Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 87

Half a month has passed in a blink of an eye.

This half a month, Mo Fan’s life is temporarily returning to peace.

In the days that followed, he worked diligently and conscientiously prostituted the knowledge of Li Star River…

Pill Dao’s knowledge builds up little by little over time.

Of course, when the program interval is long, he will occasionally go to the Sword Pavilion to see the three beauties of the Sword Pavilion, which are seductive (crossed out).

It is worth mentioning that he reads books very fast, basically two or three books a day, and even three or four books in his spare time.

Li Star River was a little dissatisfied with this.

He felt that Mo Fan was impetuous, and he just flipped through any book without serious study.

He remembered when he first entered the pit of Pill Dao.

Those books in the study, each one has to be read for more than a month before it can be understood and mastered.

And this guy Mo Fanβ€”β€”

Li Star River doesn’t know how to complain.

Are you reading a book?

The book looks almost like you!

“Even if you have some innate talent, your temperament is too impetuous. If you don’t polish it well, it will be difficult to become a major event in the future.” Li Star River shook his head and commented.

Time flies by.

November 30, morning.

The work of Spirit Medicine Garden officially started and the cultivation of Grade 3 spiritual medicine named Wisteria failed.

Li Star River needs to adjust the state and redesign the training plan.

“The work is over, let’s go, you will go back to Longshan tomorrow, remember to help the old man pay attention to the seven-star vine and the empty grass.”

Li Star River waved his hand and said Mo Fan leaves.

“Okay, senior still has tasks in the future, remember to find me.” Mo Fan said with a smile.

The spiritual medicine cultivation mission in Spirit Medicine Garden No. 23 is not too cool.

A leisurely job pays well not to mention.

You can also get Pill Dao knowledge for free.

For such a job, Mo Fan would like to say: Give me another dozen!

“Well, after the next cultivation plan is drawn up, the old man will find you again.” Li Star River agreed.

For Mo Fan’s work ability, Li Star River is still very recognized.

This guy is pretty good except for his unreliable reading and learning.

The array Domain program seems to be simple to control, but in fact, each program is very complicated, and it is easy to make mistakes. If you miss a character, there will be deviations.

Lee Star River was ready to accept a ten percent error rate when the task was released.

After all, people are not machines. With such complicated steps, there will always be mistakes.

But what Li Star River didn’t expect was that Mo Fan didn’t make a single mistake.

If it wasn’t for his ill-behaved attitude in studying Pill Dao, Li Star River would have thought of accepting apprentices.

“The Junior said goodbye.” Mo Fan cupped the hands and turned to leave.

However, at this time, Li Star River seemed to think of something, and called out to Mo Fan again: “Wait a minuteβ€””

“What’s the matter with senior?” Mo Fan Doubtful and turned around.

“You performed well on this mission, and it is considered to be over-completed. The old man will apply for an additional merit point subsidy for you.

“The additional subsidy will be distributed by the outer sect Pill Dao Hall, about one or two. After an hour, when the review is approved, it will be sent to your account. “

Hearing this, Mo Fan’s eyes lit up and he quickly thanked: “Thanks Senior! “

“Go ahead.” “Li Star River waved.

“Senior bye.” “Mo Fan also waved his hand and turned to leave again.

He didn’t expect, and Li Star River actually applied for an extra allowance for him.

“That’s great. ”

Mo Fan sighed, identified the direction, and walked towards the Sword Peak.

I will be going out tomorrow.

After all, I have to go with Xu Quietly say goodbye.

After entering Innate’s cultivation base, Mo Fan’s speed was much faster.

Forty minutes later, he came to the summit of Sword Peak and saw The quaint attic,

and the stone tablet engraved with the word Sword Pavilion at the entrance.

Last time Mo Fan was sneak attacked by this stone tablet and almost fainted.

At this time, Mo Fan wanted to challenge his weakness again.

Thinking of this, he focused and looked at the stone tablet.

In an instant, Mo Fan saw a flash , the surrounding space seems to be distorted.

One after another cold glow invades him, sword intent is like silk and rain, cutting the space, and it seems to cut him open.


