulty is also much more difficult than the assessment paper issued by Liu Ji’an at the beginning.

Mo Fan estimates that it will take at least 40 minutes to answer all the questions this time.

No way, there are too many questions.

Many questions are subjective questions that require a long discussion and write a lot of words, which consume a lot of time.

After the test papers were sent out, Li Dong’s voice sounded again.

“The assessment starts now. If you have finished your answers or can’t answer, you can hand in the test papers in advance.

“The assessment time is two hours, and the number of questions is a bit large, so hurry up. “

After speaking, Li Dong sat down on the chair at the back of the examination room and observed it carefully.

At the same time, Mo Fan’s expression froze, and shua~ shua~ shua~ began to answer the questions. , writing like a god.

His basic knowledge is very solid.

During his time at the Handyman Academy, he mainly studied the knowledge of low-medium-level medicine recipes.

Of course, there is too much content, and Liu Ji’an only selects a small part of the relatively simple and important to talk about, otherwise it will not be finished in two or three years.

There is not much to talk about, but The information is complete.

Mo Fan looked at each line at a time, and it was imprinted in his mind immediately after reading it.

In more than two months, he forcibly put all the After reading all the materials, I have mastered a lot of things.

Now I can answer the questions with ease, and I know the answer at a glance, which is faster than copying.

In the end, Mo Fan underestimated Himself.

It only took 35 minutes for him to answer all the questions.

“Senior Brother, I’m done. “He immediately reported.

“en?” Li Dong, who was sitting behind the assessment room, was stunned for a moment and looked surprised.


This How long has it been?

I’m afraid it’s half a bucket of water, and I can’t write a few topics. Have I given up?

Thinking of this, Li Dongshook the head, and there is no excess emotion , said directly:

“Bring the test paper over, then go to the assessment room next door, where someone will test your basic combat power.

“The results of the assessment will come out at 3:00 pm tomorrow at the latest, and I will send you a text message at that time.”

hearing this, Mo Fan got up, folded the test paper, and walked to Li Dong handed over.

Li Dong didn’t even read it, he put the test paper on the long case aside, continued to invigilate the test, and laughed, waving Mo Fan to go next door.

Mo Fan nods and turns to leave the assessment room.

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