Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 89

Mo Fan arrived at the outer sect plaza quite early.

He thought he was early, but when he got to the square, he found that there were already a lot of people standing in small groups.

He found an unremarkable corner and stood, took out his phone and pressed it randomly.

Although he is not as fearful as Xu Jing.

I don’t like to take the initiative to communicate with strangers either.

He prefers to be alone when he has no acquaintances.

However, after a while, a thin, ordinary-looking silhouette came over.

Mo Fan looked at him in surprise.

He remembers this guy.

Li Dong, the invigilator who took the written exam half a month ago, has the Innate 8th layer cultivation base and can be regarded as a powerhouse.

And this guy has a solid knowledge of Dan dao foundation, which is one of the important figures for this task of collecting spiritual medicine.

Mo Fan has some doubts.

Why did this guy move towards himself?

“Hello Junior Brother Mo!” Li Dong came over with an excited look, and wanted to extend the hand to put it on Mo Fan’s shoulder.

“Hisβ€”” Mo Fan took a step back in fright.

This guy…isn’t normal?


Seeing Mo Fan retreating, Li Dong was taken aback for a moment. After trying to understand the reason, he quickly said:

β€œJunior Brother Mo You are so strong, you got a perfect score in the last exam paper, and it only took less than forty minutes, it’s incredible!

“But where have you been these days? Why haven’t you returned to where you live? ”

Li Dong looked excited and his body trembled slightly.

After the assessment results came out, he hurriedly went to find Mo Fan, wanting to drag him to Pill Dao Hall Come.

Unfortunately, he managed to find Mo Fan’s residence, where he stayed half a month and didn’t wait for Mo Fan.

He once suspected that something happened to Mo Fan. , and even had the urge to report to the university.

This morning he was still worried about whether Mo Fan would come.

Successful to see it now, naturally he couldn’t hold back his excitement Get up.

β€œDidn’t go back to where you lived? Are you looking for me these days? “Mo Fan became more and more surprised.

What the hell is this guy trying to do?

“Yes yes yes! I’ve been looking for you! “

Soon, he seemed to think of something, and quickly explained:

“Don’t get me wrong, I just saw that Junior Brother Mo Dan has solid foundation knowledge and wants to introduce you to Pill.” Dao Hall!

“There’s still a little time now, how about we go to register and fill out an application form?”

Hearing this, Mo Fan was relaxed and stared with disgust. Li Dong glanced.

I told you earlier that you wanted to introduce me to Pill Dao Church!

As soon as I came here, I thought you were coveting my beauty!

It’s so scary…

While complaining in his heart, Mo Fan shook the head and said:

“I’m so sorry, I have my own Life planning, temporarily unable to join Pill Dao Church.”

“Huh?” Li Dong was puzzled and puzzled.

It is obvious that there is such a good match.

Why don’t you want to join Pill Dao Church?

With time, it is possible to become an Intermediate Pill Refinement Master, or even a High Rank Alchemist.

At this moment, a mellow voice sounded.

β€œLi Dong, I told you earlier that Mo Fan would not agree to join Pill Dao Church.

β€œIf he wants to join Pill Dao Church, with his innate talent , I have already entered, do I still need your referral? ”

Mo Fan followed the voice and immediately saw a tall, short-footed young man in black training clothes with sharp eyes approaching.

Mo Fan also has an impression of him.

Xu Wei, Pill Dao’s inner sect disciple, one of the leaders this time.

He is a great one of the Foundation Establishment 5th layer cultivation base expert .

“Ai, Junior Brother Mo, can you tell me why you don’t want to join Pill Hall? “Li Dong is still a little unwilling.

Not waiting for Mo Fan to answer, Li Dong said:

“You don’t understand this? Mo Fan naturally wants to put all his energy on Martial Arts.

β€œHe has an extraordinary Martial Arts innate talent, and he has great potential in the future. Naturally, he does not want to waste time studying other things.”

β€œso that’s how it is ——” Li Dong suddenly realized.

He naturally knew about the actual combat assessment that day.

Mo Fan used the Body Tempering cultivation base to instantly kill Zhao Yong of the Innate 4th layer with one punch.

Listen to Xu Wei, this guy has become a Vajra Fist!

Li Dong knows how hard Vajra Fist is to practice.

Anyone who can become a Vajra Fist will definitely have a good innate talent along the way in Martial Arts, and may become a big boss in the future.

Such a Martial Arts innate talent.

There are few in the entire outer sect.

Since Mo Fan has his own pursuit.

Li Dong will naturally not force it any more.

At this moment, Xu Wei shouted:

“Let’s go, we’re going to gather, it’s almost time to leave, Li Dong, Junior Sister Zhao, seems to be looking for you. “

“Junior Sister Zhao? Good!” When Li Dongyi heard the words Junior Sister Zhao, he hurried away overjoyed.

After waiting for Li Dong to run away, Xu Wei sneaked over, approached Mo Fan, and lowered his voice:

“Take me with you!”

“Huh?” Mo Fan was confused.

“Teach me to practice Vajra Fist!” Xu Wei said excitedly.

Mo Fan frowned and said truthfully: “This thing depends on innate talent, I teach you you may not be able to understand it.”

“You don’t have to worry about this, I just want to try it. Try it, I learned it after a year of study, I want to see where I am wrong!” Xu Wei said firmly.

Mo Fan frowned and hesitated.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to teach.

same sect senior and junior brothers, it’s okay to help.

Just teaching this stuff is too much trouble.

And cultivation martial skill innate talent accounted for most of the factors.

It is not that he is willing to teach, and the other party can learn.

Seeing Mo Fan frowning, Xu Wei seemed to have thought of something, and quickly said:

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you teach in vain, I can pay you!”


Hearing this, Mo Fan was stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but ask: “What’s the reward?”

“What do you need? medicine pill Spirit Stone Cultivation Art and Martial Skill or money? Yes!” Xu Wei said.

β€œHow many Spirit Stones do you have?” Mo Fan calmly said.

“223 pieces!” Xu Wei said without thinking.

He just counted last night.

This is something that he is usually reluctant to use, so he is digging and searching for it. After the cultivation base is almost polished, he is ready to use it for the sixth layer of the Foundation Establishment.

β€œHow many Spirit Stones are you willing to give me?” Mo Fan added.

“Uhβ€”” Xu Wei was taken aback.

After hesitating for a while, he clenched the teeth and said, “I keep 23 pieces for daily cultivation use, and the remaining 200 pieces are for you. If you think it’s not enough, I can also give you some medicine pills!”

It is important to hit the cultivation base!

But for boxing fans, if they can learn Vajra Fist, they are willing to go bankrupt!

“Okay, the deal, just 200 Spirit Stones, I don’t want your medicine pill.” Mo Fan smiled brightly.

What a surprise!

Such a lovely and generous Senior Brother.

Give me another dozen!

“Keep it!” Xu Wei immediately took out a brocade bag and stuffed it into Mo Fan’s hand.

Mo Fan didn’t count, but in the moment of his pocket, Mimi quietly took it to the system space.

“Let’s go, let’s start gathering, you and I will act together in a while to facilitate communication.”

After finishing speaking, Xu Wei turned around and walked towards the crowd.

“Okay.” Mo Fan followed along.

Take people’s money and save people’s disasters.

Next half a month, he will make an all-out effort to teach Xu Wei.

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