Mo Fan’s intuition was shaking, and his eyes were dizzy.


He quickly retracted his gaze, only feeling his head I was dizzy and even had some toothache.

“It’s still very uncomfortable. It seems that I don’t have much sword dao innate talent. If I stay here for a long time, I’m afraid that my life will be short-“

He remembered that Xu Jing didn’t feel any discomfort when she saw this thing.

So she almost lit up all five stone tablets.

Walking to the wide area in front of Sword Pavilion In the square, Mo Fan saw Chu Qian who was holding a Spirit Sword to dry.

She was a slender figure, wearing a light green dress, black hair smooth as satin, oval face, big eyes , a standard classical beauty.

It’s just that she is complexion pale, looks bloodless, and has a poor mental state.

“Good afternoon, Senior Sister Chu. “Mo Fan walked over with a smile on his face and politely greeted him.

Chu Qian was stunned at first, but when she found out that it was Mo Fan, she couldn’t help but jokingly said with a smile:

“Junior Brother Mo, are you looking for Junior Sister Xu again? “

“Yeah, is she still in the backyard?” “Mo Fan said politely.

He took the time to come twice this half a month.

The main reason is to see if Xu Jingyang has practiced sword art crookedly, okay? Correct it in time.

“Hmmmm, Junior Sister Xu has been cultivating in the backyard recently, you can just go there. “Chu Qian nodded and said.

“Okay, many thanks Senior Sister.” “Mo Fan thanked him and walked into the Sword Pavilion.

Crossing the two corridors, Mo Fan came to the backyard where there was nothing but five stone tablets, and saw a man who was meditating and cultivating. Xu Jing.

Xu Jing has a beautiful face, tall stature, and is still wearing red-clothed clothes.

But as soon as she opened her mouth-

“Mo, Mo Fan, are you here, here? “Xu Jing grabbed the corner of her clothes, feeling a little embarrassed.

Well, there’s no such thing as a cold royal sister.

Something is just a small stutter of social fear.

“Well, here I am, you continue cultivation, leave me alone. “Mo Fan said with a smile.

“Okay, okay…” Xu Jing nodded, her eyes closed slightly, and continued to cultivate sword art.

After half a month of trying

Xu Jing discovered that with her innate talent.

It may take more than half a year to fully understand and cultivate sword art.

But Mo Fan occasionally comes A trip here, giving her a little guidance, made her suddenly enlightened and saved her a lot of time.

Now she only needs half a year at most to understand how to raise sword art.

Mo Fan did not speak, but stood silently, watching Xu Jing of cultivation seriously, and sensed the operation of psionic energy in his body.

After a quarter of an hour, Xu Jing woke up from the cultivation state , and slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing this, Mo Fan stepped forward, chatting with Xu Jing about daily life, while writing and drawing on the ground with symbols that only he and Xu Jing could understand .

The symbols were communicated when the sword art was taught.

After a while, the two stopped talking, and Mo Fan quietly wiped the traces on the ground.

Xu Jing’s eyes are slightly bright, and she is a little happy.

After Mo Fan’s guidance, she has a deeper understanding of sword art.

“Thank you. , Thank youβ€””

“No crab, I’m here to tell you that I need to go out and leave tomorrow, maybe I won’t be able to see you for half a month. Mo Fan said.

“Okay, pay attention, pay attention to safety…” Xu Jing lowered her head.

She heard this from Mo Fan.

Just didn’t expect this day to come so soon.

“Relax, it’s safe, this mission has not happened for so many years, I’ll see you when I come back. “Mo Fan smiled.

“Okay. “Xu Jing nodded.

After chatting casually for a while, Mo Fan said goodbye to Xu Jing and prepared to go down the mountain.

However, as soon as he walked to the corridor, he was blocked by Liu Xiyan.


“How are you thinking? “Liu Xiyan looked at him quietly.

“It’s not enough. “Mo Fan shook his head.

“It’s not good for you, it’s easy to die prematurely, hide in Sword Pavilion cultivation, grow to invincible, and then go out and wave is the kingly way. “Liu Xiyan said.

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