Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 9

“Hurry up, hurry up, stop fighting, two other geniuses who have fully comprehended to test their punches are getting together!”

Just in Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi At the same time as the cooperation was reached, a sudden sound rang out.

Except for the two teams that besieged He Wuyi and Zhang Qiang, everyone else was startled, and their eyes immediately locked on Mo Fan and the others.

“They must have seen Zhang Qiang and He Unintentional being besieged, and they were afraid and wanted to join forces!”

“Go on brothers! Don’t let them succeed!”

“Go on brothers!”


“Yes yes yes! Don’t let them unite! Otherwise the rewards will be nothing to us!”

Whether it’s Spirit Stone rewards or Cultivation Art and Martial Skill rewards, the Body Tempering environment For them, they are all vital resources, and naturally they all want to fight for it.

Although my own strength may not be very strong, but if the assessors who are stronger than myself have been eliminated, wouldn’t I have a chance?

Thinking like this, many people automatically formed an alliance and killed Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi.

Lin Yiyi laughed while watching this scene.

“Oh, I knew you would do this, Mo Fan, it’s time to start killing!”

Lin Yiyi stepped forward, got close to Mo Fan, and said quickly in a low voice: ” Now let me briefly talk about the combat strategy, as long as we cooperate well, these are all mobs, you should listen carefully…”

Mo Fan nodded and listened carefully.

At this moment, someone already rushed up first, punching Lin Yiyi in the back.

In response, Lin Yiyi smiled coldly, and without looking, turned around and threw a heavy punch.

Then there was a muffled thud, the man was smashed by Lin Yiyi and flew out. After knocking down several people, he fell to the ground, spit a mouthful of blood, and passed out. .

Seeing this scene, everyone who came up was stunned, subconsciously paused.

Too strong!

Lin Yiyi is much stronger than they expected!

It was only very soon that they came back to his senses and clenched the teeth again!

“As expected of a genius in the complete comprehended test of boxing! The strength should not be underestimated! We must work with a common purpose to defeat them!”

“Brothers, we must unite , use the crowd tactics to kill them!”

“charge charge charge, rich rewards are just around the corner!”

“Kill Kill Kill, defeating one genius is enough, defeating two geniuses Earn blood!”

“Fight Ahhh!”

Everyone ran the test boxing technique, roaring and attacking Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi, looking like a fierce and unafraid of death.

Anyway, we all rush together, as long as we are lucky, we will have the last laugh.

As for not being lucky enough to be beaten down and not even able to get the top 100?

Sorry, the people above won’t consider this.

With the help of this neutral position, Lin Yiyi also briefly explained the tactics.

“Kill them!”

She tenderly shouted, stepped forward, and instantly came to the person closest to her, without a word, she threw a punch.

She looked icy cold, directly attacking the key point, as if she had taken out a murderous posture!

The man was taken aback by Lin Yiyi’s imposing manner, and his movements suddenly slowed down by half a beat. He was punched by the latter and flew backwards.

Lin Yiyi succeeded in one strike, but he didn’t want to fight. The silhouette retreated back to its original position in a flash, sticking back to back with Mo Fan, vigilant in all directions.

The same is true of Mo Fan. When he sees an opportunity, he will attack the thunder. No matter if he succeeds or not, he will immediately return to his original position to defend.

As long as they cooperate well, the enemies who can attack them will be limited.

In this way, with the cooperation of the two, they were able to easily block the attacks from all directions, and even seemed to be somewhat at ease.

In a short while, the grief continued, and many people fell to the ground.

However, there were too many people attacking, and the next group came after another. It seemed that they had already killed their eyes. They had an imposing manner of fierce and unafraid of death.

The scene was temporarily deadlocked. .

“Brothers hold on! They won’t last long! When their psionics and stamina are exhausted is our victory!”


Below the ring.

The burly man pinched his chin, looked at Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi with interest, and finally satisfied nodded.

“Not bad, young man and little girl are excellent.”

Said, he focused his attention on Mo Fan, and immediately tsk tsk sighed.

“didn’t expect this guy’s combat ability is so outstanding, I underestimated him…

“Hey, his cultivation base seems to have broken through? Seems to be the Body Tempering 2nd layer now?

“Did you break through in actual combat? It has several points of chance…”

While watching, he couldn’t help but admire.

“Very good, very good, very good.

