Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 84

Mo Fan nods and turns to leave the assessment room.

The assessment went well.

The only fly in the ointment is that the results will not come out until the second day, and the merit points will be late.

In this way, he will also be able to break through to Innate Realm tomorrow.

After a while, Mo Fan came next door.

As soon as he started, he saw a tall, short inch, wearing a black training suit, with sharp eyes, looking at a very energetic young man practicing fist technique.

Mo Fan was a little surprised when he looked at the young man who was practicing boxing.

The Disciple of Yuxu Academy basically has long hair, and the dress style is closer to ancient times.

Even if it’s not the case at first, it will be assimilated over time.

This young man is special.

What makes Mo Fan even more puzzled is that this person has a long breath, and the fist technique he exercises seems to be ordinary, but every punch has hidden murderous intention and great formidable power.

“Looking at this formidable power, it’s at least a second-rate martial skill, but this cultivation base breath, it seems that it is not something that Outer Sect Disciple can achieveโ€””

With doubts, Mo Fan Lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

The virtual panel lit up, and the identification information of the short-term youth appeared.

[Xu Wei, inner sect disciple of Pill Dao Hall of Yuxu Academy, Foundation Establishment 5th layer cultivation base, good at boxing, one of the leaders of the mission to collect medicine in Longshan. ]

Mo Fan was stunned when he saw the identification information.

“It turned out to be an inner sect disciple.

“It seems that the task of going out to collect medicine is more important, and more than one inner sect disciple leads the teamโ€”โ€””

While thinking about it, Mo Fan walked over and said hello.

Did Ming’s intention, Xu Wei suddenly frowned, stopped the drill, tidied up his collar, and walked towards Mo Fan.

He glanced at the time, and said somewhat surprised: “You completed the written test so quickly? “

“I write fast, may I ask the Senior Brother, are you responsible for the actual combat assessment?” “Mo Fan said.

Xu Wei: “…”

He was a little displeased and felt that the guy in front of him was too exaggerated. A waste of time.

But he didn’t say much, turned around and walked to the corner, picked up the kettle and took a sip of water, then said:

“I am indeed Chief-In-Charge, But it’s not me who will assess your actual combat. That guy went to the toilet and will come back in a while. You wait patiently. “

He is a dignified Inner Sect Foundation Establishment 5th layer expert, and tested it with you. Isn’t that bullying children?

“Okay. “Mo Fan nodded and waited patiently.

Five minutes later, a medium stature, wearing a white uniform, looked at ungster in his early twenties and walked in.

Saw the person coming. , Mo Fan couldn’t help but stare for a moment, his eyes widened a little.

Isn’t this who…?

He suspected that he was wrong, and subconsciously lost an Appraisal Technique in the past .

[Zhao Yong, Yuxu Academy Outer Sect Disciple, Innate 4th layer cultivation base, good luck grabbed the Pill Dao Hall herb collection mission combat power test place, feel extreme sorrow turns to joy, About to embark on the peak of life.]

Mo Fan was dumbfounded when he saw the identification information that appeared on the blue panel.

He didn’t expect that he had encountered the promotion assessment again. The Zhao Yong.

It is worth mentioning.

This guy’s injury seems to be healed.

And brave and diligent, the cultivation base is from the original Innate 3rd-layer, breakthrough to the current Innate 4th layer.

Apart from this, his luck is really good, once again grabbed this one in ten-thousand does not have task.

If you run over to be a test tool person, you can get ten Spirit Stones in half a day at most.

If everyday all can grab such a task, you will earn 300 Spirit Stones in a month. It’s good to make a fortune directly!

Of course, such tasks are too few to appear several times a month.

And there are so many people who grab it, even if you can grab it once a month Good luck.

A person like Zhao Yong grabbed twice in just a few days,

is like the treatment of the protagonist in the novel.

I noticed that Zhao Yong walked in. , Xu Wei stopped practicing boxing again, moved towards him and said:

“Junior Brother Zhao, an appraiser has come, bring him to register the information and conduct the appraisal. “

Hearing this, Zhao Yong was taken aback and blurted out:

“Have you finished the written test so early?” Blind answer, right? I guess it’s another one because the question is too difficult, and he’s self-defeating–“

Before he finished speaking, he realized that something was wrong, and quickly shut his mouth, turned around embarrassedly, and looked at Mo Fan who was beside him.

“I’m not targeting you, I’m just being outspoken and telling the truthโ€””

However, halfway through the words, Zhao Yong was dumbfounded and instantly petrified in place.

After a while, he took a deep breath, rubbed his eyes, and looked at Mo Fan again.

“Mom! He let out an exaggerated scream, subconsciously about to run away.

