Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 85

β€œVajra Fist?”

Xu Wei froze in place, unable to recover for a long time.

He obviously didn’t expect that the guy in front of him, who looked nothing but handsome, actually learned Vajra Fist.

He has a soft spot for boxing.

And Vajra Fist happens to be one of several boxing styles at the Peak of Yuxu Academy.

When he was in the outer sect, he also exchanged the cultivation.

It’s a pity that the perception is not enough, so I gave up decisively after wasting a year.

But didn’t expect to meet the genius of the comprehended Vajra Fist here today.

The other party looked very young, and his face was even a little immature, as if he was less than twenty years old.

Such a young age.

How did you learn about Vajra Fist?

This perception is too terrifying!

Just when Xu Wei was thinking about it, Mo Fan came over, grinned and said:

“This Senior Brother, do I pass the test?”

Xu Wei was pulled back to reality by Mo Fan’s voice.

He coughed twice, his expression quickly returned to normal, and slowly said:

“You can defeat Zhao Yong who is the Innate 4th layer cultivation base, your combat power has indeed passed the test. Go back and wait for the notification, we will send the results to your mobile phone when the test results come out.”

“many thanks Senior Brother.” Mo Fan politely thanked him and turned away.

When he reached the gate, he seemed to have thought of something, turned around quickly, and looked at Xu Wei before he spoke.

“What else?” Xu Wei wondered.

“Then what, Senior Brother Zhao may need urgent treatment?” Mo Fan pointed at Zhao Yong.

“Uhβ€”” Xu Wei was stunned, and then nodded, “Got it.”

Mo Fan laughed, turned and left the assessment room, his back gradually moving away.

Looking at Zhao Yong lying on the ground, Xu Wei frowned, a little unhappy.

“This Zhao Yong is too strong.

“That young man’s cultivation base hasn’t entered Innate tomorrow, even if he comprehended Vajra Fist, he shouldn’t be punched for a second. It is. “

shook the head, Xu Wei squatted down, took out a Healing Medicine Pill from his arms and stuffed it into Zhao Yong’s mouth, and called the relevant personnel to come and treat him.

After finishing this, he glanced at the direction Mo Fan was leaving.

“Unfortunately, this guy answered the questions in the written test blindly, otherwise in this mission, he can Get in touch with him and ask him how to become Vajra Fist. “

Speaking, Xu Wei shook the head with a look of pity.

However, at this moment, Li Dong ran in in a hurry, covering his face and asking:

“Senior Brother Xu, where is that guy who came to test just now? “

“Gone.” “Xu Weidao.

“Go away?” Li Dong was stunned for a moment, and suddenly became disillusioned. The test paper he was holding on fell off his hands and floated to the ground.

Seeing this, Xu Wei was surprised, and said curiously: “What happened? “

Hearing the question, Li Dong started and became excited again, and said incoherently:

“Genius, genius, true genius!” “

“Speak human language. “Xu Wei rolled his eyes at him.

“That guy is too good. In less than 40 minutes, most of the answers are correct-

“No, at least I checked it now.” The parts that have been read are all correct, there is no mistake, it is too strong, it is too strong!”

Li Dong’s body trembled with excitement.

He was bored just now, so he picked up Mo Fan’s test paper.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t see it, you will be frightened when you see it.

Such a terrifying speed.

Such a horrible accuracy rate.

This guy was born to join Pill Dao!

The information shows that the other party’s Dan Dao foundation knowledge was learned in the handyman college.

It is very rare to learn this level in the Handyman Academy, one can imagine how hard this guy is working.

But soon, Li Dong seemed to think of something,

staring at Xu Weidao:

“I read the data, that guy’s cultivation base is only the seventh layer of Body Tempering, even though he has recently broken through. , and it’s only Body Tempering 8th layer at most, shouldn’t he have passed the actual combat test?”

At this moment, a hint of hesitation flashed in Li Dong’s eyes.

It was only for a moment that this hesitation was replaced by firmness.

He took a deep breath, plucked up his courage, and looked at Xu Weidao:

“Senior Brother Xu, that guy is a rare Pill Dao genius who is very good at medicine recipe noodles. He has a good grasp of the basic knowledge.

“Although his combat power is not very good, he can still contribute to this mission with his excellent knowledge of Dan Dao foundation. “

“So? “Xu Wei looked at him.

Li Dong was laughed, and some regretted: “So can you make an exception to let him pass?” “

“An exception? hehe. “Xu Wei sneered and pointed to Li Dongshen’s martial arts stage.

“Huh?” Li Dong was stunned for a moment, turned his head and looked over, but didn’t see anything, a little unclear.

“Go around and look.” “Xu Wei reminded.

Li Dong was stunned for a while, then walked to the back of the martial arts stage.

Soon, his somewhat frightened voice sounded:

“This is Junior Brother Zhao? ! What happened to him, he he? “

“Being beaten. “Xu Weidao.

“Who was beaten?” impossible, dare to commit murder in Pill Dao’s hallowed grounds! “

“I was beaten by that guy just now.” “Li Dongdao.

“Huh? “Li Dong was stunned, but didn’t react at once.

“In the battle strength assessment, he punched Zhao Yong in seconds. “Xu Wei explained.

Li Dong: “? ? ? “

“We’ll see him again early next month.” A look of anticipation appeared on Xu Wei’s face.

Then, he walked to the computer in the corner and started to operate it with the mouse.



Mo Fan who was walking on the road sneezed suddenly and couldn’t help being a little confused.

“Who is thinking of me? Ying Ying? But then again, this girl should have gone to Secret Realm by now, right?

“When she comes out, it’s probably Transcendent.”

“Damn, the gap is getting bigger and bigger, when will you be able to keep up with your daughter’s speed? ”

Mo Fan was about to cry without tears.

It felt like he was still improving too slowly.

Just then, he felt a sigh in his pocket. The phone vibrated.

There is a new text message.

Taking out the phone and opening the text message, Mo Fan was stunned.

【Your Account 2022963341 and at 17:45 on November 14, 2000 Merit Points were credited, and the balance was 2088 Merit Points.]

“Where did 2000 Merit Points come from? ”

Mo Fan’s phone vibrated again because of his doubts.

This text message is from Pill Dao Church.

After reading the text message, Mo Fan Suddenly.

These 2000 merit points are equivalent to the deposit.

The remaining 3000 merit points will be paid after the task is completed.

β€œI also I thought they were all paid first and then worked, it seems that I thought too muchβ€””

Mo Fan laughed, but didn’t care, but adjusted the direction and walked towards the logistics office.

2000 Merit Points can be exchanged for 20 Spirit Stones, which is just enough to upgrade.

Fifteen minutes later, Mo Fan walked out of the logistics office briskly.

“Today I will break through the cultivation base and achieve Innate! ! ”

【found low grade Spirit Stone *20――】

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