“Although I just learned the boxing technique not long ago, it does not appear jerky at all, and even has a flow to the point of perfection. The smell of momentum is big, power is deep, like an old Master who has been practicing fists for several decades! “

Speaking, he took out a small notebook from his arms, took out a pen, and quickly wrote a line of text on it.

[Mo Fan, 18 years old, Body Tempering 2nd layer cultivation base, Jia Shang!]

Then, he focused his attention on Lin Yiyi.

“This little girl is also very good, although the boxing skills are not as skilled as Mo Fan, However, every move and every style is directly attacking the key point, without the slightest bells and whistles, it is rare to have such a fighting instinct at this age! “

While sighing, he also wrote a line of text on the notebook.

【Lin Yiyi, 18 years old, Body Tempering 3rd-layer cultivation base, upper armor!】


After recording, he no longer paid attention to this side, but looked sideways towards Zhang Qiang.

After observing for a while, he frowned.

“Although the speed of comprehending the test punches is faster than that of Mo Fan and Lin Yiyi, the actual combat application is sparse and unremarkable.

“Body Tempering sixth layer cultivation base, I was beaten by a group of appraisers lower than my own cultivation base and lost my temper…”

The burly man called the head, in the book Write the next line of text on top.

[Zhang Qiang, 21 years old, Body Tempering sixth layer, Bβ€”β€”]

After hesitating for a while, the burly man crossed out the word B and wrote a sub-A.

After all, Zhang Qiang only took an hour to comprehended to test his boxing skills. Based on this perception alone, he deserves to be rated A.

even more how, the burly man also understands that it’s not that Zhang Qiang’s combat ability is not excellent, but that Lin Yiyi and Mo Fan’s performance is too outstanding, which invisibly raises the standard of his judgment.

After evaluating Zhang Qiang, the burly man measured his body and fixed his eyes on He Wuxin.

He Yiwu was the first examiner to comprehend the test boxing technique.

Under normal circumstances, as long as the actual combat is stable and does not pull the hips, there is no problem in evaluating a armor.

But with Lin Yiyi and Mo Fan in front, the burly man still felt that he was a little bit mean.

【He Wuyi, 18 years old, Body Tempering 4th layer cultivation base, A middle school. ]

After evaluating the four, the burly man glanced at the entire arena, and soon noticed another person.

It was a female examiner who besieged Zhang Qiang. She had a beautiful face and tall stature. She was dressed in red-clothed and showed her cool temperament.

The burly man has an impression of her.

This girl was just at the end of the time, and she was able to fully comprehend the test boxing technique, just a little bit less.

At the time, he still felt a pity.

But now…

“This combat ability is remarkable, but the strength of oneself has restrained Zhang Qiang, whose cultivation base is higher than himself.”

The burly man couldn’t help but marvel.

He could see that without this girl, Zhang Qiang would have broken out of the siege and slaughter all sides.

“Not bad, not bad, the combat ability is much stronger than Zhang Qiang and He Wuwu, he is a good seedling, but unfortunately his perception is a little worse…” Write a line of text in the notebook.

β€œXu Jing, 18 years old, Body Tempering 5th layer, top B.”

After writing, the burly man sighed in relief with a bright smile on his face.

“One, two, three, four, five… Exactly five, five quotas of rewards are available!

“Now we will wait for the top 100 to compete in the ring, and the assessment will be completed. It’s over. ”

Thinking of this, the burly man couldn’t help but lose interest.

Although he said before, the last five people standing on the ring will be rewarded.

But there is absolutely no need for this.

The talent has been selected, so why waste time?

Except for the five people recorded in the book.

He doesn’t care about the other ninety-five people at all.

Because only these five people are the real Disciple of Yuxu Academy.


Assessors fell down one after another in the arena.

It passed half an hour soon.

Always in a state of battle, the examiners consumed a lot of money Big, sweaty complexion pale, looking a little weak.

At this moment, the burly man’s loud voice rang.

“The assessment is over, congratulations for still standing Assessors in the arena, you have been accepted by Yuxu Academy, others please go back the same way! “

Hearing this, everyone started to start, and they were suddenly confused.

Didn’t you say that the top five were to be selected?

Why did it end so quickly?

At the same time, the burly man’s voice sounded again.

“Mo Fan, Lin Yiyi, He Wuyi, Zhang Qiang, and Xu Jing all performed well in the assessment process and won the Generous rewards, come and claim your rewards now! “

Everyone: “? ? ! “

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