At this time, Xu Wei’s puzzled voice came over:

“Junior Brother Zhao, why are you holding on to it?” Don’t move, quickly bring him to register the information and go to assess the combat power. “

“I, I, I, Iโ€”” Zhao Yong trembled, hesitant to say anything.

“What’s the matter with you?” “Xu Wei frowned, a little displeased.

Why do I keep meeting some unreliable guys today?

Is this a sign that something goes wrong on a mission?

On the other side, Mo Fan smiled slightly, moved towards Zhao Yong and said hello.

“Senior Brother Zhao, long time no see. “

Seeing this, Xu Wei frowned again, glanced at Zhao Yong, and reminded:

“Even if you are familiar, you can’t let the water go, I will watch from the side.” Now, if you deliberately hide your strength, I will cancel your quest reward. “

Zhao Yong: “…”

Why do I put hair water on it?

I can’t beat it at all!

He rubbed his eyebrows and looked at Xu Weidao:

“Senior Brother Xu, I know the strength of Junior Brother Mo, he does have the power of Innate, we have discussed, can this assessment be directly Count him through? “

Xu Wei looked at Zhao Yong with the eyes of a fool: “What do you think? “

“Okay, okay-” Zhao Yong was helpless and could only nod.

But at this moment, he also calmed down, took a deep breath, and looked calm looked towards Mo Fan calmly, and said slowly:

“Junior Brother Mo, come with me to register the information. With that said, he turned around and walked towards a computer in the corner.

Although Mo Fan is very strong.

But he is not the original Zhao Yong anymore.

Although Mo Fan is very strong.


After the cultivation base breakthrough to the Innate 4th layer, his combat power has been greatly improved, and he can even defeat the original two selves.

He believes that in this state, he has Hope to beat Mo Fan!

No, it’s not hope, it’s certain!

He’s going to be ashamed!

But he’s also a little puzzled.

How can I encounter a pervert like Mo Fan again for a simple task?

For the assessment task of Pill Hall, what needs to be tested is only the assessment below Innate 3rd-layer If you want to check, confirm whether they really have the Innate combat power.

Innate 3rd-layer and above, it will be passed directly, no assessment is needed.

And now he, cultivation base Innate 4th layer, it can be said to be very easy to deal with Martial Artists below Innate 3rd-layer.

This kind of task can’t be easier, it’s all about picking up Spirit Stones!

However, now, he met Mo Fanโ€”โ€”

Remember the last Handyman Academy promotion assessment, he also wanted to pick up the Spirit Stone.

But met Mo Fan .

As a result, I almost lost half my life, and the Spirit Stone I earned was spent on medicine pills for treatment!

What a sin!

Thinking of this, Zhao Yong wanted to cry without tears, and he wanted to die.

But soon, he adjusted.

โ€œI have made a breakthrough in the cultivation base now. The strength has greatly increased, and this time I will definitely be able to fight back! “

After giving himself a boost, Zhao Yong helped Mo Fan to register the information, and then directly boarded the small martial arts stage on the side, slowly opened the mouth and said:

” Junior Brother Mo comes up to play against me, and I will assess whether you have Innate combat power according to your specific strength! “

“Okay. “Mo Fan boarded the martial arts stage and said politely,” Senior Brother Zhao asked. “

Zhao Yong was nodded, and he didn’t dare to be too big. He quickly ran the Innate Astral Qi and stacked layers of armor for himself.

Then he snorted, The soles of his feet stomped on the ground, and with a sudden force, he rushed towards Mo Fan like a cannonball.

However, he saw a dazzling golden light blooming like a big sun.

Then, a golden fist quickly enlarged in front of his eyes.

Finally, with a muffled bang, he felt as if he had been hit by a truck, his chest collapsed slightly, and he flew backwards instantly, before landing. It was a mouthful of blood.

With a click, Zhao Yong fell outside the martial arts stage.

His shirt was blood-dyed red, and the corners of his eyes were bulging. With tears in his eyes, he looked at the ceiling with a hopeless expression.

“Why, why, I broke through the cultivation base, why didn’t I get stronger? โ€

He doesnโ€™t understand.

He has already broken through.

Why canโ€™t he stop Mo Fanโ€™s punch?

Could it be? Is the two-day breakthrough just an illusion?

When Zhao Yong was confused, Mo Fan jumped off the ring, walked over and said apologetically: “Sorry, it just so happened that I also became stronger. “

Zhao Yong: “? ? ? “

“You, you, you, me, me, meโ€””

In the end, Zhao Yong tilted his head and fainted.

Mo Fan: “…”

Is this guy too fake?

“Jin, Vajra Fist? On the other hand, Xu Wei was also stunned, stunned for a long time without came back to his senses.

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